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Summer shreds accountability part I.
Because posting this pic will keep my eating clean, my mind sharp, and my motivation high.

Want to watch me bash my head with this Indian club? Ha watch till the end.

Broad jumping ravines like my life depends on it 😏

I am super stoked to see so many people getting into bent pressing!

This is an easy lift until it gets heavy... With a heavy bell, everything needs to be in perfect alignment to complete the movement.

This series of photos shows an important tip: separate the movement of the upper and lower body during the shoulder rack to side rack.

I accomplish this by allowing my hips and feet to rotate away from the direction of the side rack. This happens simultaneously to lock in the lat and hips.

The twisting allows you to develop complete tightness in the starting position before descending into the press.

And yes, sometimes I wear a shirt 😜

@phil.mcdougall and I have been working hard on putting together this Bent Press Manual.

The coolest part for me is that this is a full mobility guide for the upper body. I've already noticed increases in my pressing strength and transferable benefits to handstands, bouldering, and overhead squatting.

This is the plumb line drill that we use to ensure proper alignment during the hip hinge of the windmill. Stay tuned for release date!

What a lovely day.

I'm no expert in Indian Clubs. But I have been practicing daily for the better part of 4 months now.

@phil.mcdougall introduced me to some cool reciprocating circles and other variations that have required intense focus.

Again, I'm no expert... Just an enthusiast trying to learn to better teach my students!

An ugly PR at 44kg.
I won't count this due to the bounce and the fact that my left side was nowhere close.
But hey, here's to lifting!

Successful Bent Pressing starts with a packed lat, tensed body, and patience throughout the lift.

If the lat loses tension, the body won't be able to generate enough tightness to push itself away from the heavy weight. If one rushes the body's push away from the bell, the likelihood of injury or a failed lift rises.

@phil.mcdougall and I will be showing you all the progressions to ensure successful lifting in our Bent Press Manual, coming out soon!

Sunday training for shoulder and core health. #getups

Don't forget to get outside this weekend!

I told @leviarsl that I want to hit 135lbs in the #bentpress.
For me, this means I need to continue this pursuit with the barbell. The set up of the lift is totally different in comparison to the kettlebell or dumbbell.
From his advice, I need to keep my elbow attached to my hip while my forearm stays more vertical.
This post serves as accountability for me to improve my form as I push to heavier weights in my favorite lift.

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