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Then add load to your chin-ups! Proportion is key when searching for aesthetics.

I guarantee you'll develop more mass than biceps curls alone. Remember, compound movements are the key to building full body strength and increasing hypertrophy.

I did 7 sets of chin-ups, with working sets using a 45lb, 60lb, and 80lb dumbbell.


My #bentpress workshop is this Saturday from 10:00am-1:00pm.

It's getting close to the deadline to sign up for this seminar taught by me and @phil.mcdougall. Take your movement health to the next level!

This is my bent press PR at 115lbs. It takes a lot of effort in preparation and persistence, but the rewards are worth the effort.

one body is all we get. one body is all we need.

Caught in my element.


Wait, Wait... Before I get hate for this exercise, this is incredibly functional to all the rock climbing and scrambling I do. I find myself pushing my body up between rocks all the time.

Plus, this upper body plyometric is sure to increase performance for events like sprinting and jumping.

I did two sets of 7 plyo dips, followed by 3 working sets of dips with a 60lb, 80lb, and 100lb dumbbell.

Dips are a tremendous compound exercise for upper body hypertrophy and strength. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Flexing on a mountaintop.


I took two naps today, and am tired af. Threw this 15lb ball 37.'



This standing #broadjump was 10'10," just about 2 inches short of my high school record.

I love #powertraining and the new #powerchallenge put on by @franzsnideman and @primalspeed

I'm looking forward to improving my speed and power this year before a few summer 100m dashes!

6.01 on my 50m dash at the @primalspeed power competition today!

I'm feeling good about this time considering it was on grass. 😎

Thanks @franzsnideman for putting on a great event!

@ryansteenrod @phil.mcdougall @drdebbiebright @activeanthony1

"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet."

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Happy Earth Day 🌏


So naturally, I practiced my new obsession: #indianclubs!

I've been flowing for about 90 minutes each day. Little by little, my over-tight shoulder girdle is loosening up. This has helped me tremendously with my #bentpress practice.

Don't forgot to sign up for the bent press workshop before prices increase to $75! @phil.mcdougall

420 holla!

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