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Two new personal best trap speeds here @shifts3ctor Pikes Peak 1/2 mile for my good friends @gringotegra and @maloneracing . Myles went straight into the coveted 200mph zone with a 201mph pass in his Integra. Morris just went 219mph in his Corvette (and we will try for more). Thanks to both for running MoTeC M1 ECUs with JRR firmware!! #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #ilike2wdalso

Relaxing by the peaceful glow of a little turbo.

Well done @injectordynamics , unbelievable quality (and performance) on their new ID F750 fuel filter. I am almost going to feel bad throwing dirt at this one. If you care about keeping your injectors clean, you need one of these. If you don't care, but just like fancy shiny bits on your car, you also need one. #johnreedracing #injectordynamics

Amazing boat build by @factorybillet . Enjoyed spending a couple of days with them doing MoTeC M1 Build work on their custom software package. I had been doing some work remotely, and was excited to move this off of the "never seen in person" list. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #m1navy

Underground Racing sets new standing half mile world record and first to break 250mph mark. Thanks to all the @underground_racing crew for the long hours building these cars, and also to our friend Gidi "record breaker for hire" Chamdi for driving it. Also thanks to @motecusa @pro_line_racing @precisionturbo @holinger_engineering @injectordynamics @vpracingfuels and more for the great products and support. Great event and venue @_wannagofast_ . Car runs a MoTeC M1 ECU with custom firmware. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #undergroundracing #huracan #twinturbo

Great shot of client and friend @gplsek running @olympusrally last weekend. So good to see him out again - love seeing the Evo on stage. Good luck to all my friends competing in Ohio this weekend - looks to be an amazing event. I am having rally withdrawals. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #gravelmachinegun #ararally #rally #evo9 Pic: @cowbellrally

One of my friends actually figured out the engine from my post yesterday - Motus V4, which is the first V4 engine I have worked with. But where it is heading is the most interesting part - the Switchblade flying car, built by Samson Motorworks. Target power was made on the dyno, but we are continuing to test some new ideas to further improve efficiency. Two seats, and enough performance to break the speed limit on the ground and near 200mph in the air. I think I want one! #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #andm1airforce #m1flyingcarpackages #switchblade #flyingcar #samsonmotorworks #justsaynototraffic

I always enjoy when my work takes me to Loynings Engine Service. Cool facility and always fun talking shop with Arnie especially given I am a Toyota nerd with a soft spot for 4A-GE engines and Atlantic cars. Any guesses on what we are working on? It is the first time working with this particular engine configuration in my career. Bonus points if you take a stab at what it will go in, which is even more unique. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army

@ryantuerck putting some time in at the office. Turn up your speakers and just let it play a few times. Or all day. Boost and throttle response are pretty on point. His driving isn't shabby either. @namelessperformance @motecusa @holinger_engineering @vpracingfuels #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #2jz #toyota86 #killalltires #antilag #rubbermachinegun 🎥 : RT

Rear tire is shredded but still sending it sideways and using most of the road haha. Oregon Trail was a blast - in addition to my clients finishing 3rd through 6th (behind the Subaru factory team), I got to race! My car has been mothballed for almost 4 years, so my only goals were to just shake it down and have fun (we had all of the fun). Big thank you to my friend @kelkathleen for co-driving. It was our first time racing together and she did an awesome job. Also thanks to Quinn and the @namelessperformance guys for doing service. And a special thank you to all the volunteers, spectators and @oregontrailrally @ara_rally staff for all the hard work to make these events happen. The roads were spectacular! We set some competitive times on some of the stages, and others I was a bit too conservative. The tarmac downhill I think we both missed a note due to looking at the view (I was on gravel tires and not pushing hard). 😂😂😂 I was also struggling with using the whole road - not used to rallying on a two lane road and habit was keeping me in my lane hahahaha. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #gravelmachinegun #toyota #ae86 #3sgebeams #otr2017 #ararally

More Oregon Trail Rally posts (I warned you, haha) - my customers all had a awesome event which is always exciting for me. Next up is Steven in the @namelessperformance Subaru BRZ. This is a lot of car for anyone to pilot (likely the most powerful car in the field) but Steven really clicked with it this event. 1st in class (regional 2WD), fastest 2WD car at the event (he wasn't entered as a national competitor though, so didn't feature in those results) and 6th overall in the rally. Very impressive drive! Also thanks to John, Jason, Nick, Matt and the rest of the Nameless crew (impossible not to be a pun) for letting me service with them. Our friendships really grew up around this car and the sport of rally, and it was awesome to set aside our motorsport day jobs (which has been a stress roller coaster lately) and just hang out again. This car runs a MoTeC M150, C125 color display and PDM30. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #gravelmachinegun #otr2017 #ararally #subaru #brz

My friends @coffmanracing and @burnsniall captured first in Production 4WD and 4th overall in their 2008 STi. This was their first time working together, and I look forward to seeing them do more events (especially since I played a bit of match maker). They are both very talented, as you can see from the result. For those that don't know, Matt is normally found behind the wheel of his 900hp Formula Drift pro car. The car has a MoTeC M800 PNP ECU that I did the setup and mapping on. #johnreedracing #motec #m800army #otr2017 #ararally #gravelmachinegun #subaru #sti

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