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John Weber  πŸ‘Ό

Taking home the pesos! Thanks Tex for bringing me into the Vic family, stoked to have won the Cabo Classico, for @victoriaskimboards #horserasta

Mi amor 🌡🌡 @nottooshabbygaby 🌡🌡

Scoring and then blowing it!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Thanks for the sick photos πŸ“· @kalanicphotos πŸ“Έ#jangawetsuits

Some morning glory at #thewedge. Thanks for the photoπŸ“· @ml_image πŸ“Έ @jangawetsuits @jamiecelano #singlefin

Throwback to last year when I didn't have to work everyday. Thanks for the photo πŸ“· @_mark_richardson πŸ“Έ #jangawetsuits #thewedge

Getting some love from #aliso and @nottooshabbygaby πŸ’™ thanks for the video πŸ“½ @tylerbrrooks πŸ“½ and the new skims @victoriaskimboards

Trying to fly at #thewedge thanks for the photo πŸ“· @lagunasocal πŸ“·

Getting ready to take my beating πŸ’— @victoriaskimboards. Thanks for the photo πŸ“·@jordananast πŸ“·@jangawetsuits #skimboarding #thewedge

Me and my baby @nottooshabbygaby hammed in the day time. Thanks for the rad edit πŸ“½ @skyrar πŸ“½ @jangawetsuits @_filibuster #sundayfunday

Going for the #flyingsaucer at west #skimboarding #jangawetsuits #drunkwithacamera thanks for the photo πŸ“· @tylerbrrooks πŸ“Έ

Common dolphin doing a little surfing

Hoppy Easter thanks for the basket @waterlilibethanybeach

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