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Spanish Nigo  Spanish Indiana Jones chasing Grails #TempleOfDoomGrails A Tribe Called Fresh is la familia #aTribeCF #⚔️TheLeague⚔️ NON DUCOR DUCO


Seriously so proud, grateful & excited about everyone that has donated so far to our #TheHeARTcommunity charity fund to donate 6k to @ohsudoernbecher 🙏🏽 Some have even donated more than once, the support is beyond appreciated. Remember it’s a We mission. This is the start of hopefully many great things to come & great tasks to accomplish collectively as a community. Let’s keep going, link in bio to donate. Imagine our community making contributions & donations to many causes around the world for years to come. Imagine everyone that donates to have a vote on what task we should tackle next. Imagine the power of our thumbs being used for something special other than giving likes on pics & thumb scrolls. Let’s use this platform to help others in a major way✊🏽💭 #DonationsOrRepostsWillHelp #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

🍬🍬🍬 Cotton candy, sweet & low, let me see... #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

DM if interested & be PayPal gift ready
N.E.R.D Human Races, DS,
Sz 7.5, $4.5k

Red Moncler Branson, sz 4 (L-XL) $600

Black Supreme North Face leather backpack, BNWT, $325

Saint Laurent Black Leather SL, sz 44(11US) $400

Bape Grey/Blue star print polo, sz M, $200

Bape 1st Camo bucket hat, $125

Bape Ape Head rug, DS, $350

Off White AF 1, sz 10.5, size swap for a sz 10 only

Off White Jordan 1, sz 8, swap for a sz 6 only
#aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Anyone else wake up at 330am to watch the ending of this auction? Well since you didn’t, Uncle Reep got you👌🏽 The last minute of the auction💰🔨🐻 All proceeds going to @bbccin BBC Children In Need🙌🏽 Epic results for an epic cause @mrkimjones @louisvuitton @supremenewyork #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Does anyone else collect for a baby that isn’t even in the foreseeable future yet?😂 Baby Reep’s collection going to be official🙌🏽👑🙌🏽 #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Size swap needed, let me know if you can help✊🏽 DS Complexcon Off White AF 1 size 10.5, need a size 10

DS Off White Air Jordan 1 size 8, need a size 6
#aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Happy birfffffday to the bday girl @jas_petersen 🎉🎊🎈🎁🎂 Blessings on blessings on your journey Sis!! #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Wu is for the children👐🏽 My brother @_lobsta & myself have a goal with the help of community in mind. We bring you #TheHeARTcommunity As a community we can collectively accomplish any goals we have set. The first thing we are aiming to do is get everyone in the community involved by helping us raise 6k to donate 100% of proceeds to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Let’s use the power of social media for something positive this holiday season. Everything counts no matter the size of the donation. Link to the go fund me is in bio. Join #theHeARTcommunity today & join the movement♥️🎨 #DonateAndRepost #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

The one place wish i could’ve been at today instead of work was at @christiesinc auction today in NY to witness the sale of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting “Salvator Mundi”. It shattered the world record for most expensive work of art at auction. It sold for $450,312,500! In 1958 it sold at @sothebys for £45. 📈💰🔨 #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set! I don’t know about you but 1st Cam just dropped “The Program” which was straight 🔥🎧🔥 & now we getting a Dip Set album? Yo, it’s Byrd Gang for the rest of the year on rotation. Drops today on Spotify btw #aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

Nicest Ever Reep...Debatable🏆
Nothing Ever Remains Deadstock
Need Every Respectable Dime💰
No Equals Reinforced Dreams
Never Ever Respect Death
No one Ever Really Dies
#aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

DM if interested & Be PayPal gift ready

Black Supreme x North Face leather backpack, BNWT, $350

Bape Carhartt Purple Camo Jacket, Sz L, $950
Bape Grey/Blue star print polo, sz M, $200

Off White AF 1, sz 10.5, size swap for sz 10 only
Baby Milo inflatable, $100
#aTribeCF #TempleOfDoomGrails #⚔️TheLeague⚔️

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