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John Lloyd  Drawn to the desert, made for the mountains, and born to road trip. 🏜🏔🚎

I'm humored by how much I have been underestimating the mountains this season. Every time I look at a map I think, "oh, I'll be there in no time!", and every morning at sunrise I find myself further from the objective than I would have thought. This time I finally left early enough, and it was a great reminder of how worthwhile it is to trade a bit more sleep for a jumpstart on the trail.

To be above the clouds and below them, all at once. Have a dreamy weekend everyone!⠀

With clouds hanging low over town, sunrise was delayed but definitely worth the wait. @the_woolly_wordsmith and I wonder if mornings like this were inspiration for the Colorado flag?

That moment the sun breaks horizon, the feel of the world shifts noticeably. The hike was terrific, and this moment is one of the reasons we came up here so early. With the low hanging clouds sunrise felt like it stretched on endlessly, allowing us to enjoy it from multiple vantage points along our route.

Making our way up the valley and pushing above treeline, clouds hung low over Boulder and the Front Range, delaying the sunrise and saturating the horizon with fiery hues.

It's these brief moments that make it all worth it. A pre-dawn hike into unfamiliar territory, pushing upward through the darkness, having to hold my headlamp at hip height because the fog was so thick at times.
Then at sunrise, for a few brief moments the sun breaks out, revealing the underside of this rainbow!

Super excited to say that I landed the September cover of Backpacker Magazine, and it's begun to hit stores! This shot goes to show how much fun you can have traveling with people, and that you should always bring a tripod when water is involved.⠀

Shout out to @kaela_whitaker for being a great adventure partner and model on this road trip to Zion!⠀

#woohoo @backpackermag #bpmag

Stepping out of the canyons and back above ground, we are able to breathe deep once again. Have you come across the collection of cairns down at the tip of this overlook? Their discovery was a nice little reward for our curiosity.⠀

While there are times when it's fun to run canyons as fast as ninja warriors, it sure does feel good to slow it down a little and soak up some of that sweet Zion sunshine.

Pretty solid anchor we found at this rappel, but I still think it would have been way cooler to rap off that log. Did you know that logs like that one were most likely deposited during a previous flash flood? That's a lot of water! ⠀

Always check the weather before you go play in the canyons! You know @jupiteralli sure did before this run of Pine Creek.

When you only wear a half-wetsuit into a cold, dark, wet canyon, you take advantage of every shred of direct sun you can find. The landscape surrounding these slot canyons can be so deceiving; exposed to the early summer sun wetsuits were laughable but oh so necessary once in the depths of these dimly lit places.⠀

After navigating one of the many frigid swims it was nice to be back on dry ground for a bit. @dankrauss and @willbutt take it single file through a section hardly wider than shoulder-width.

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