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John Randolph Thatcher  // Cinematic youth and expired film // // Light leaks and long weekends // // San Francisco, California //


Summer can be a warm blanket to be wrapped in when you feel your heart getting cold

Nothing breezes across my memory like a salty wind recalling the lost days of summer

The story of a wild flower

Those days were long and filled with the warmth of youth

An American dream

Always will remember those days on the road. Those days filled with warm days and nights with the windows down. That cool desert air and how it felt like the softest kiss from the sun.

These are the days that make life worth living

Every sunset brings the promise of a new tomorrow and night full of possibilities

She spelled out love without saying a word

A few years from now we will remember those days as little more warm and a little less grey. Some memories are meant to be thought of that way.

We sat outside of the house talking about all of the things we would do when we left our hometown. All of the ways we would make something of ourselves and all of the things we’d do to prove everyone wrong. That was years ago. I saw her at Walmart the other day. I didn’t say anything.

Just another sun bleached afternoon that can heal your soul and warm your bones

How sweet a memory is when it is surrounded by warm desert air

You make me feel like the world is spinning faster everyday

Laying in the cool grass during a January sunset, California never felt so dreamlike

Inside the ground glass is another time and another place

What sweet memories are trapped between the shutter and the film. Between the past and the present.

I remember those days fondly. The ones where we chased the sunset and found new ways to feel alive.

Just spend my days kickin and screamin. Wishin and dreamin.

Turn the dust of every day life into a golden haze

Let the good times roll as fast as they can.

So long autumn days, what a sweet reverie you turned out to be

So many days lost in daydreams

Just another memory come and gone

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