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This latest project with my friend @willorders27 and team is one of my new favorites. It started life as a VW Polo S2000 4WD rally car (naturally aspirated 2.0L rated at 280hp) but now has a trusty Mitsubishi 4G63 making 500+hp on E85 through the rallycross spec 45mm turbo restrictor. Coming in under 2600lb, it should be a fun ride for @justindowel at the next round of @rxaustralia . @motecusa M130 ECU with my 4G63 package (with integrated ACD control), C125 color display, @holinger_engineering gearbox, @motorsport_electrics wiring. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #vw #polo #proto #rally #rallycross #ethanol

I flew straight from FD Orlando to @shifts3ctor in Coalinga, CA. I had a lot of fun working with @maloneracing Corvette again, and we got to do some testing with his new wing and some updated TC I added to my firmware. We ended up exceeding our own goals at this runway (it is well known to be a bit dusty and hard to put power down) and set a new world record for 2WD cars in the standing 1/2 mile by going 236mph. She has more in it, we just ran out of injector but that will soon be remedied. We learned a ton and have a lot of good data to look through. Also congrats to my friend @gringotegra for going a ridiculous 207mph in his Integra, which is a new record for front wheel drive cars. Both cars run MoTeC M1 ECUs with my firmware (Universal Motorsport package in the Vette, Honda B-series package in the Teggy). Thanks to all my clients out there, and also to Shift Sector for another awesome event! #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #corvette #integra #shiftsector #standinghalfmile

For me, @formulad Orlando was some of the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs all packed into a couple of very long days. First up, massive congrats to @chrisforsberg64 and team for taking the win! We battled through some mystery issues all the way through qualifying, got it sorted at the last minute and he went into elimination rounds like nothing was ever wrong. Easy to see why he is a multi-time champion. Congrats also to my dude @ryantuerck for a solid 4th place finish, and @alechohnadell who laid it down in qualifying only to be taken out of eliminations by a tire issue. We have been fighting some gremlins on @vaughngittinjr and @chelseadenofa RTR Mustangs, and it has been some of the most challenging hours of my career. We ended up letting Chelsea down, so sorry to him for that but in the process finally got to the bottom of the issue and gave Vaughn something to work with for eliminations (only to be taken out first round by eventual winner Chris). I can’t say a big enough thank you to the mechanics on all the cars but this event Chris’s and Vaughn’s crews in particular. They worked long hours, changing parts when sometimes all we had was a hunch or educated guess, and made it all happen. Thanks to all my FD clients for running MoTeC electronics and entrusting me with all your hard work. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #fdorlando Photos from respective drivers social media

It has been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to show off what my clients have been up to, but jury duty is giving me a chance to catch up. Big congrats to @56seehorn @karenjankowski @fishhead_performance and their team for taking a dominant win in Limited 4WD at Oregon Trail Rally recently, and finishing second overall to boot (beating a few Open class cars). They are running my MoTeC M1 PNP kit for their 2015 STi, and making good use of the anti-lag and integrated DCCD control. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #subaru #sti #rally Photo credit @dcosseboom

Just wrapped up this MoTeC M150 PNP kit for a Gen 5 Dodge Viper twin turbo. It runs my firmware package specific to the Gen 5 Viper which supports all OEM functionality. These kits will be available for general sale soon, once I wrap up testing some new software updates. This loom is a generic fitment, and there will also be some custom options to suit different mounting solutions that will be available. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #viper #twinturbo #v10 @motecusa @rsiracingsolutions

Roughly 3500bhp, 68mph to 230mph in 7.5 seconds, a look out the back of the @underground_racing built @drag965 twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan making the fastest pass ever @tx2k roll race nationals. One of the coolest things for me is this is still very much a street car. We did close to an hour street drive in it, right before this event. Special thanks to the UR team and Mohammad for the opportunity to work on this monster. More to come! Car runs @motecusa M1 ECU with my custom firmware and tuning. @pro_line_racing @precisionturbo Thanks for the horsepower! 💪💪#johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #lamborghini #huracan #twinturbo #undergroundracing

Awesome couple of days with @chrisforsberg64 @ryantuerck this week, getting their rides all tuned up for the 2018 @formulad season. The drivers and their crews have put in A LOT of work during the off season, and it shows. The cars look amazing and the dyno session went very smooth. Stopped by the new @race.service facility, which is a cool setup. I had my yearly visit with the Toyota GT4586 and checked out Chris’s very sweet Datsun wagon. Looking forward to testing next week! #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #formuladrift #toyota #gt86 #nissan #370z

I really enjoy getting to collaborate with some of the best shops in the business, but especially my local friends @english_racing . Congrats to them for setting a new world record for Evo X in the 1/4 mile: 8.30@168.8mph. It has been fun to watch them develop this car, and I am excited to see where it goes next. They have been a partner in the development of my MoTeC M1 firmware for Evo X, which they also run in this car. If you need a PNP MoTeC M1 for your Evo X (and you do need one), they usually have the kits in stock so shoot them a message! #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #evox @precisionturbo @motecusa @extremeturbosystems

A bit late posting but @tx2k was awesome as usual. Thank you Peter and team who work so hard to put on the event. Absolutely top notch, in every regard. @underground_racing swept the top 5 spots in roll racing, which was cool and yet a bit boring as closer competition makes it more exciting. I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone has ever unleashed 5 street cars with that much horsepower and had them just lay down lap after lap without a hiccup. I can’t say a big enough thank you to the UR techs/team that build them along with Doug @pro_line_racing . You guys all make my job way too easy. Here are a couple pics I had a chance to snap as I walked around. @drag965 the yellow Huracan is a beast. Thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to the continued evolution of it. My friends @codyphillipsracing (silver) and @virtualworksracing (blue) both brought their gorgeous Supras, and I was excited to see them both hit personal bests. And of course who doesn’t like my friend Myles giant killing @gringotegra (well maybe those who get beat by it are not fans). #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #m800soldier Dana #tx2k Thank you @motecusa @precisionturbo @injectordynamics @vpracingfuels @holinger_engineering and more.

I added a camera to the MoTeC color display on this YXZ1000R. Here I am using it as a back up camera (turns on when gearbox is in R) but you can turn it on in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes just a simple button works good, allowing a driver to quickly check behind them when racing, then back to the data. You could also use it to see how much roost you are throwing in your friends face. There are a lot of options for motorsport electronics, but I don’t believe the quality and value of MoTeC can be beat. Most just seem to offer “cheaper”. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #yxz1000 #yxz1000r #canamx3 #polarisrzr #simplybetter #racesmart #playsmart #yodagearindicator

Had a bit of fun in the snow the other day. One of my favorite vehicles, on one of my favorite driving surfaces. @yamahamotorusa YXZ1000R with my PNP @motecusa M130 kit, C125 color display and CAN keypad. I also converted it to drive by wire and added a @texensesensors load cell on the shifter and the shifting of the factory sequential is now amazing. No clutch needed up or down, the M1 takes care of the cuts and blips closed loop using the factory gear position sensor. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #yxz1000 #yxz1000r #racesmart #playsmart #rally #offroad

It is fun seeing clients all over the world doing awesome things with my products. My friends @tensaituning in UAE with this really fast 2016 Subaru STi street car, running my 2008 - 2016 Subaru STi firmware package on their MoTeC M150, which features full OE functionality and integrated DCCD control. All the wiring and tuning was handled by them. Really awesome job guys, and thank you for the opportunity!! #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #subaru #sti #8secondsubaru #notjustrallycars

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