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Spanish Nigo  Spanish Indiana Jones chasing Grails #TempleOfDoomGrails A Tribe Called Fresh is la familia #aTribeCF We're in a league of our own #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Grail talk✨💼✨ thanks to the homie @fam__shop for the iLLest blessing! This Bape x Kaws shoulder bag is nearly impossible to find anymore. I typically hunt my own Grails but @fam__shop is one of the very few I'll go to. His page was hacked not too long ago but he's back. Def give him a follow if you're in need of OG bape Grails✌🏽 #Kaws #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

That one time @steeloandrasta & @globzilla710 caught me day dreaming literally😵💭 Mark my words, Kaws painting one day✨🙏🏽✨ living room nap goals🎯💭 📷@steeloandrasta #Kaws #FerrariOnTheWall #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

✨Godly fabrics✨ Thanks again @tessaperutz for this @kaws x @massif_central incredibly gorgeous detailed silk scarf, edition of 100. Love that they're individually numbered!! #Kaws #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

#HelpingFriendsSell (scroll for pics) DM if interested & be PayPal gift ready
Pre owned Balenciagas grey sz 39, $350

Pre owned Balenciagas white sz 39, $350

Sample Jordan Satin 1's, DS sz 9, 2.5k OBO
Infant Yeezy 350, DS sz 7k, $200

Sample Adidas Ultra Boost Mid ATR, DS sz 9, $800

OG BBC knit sweater, sz L, $300

Bape x schott riders jacket, sz M, $850

Bape yellow zoom camo button up, sz M, $180

#aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

😵The 24th letter on the 24th hour... clutch #Kaws #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Meditating with my brothers @steeloandrasta & @globzilla710 visiting NYC. Peep this piece of art of @steeloandrasta tho!👀 This piece titled #IcarosOfTheHeart Created by the legend @wjcglass who is globally respected for his mastery of his craft. The intricacy in the method used to create these fine details is unmatched. This piece alone made waves across the world with it's evolution of design. For those that don't appreciate passion, culture or community alone, this is a 6 figure piece💰😂 #SteelosGlass #MyTeamRocksGlass #WjcGlass #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

For the culture 🙌🏽 That's a meeeean battle!! Team Pharell🖖🏽 or Team Timbalnd🥁🤔 #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

✍🏽Droopy Dog & George Condo tings, secure the vibe🤙🏽vibes on vibes on vibes✨✨✨ For those not aware of the LEGEND George Condo, you've def seen his work & just never realized it. He painted all the art for Kanye's album "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy" & also a set of supreme skate decks. Now you know😉✌🏽 #GeorgeCondo #DroopyDog #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

✨🙏🏽✨Sending prayers of blessings & healing to my family @the_perfect_pair & @the_tana_1 Love you both so much. I'm so glad to hear from you & know that you & your Queen are still blessing us with your presence. Love you bro & love you Sis, dearly. Beyond grateful & thank you God for protecting them✨🙏🏽✨You both are so strong & I know you both have the strength to make it through this. You two are truly everything that defines love❤️Sending prayers & strength to you @the_little_pair I can't even imagine how difficult this is for you, your parents are very blessed & they will heal. Believe & know that. Be strong lil niece, be strong🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Everyone please keep Kenny & his wife Montana in your prayers as they go through these difficult times. Please don't ask for any details as Kenny will speak on anything he decides to. Just keep them in your prayers & Godspeed to a full recovery. Time in this life is so precious. Can't wait to see you both soon, very soon☀️🌺🌸🌼 #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Happy birffffday to my long time brother @jizzumjazzy 🎂🎁🍾🎈🎉 From doing your thing in the army all those years bro to going to St John's University & crushing it, you've always inspired me bro & continue to. Can't wait to see what's next for you. Proud of you my brother, keep flourishing! This pic is from the classic archives of 2013. Jazzy with history of flight 4's on & myself in black/white 85's. Join me in wishing my brother & happy birthday, blessings on blessings on blessings! #Kaws #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

DM me if interested & be PayPal gift ready (Scroll for more pics)

DS Bape x Schott Riders leather jacket, sz Med, $850

DS Bape Shark Leather Riders jacket, size Med(fits small, style of jacket) retail 2.2k OBO
#aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

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