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John Brown  - Crossfit189 - Straight Edge - TFC - PMA - Black Sheep - N.H❤️

Round one fight

Stoked as fuck on mail day today #bane #baneforever

#truelove shirt says it all little buddy #bridge9

Hi all if you could please share
Regretful sale buy due to bub and buying the house and @nicolamargaret not letting my double Finn on the moped haha we want to sell it so we can do a few things to the house still has two months rego, new battery, starts and rides like a gem never had a single issue with it as you can tell low km also I was only the second owner lucky if I put 500km on it
Little 50cc so can ride on your car learner license good to zip around on
Helmet included
Price is $700neg #scooter #sale #scootersales #moto #bike #buy #sell #tapo #50cc #50ccscooter #50ccmopeds #gumtree

Finn's older and hairier brother neddy puppydawg love

Finn got to meet uncle burnsey today and got spout with some diecast CAT toys super stoked and appreciative :)!

Pretty much nicola gunna self me off to some cracker ass family

Watching 13 hours perfect family movie 💁🏻

Little bub ❤️

Finn's older brother and watcher neddy
It's been very cute and interesting to see his reaction
When Finn in is his rocker neddy will regularly check on him and look at Nic or myself and go back to sleep or when he cries/nappy change neddy will cry and follow us to the change table until Finn is all good changed and rugged back up then he'll check on him again give a nod and a look and let him be. Puppy dogs and bubs

Just want to say a very very big thank you to everyone for showing their love and congratulations to Nicola Finn and myself it really means the world to us all :):) fatherhood is fucking awesome!!!! #family #pma #downtonothing #onelifeonechance #oloc

Throwin gang signs

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