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Greasing my groove so you can grease yours too 🤣😂

The bent arm bar is one of the most important movements to master when honing the bent press. This drill teaches the lat and tricep to create a "platform" in which the torso can "press" away from in the bent press.
During my daily warmups, the arm bar and bent arm bar are my go-to drills. They allow the thoracic spine to open up and the lat to activate - necessary components in almost all strength training endeavors.
When practice is executed safely from the floor, bring the bent arm bar to the standing position. This will "groove" your bent press until it feels natural and strong.
Does anyone else use the bent arm bar in the lying or standing position? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a blessed afternoon! From me and my children, to you! #kettlebabies

I need to thank @franzsnideman and @primalspeed for reinvigorating my love of sprinting.
Sprinting is a physical superpower. Being able to propel yourself from a dead start to max speed takes a tremendous amount of strength, power, and motivation.
I've realized that maintaining my sprinting lends its hand to not only my athleticism, but how my body creates strength from the inside out. This has helped me to pull a 500lb deadlift and still run a 4.3 40yard dash.
Here is a taste of the warmup I go through before each sprinting session:
1. A skips
2. Running C's
3. B skips.
Then the fun begins.... How often do you sprint in your training program?

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.
#JackKerouac #DharmaBums

I thought this would be helpful to share. Make sure and hone the basics of #IndianClub swinging before getting too crazy with your combinations.
You should learn internal and external mills, then practice the alternating versions of both.
Here is a quick breakdown of the Indian Club warmup I use daily:
1. Frontal plane swings
2. Internal mills
3. External mills
4. Alternating internal mills (frontal plane)
5. Alternating internal mills (sagittal plane) + wrist roll
6. Alternating external mills (frontal plane)
7. Alternating external mills + wrist roll

Tuesday bouldering practice. Now time to hit some #skwatz

Together we are stronger.
That's why I put together Building a Better You. I want to give to you the gift of freedom of movement, strength, camaraderie, and fun. I am excited to offer this community bootcamp FREE of cost.
This is my gift to you.
This Saturday, September, 23rd at 8:30am, I'll be hosting this group fitness experience at Kate O. Sessions Memorial Parks. I hope to see you there! Please DM me with any questions.
DONATIONS: If you would like to offer a donation to this bootcamp, all proceeds will go to hurricane relief in the US Virgin Islands.
Thank you. One love.

A week off of training has me feeling weak! But don't worry, I still took the 💯lb dumbbell for a ride to Gainzville, USA.

It almost brings a tear to my eye to see two lovely and STRONG ladies getting after the bent press. Well done @jessicarusso325 and @kellyabirch !
Can we look forward to a half bodyweight attempt soon?! 💪🏼
Learning the bent press is easy! As long as you have the right tools... Go to http://bentpressmanual.com to refine your skill and become your strongest self.

5 Things I love About Indian Club Training:
1. Traction for Achy Shoulders.
2. Shoulder Girdle Mobility.
3. Rhythmic and Meditative Patterns.
4. Rotator Cuff Strength.
5. Mind/Body Connection.
Who wants to swing some clubs with me?!

Having a great time with my friend Jon Ma.

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