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  Titans football ... The Kitchen raised me and other random stuff that amuses me .

To my son..No mater how much you love the game it won't always love you back...Senior year , playoff loss , season is over .. one last goodbye to the piece of ground you promised to protect and love for ever .. it may not have finished the way you wanted but the friendships , memories and experiences will always stay with you..I love you and I'm proud of you .. I've been blessed with two wonderful childern . I may not say it enough but I love them both ..and no this wasn't staged or planned between us .I just happened to be able to be in the right spot at the right time to get what is one of the most special videos i ever took #catchers #catcher #catchfam #baseball #lovethegame #respect #togabaseball @catchingtruth

Congrats to all the seniors from the #saratogabluestreaks varsity #baseball team ..good luck in tonight's senior game ..and thanks for all the great times and memories ..I've had the privilege of coaching most of you and the honor of watching all of you play are all a bunch of fine young men on and off the field and should be as proud of yourselves as we are of you of luck in your future years ..i know you all will do great .. #togabaseball #saratoga #saratogasprings

To all my #titanup #titans friends ..I hope you have a great day !!! And for those non football people... [ yes, calm down,, I have non Titans friends ] ...the Titans came back to win .

And since no one wants to see any more of my ugly mug here is a picture of my 2 lovely ladies @fancymc and @jensentaylortate having a fun time at #leprecon #whatwedo #cheflife #barlife @claddaghfund #claddaghfund @magichatbrewing

There you go. That's me.

@lisa.hannaford I don't know , that one looks kinda sad ..#cheflife #truecooks

The most beautiful women I know.

So I had to crop the pic and repost and doing so deleted all the nice thoughts . But thanks for all the words of congratulations. I passed them on to him . He says thanks to you all .#collegeacceptance

Im SO looking forward to going in Monday morning ...-40° wind chill . Let's guess how many frozen pipes I'll have . @richru2 yeah I remember being tough . It's called getting old and having to worry about work as its such an old building is really driving me crazy . Cant be much better where you are . I say we go vist Chris out in sunny Cali for a few months

Yep it's officially freaking cold ..any on got a spare room someplace warm . Oh and we lost power last night .

New #kitchen #shoes..they are a little loud but I'm thinking I can rock em.. And yep it's sitting on a bucket doing orders time . #whatwedo #cheflife #kitchenlife

Guess we still have too go cook today and I was so looking forward to a day off #cheflife #whatwedo #kitchenlife

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