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⚡ Johnny Weslee ⚡  H. | Ate won.

Whenever she ask to take a picture I'm like ufff fine 😒. But deep inside I'm all 🐰💐🐿🦋😍🌈🦄!

Finally got my Yoshi GSP to 2mil! I didn't even want that smash ball.. 😒 | FC: SW 0413 6742 5133

Who want this smoke? 👀

I took this screen shot while talking to my dad. He's in Brazil visiting my grandma and family! 😂💛💚💙

I've been playing hide n seek with opportunity for a long time. And I've come to realize either I'm really bad at seeking or opportunity is really good at hiding. Regardless, I've decided to end this game. Ohh come out, come out, where ever you are !!! 🙈🔍

Ultimately, we see the world differently.

Eu sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor!!

World cup with my dad and uncle 4 years ago. ☝

Meu amor. 💙

Night 21 w. ❤ ; #21NightsOfYikes

Night 20 w. @Allym05 ; #21NightsOfYikes

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