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My only plans today. TGIF.

Kettlebell Snatch Hacks.
The kettlebell snatch is a tricky movement for beginners. A long arc of the bell is known to bang wrists (ouch) and crush low backs.
To perfect the snatch, the user must ensure that their hand gives a quick pull, followed by an immediate punch to spin the handle of the bell around in the palm. The quick punch ensures that the bell last softly on the outside of the forearm.
I have included 2 drills that have helped me and my clients learn the arc of the bell: Front Raise Snatches - chest, head, then overhead snatch, and High Pulls - single arm swing to chest, high pull upward, and into the overhead snatch.
I hope that the visual lines and arcs help you to master your snatch. The snatch is a powerful tool in conditioning and power endurance that will serve you in your quest to master the kettlebell.

What can I say? I love kettlebells. And first and foremost, I love my @kettlebellsusa Metrixx Elite bells. The quality is unbeatable and they improve my flows and strength each and every day.
I'm grateful to the kettlebell community for the constant enthusiasm in developing new techniques and honing the basics. I'm thankful to be bringing back the #battlebellschallenge with my co-host @kellsbells88 on August 13.
Stay tuned for more instruction on kettlebell basics, advanced flows, and even some bodyweight stuff to keep you accountable!

Working on dem skillz.

If you suffer from shoulder or neck pain, try learning Indian clubs. I'm a big fan and use them daily to warm up for climbing and lifting.

The reward of the climb is the view from the top :)

Strength training is only part of the equation. Make sure the body stays healthy with proper mobility and flexibility work.
Even with a busy schedule, I attempt two mobility and flexibility sessions per day. These happen before my first workout and right before bed. Why twice? Once is enough to loosen me up; twice is enough to make progress.
How do you fit mobility and flexibility training into your program?

This one is for kettlebell beginners...

The kettlebell clean is essential in learning to maintain proper tension for presses, front squats, and carries. The kettlebell user must perfect the arc of the bell from swing to rack using the cheat clean and magazine drill.

Once perfected, reps are still important. Beginners and advanced kettlebell users still make the mistake of "over cleaning" the bell, resulting in banged up wrists and poor grip positioning. I recommend hammering cheat cleans, the magazine drill, then moving onto hand position in the catch and release of the bell.

Once proficient in the above techniques, the user can begin to "flow" with the bell to enhance their proprioception. I like to practice alternating cleans and the transition from a smooth clean to press.

I hope this helps!


New trails today. I ended up doing 13 miles in 4 hours (I only hiked, didn't run). I didn't bring any water because I typically don't on short hikes. But, I got lost and went out of my way. I was pretty thirsty toward the end. Thankfully I knew my distance and direction.

It felt great to get outside. I've been busier than normal and haven't prioritized my hiking and outdoor time. Today made up for it. I returned feeling light, refreshed, and ready to tackle my work.

When I hike, I think of voluntary suffering. It's a lot of effort to hike on dusty trails at elevation in 90 degree heat. That feeling of "victory" is what kept me going. Plus, I wanted to work on my tan and get this shot for you 😉

Getting in a bouldering session early to crush the day! Trail running tonight followed by a long foam roll/stretch.

Summer shreds accountability part II.

Memories of Havasupai Falls. #tbt

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