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John Reed Racing  MoTeC System Sales and Support | Motorsport Wiring Looms | Wiring Supplies | Injector Dynamics | Rally | UR Lambos Contact: johnreedracing@gmail.com


I recently finished updating the CAN keypad support for my M1 software packages, and decided making a video was the easiest way to show off the new features and provide a bit of a tutorial on how to set it up. The keypad can take the place of up to 15 on/off or multi position switches, all without using a single input on the ECU. And with this new firmware you can use them directly on the M1 ECU, without any other MoTeC device in the system. The video grew to be longer than planned, but if you are interested in using a keypad on the M1 ECU then check it out and let me know what you think. If you are not interested in CAN keypads and the M1, then the video may help you with your insomnia.
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#johnreedracing #motec #m1army @motecusa

Yamaha YXZ1000R with cruise control? Sure, why not! The MoTeC M1 supports doing a lot of cool things (with the right software package), including cruise control on vehicles that may not have had it as a factory option. While always a nice addition on a street car, it does have practical application on racing vehicles for speed limiting or for long transits at normal road speeds (such as rally car transit sections). In the video the cruise control is being operated by a MoTeC CAN keypad, which makes a simple way to interface with all of the M1 ECU switch functions. Sorry for the video quality. I needed one more hand! #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #yxz1000 #yxz1000R @motecusa @yamahamotorusa

The Bugatti Chiron is getting all the press for doing 0-400kmh-0 in 1.9 miles, taking about 42 seconds. My friend @gidi28 driving the @underground_racing @drag965 Huracan could come real close to doing that 0-400-0 twice in the same time and distance. Just think about that for a moment. Still a full street car, on street tires. Looking forward to getting this beast back out! #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #huracan #twinturbo #undergroundracing @motecusa @prolineracing @precisionturbo @vpracingfuels @injectordynamics @holinger_engineering

All the basics you need in a UTV right? And yes it actually has cruise control (just because I can). Keypad is integrated directly with the JRR MoTeC M130 PNP kit running my YXZ1000R specific firmware. The keypad is CAN based, so just 4 wires to connect and then set in the M1 what you want each button to do. Changing the function of a button is as easy as a couple clicks in the M1 and change the sticker. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #racesmart #playsmart #simplythebest #yxz1000 #yxz1000R

Kick the tires and light the fires. Quick dyno checkup of @ryantuerck 's tire vaporizing Toyota 86 before @formulad Texas. Thanks to @english_racing for the dyno time for 3 cars yesterday and @gringotegra for the pic. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #racesmart @vpracingfuels @turbobygarrett @gumout @motecusa

My friends @factorybillet went 161mph this weekend at Super Cat Fest 2017, which I think was fastest of the V hull. It has been fun working with them on custom firmware for the MoTeC M1 ECUs bringing a whole new level of control to this market. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #m1navy #simplybetter @motecusa

Massive congratulations to @56seehorn @karenjankowski @fishhead_performance for winning the @ara_rally Restricted Open 4WD championship this season! They were often the fastest privateer team, beating some much higher spec cars in the process. They are running a MoTeC M1 ECU with my Subaru firmware package. Isaac picked up using the M1 quickly, so my involvement has been quite small since the initial setup but it has been a pleasure working with such a talented group. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #subaru #rally #gravelmachinegun #racesmart Photo: @emotiveimage

Client and friend Jeff's gorgeous YXZ1000R. It is running my MoTeC M130 PNP kit, which is also handling the boost control and closed loop gear cut control for the sequential (via @texensesensors load cell). It also has a Racegrade CAN keypad which I setup to allow the driver to adjust boost, launch control, and also some of the auxiliary lighting. A MoTeC C127 color dash allows him to keep tabs on everything. It is silly fast and even with the slicks I struggled to get it to hook on the dyno. Looking forward to turning it up more soon! #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #yxz1000R #yxz1000 #racesmart #playsmart @motecusa @ktperformance

Who else is ready to see @maloneracing Corvette blast down the runway again @shifts3ctor ? #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #corvette #twinturbo #2wdlivesmatter

The @underground_racing team took back the standing half mile world record today when @drag965 Huracan went from 0-256.99mph in only 2640ft. Still a full street car you could drive cross country if you wanted. The red Huracan did the same distance at 233mph, which resets its own record as the fastest using the OEM DCT transmission. Takes quite a team to do these cars, and I am thankful they have me do my small part. Much thanks to the crew at the shop, @motecusa @prolineracing @precisionturbo @injectordynamics @vpracingfuels and all the rest. #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #huracan #undergroundracing #gidiiscrazy #justkiddingmayitissafe #etsturnnow

My travel tool kit was falling apart (was just a standard luggage bag). I have been drooling over the "kitchen sink" kits that my favorite humans @motecusa have been building. So I dropped my tools off there last time I was out, and now I have this. So amazing. Still lots of room for some supplies and more tools. Thanks guys!!! #johnreedracing #motec #m1army

Samson Motorworks had the Switchblade flying sports car prototype on display at AirVenture. It has been awesome working with them doing engine testing on the dyno, and very exciting to see the rest of it out on display. I want one! Anyone else? #johnreedracing #motec #m1army #flyingcar #flyingsportscar #switchblade #flyovertraffic

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