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John Reed Racing  MoTeC System Sales and Support | Motorsport Wiring Looms | Wiring Supplies | Injector Dynamics | Rally | UR Lambos Contact: johnreedracing@gmail.com


3 cylinders, 2 turbos, 1 Yamaha YXZ1000R. My first time working with a compound turbo setup, and just getting started with the adventure of data gathering and seeing how different changes affect the system. On the electronics side it has a MoTeC M130 ECU with my YXZ1000 firmware, C127 color display and a 8 button CAN keypad. It is a flex fuel setup running on E85, with dual @injectordynamics injectors per cylinder (ID850/ID1000). #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #yxz1000 #yxz1000r #twinturbo #ethanol #biofuel @motecusa @tialsport @doc_race

Hopefully this pic comes through clear enough to see. I am always posting pics and video of anti-lag in action (because fire and explosions are hard to beat) but perhaps some will find this data snapshot interesting. Note at the cursor boost pressure is tracking aim exactly. Nothing really unusual. But check out the throttle position. And while the rpm is dropping, the boost aim is climbing slightly and the boost pressure is climbing to match. It loses a bit on the upshift, but then turbo spools up and almost gets to the new target. Throttle is still shut. I still have a bit of fine tuning but in the ballpark. As you can imagine, torque response is really good when you get back in the throttle. Data is from the @shamrockmotorsport Fiesta with 4G63 engine, @precisionturbo rally turbo controlled by a MoTeC M150 running my 4G63 paddle shift software package. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #4g63 #evo #evoinfiestacostume #rally #gravelmachinegun #antilag 💥💥

Had a blast the other day in the shifter kart. It was cold (40 deg F or so) and parts of the track were dry and parts were wet with leaves and dirt debris from the heavy rain (like ice with the slicks). It felt more like rally than karting, which is never bad. I got within 10 seconds of a good lap time for me in the dry/summer, only it felt about 10x sketchier. The dirt and debris on the kart is from the track surface (didn’t go off). Thanks to Chelsea and Jason for the invite. #johnreedracing #needsmotec #patsacres #rallykart #driftkart #mightbevideosomewhere

Go time! I did a bit of remote tuning last night (afternoon in the future for them) for my friends @shamrockmotorsport on their Fiesta Proto rally car. It runs a MoTeC M150 with my 4G63 paddle shift package, which also features integrated ACD (active center diff) control. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #gravelmachinegun #grmotorsportelectrics @motecusa @holinger_engineering gearbox @precisionturbo rally turbo

Flashback to that one time Kevin tossed me the keys to the then brand new Performante, and I took off before he could change his mind. As it turns out they don’t ship them with much fuel in them. 😂😂 Also worth noting is Kevin didn’t even slow down on his way to Mexican food. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #undergroundracing #performante #twinturbo @underground_racing

MoTeC M130 PNP kit for a Can-Am X3 ready to head out the door. These get a bit busy in the short adapter with all the splices and routing dictated by the connector pinouts, so my OCD struggles a bit. But it makes a tidy package overall, and with my mounting plate it bolts directly to the stock ECU mount. My X3 firmware maintains all OE functions as well as adding the full tuning capability of the M1 ECU. This loom has extra pigtails for LTC (lambda to CAN), fuel pressure and oil pressure. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #canam #canamx3 #yxz1000 #yxz1000r #rzr #utv

I just wrapped up a MoTeC M130 PNP kit for a Mitsubishi Evo X, which runs my firmware that supports all OE functionality (dash, AC, cruise, etc) along with all the motorsport features you would expect to find in a MoTeC ECU. You can also wire your ACD (active center diff) components directly to the M1 and then do full diff mapping directly in M1 Tune - no extra hardware or options to purchase. These are a bit of work to build. Swipe for more pics of the process. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #evo #evox #rally #englishracing

Love this shot, also from final round of @rxaustralia 2017 season. @willorders27 is always a pro at finding lines where there aren’t any. #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army #evo6 #hyundai #i20 #rally #rallycross

My friend @willorders27 slaying some tires with his Evo 6 to celebrate winning the final round of the @rxaustralia championship. He runs a MoTeC M1 ECU with my Mitsubishi 4G63 paddle shift package with integrated ACD control. Teammate Justin Dowel clinched the championship in his Hyundai i20 proto, which has Evo X drivetrain and runs my Mitsubishi 4B11 paddle shift package. This is such a awesome series. Looking forward to seeing it grow even more next season! Thanks to them for running MoTeC M1. @motecusa @holinger_engineering #johnreedracing #motec #m1 #m1army

I had a few people asking me about the YXZ1000R drive by wire conversion I did, so here are some pictures (swipe to see the rest). I started with my standard MoTeC M130 PNP kit, added oil pressure/temp (@wellerracing sandwich adapter), and then the DBW throttles and “pedal”. I potted the throttles rather than connectors as clearance was tight. The stock cable actuates the “pedal” sensor, which I mounted to the frame. You could alternately just put a sensor right on the throttle pedal, but this sensor came with the throttles and made a simple install. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #yxz1000 #yxz1000r #dbwallthethings @motecusa @yamahamotorusa

After many (too many) hours of revisions and testing, I am releasing the update to my popular MoTeC M1 package for Mitsubishi Evo X. There is too much new to list here, but it is based on my freshly updated Universal Motorsport package so it has all the new keypad support and other updated features from that package. In addition the Evo X OE integration has been improved and expanded. Cruise control is now supported using OE steering wheel (or other switches and buttons if desired), A/C and dash all work 100% stock, wheel speeds/brake pressure/hand brake/steering angle are all received via CAN. The factory ACD control still functions like stock OR you can wire the ACD pump, solenoid and pressure sensor directly to the M1 and have full diff mapping at your fingertips without buying an extra controller. Clients already running this package will need an updated license and file - please e-mail me your serial numbers if you want to upgrade (it’s free). Base map will be posted on website soon (when new site goes live) but I can e-mail it upon request. Special thanks to my friends @english_racing @gringotegra for facilitating the testing. They will be a retail outlet for the package and we are working on getting a supply of PNP adapters on the shelf. E-mail johnreedracing@gmail.com Pic of the fire breathing English Evo X for attention. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #evo #evox #englishracing

Here it is, the @underground_racing Lamborghini Huracan Performante twin turbo. This is by far the best Lamborghini that I have ever driven. I have always semi-secretly preferred the feeling of some of the Ferrari cars we have built (handling/steering) but this one has that and much more. So amazing. Good luck staying out of trouble future owners. It begs to be driven fast. Swipe for more pics. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #undergroundracing #lamborghini #huracan #performante #twinturbo @drag965 👍👍

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