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One more week before the big move. Lease has been officially signed. Off to do more boxing, last few purges, and perhaps a bit of reflecting (and selfie-ing).

Humpday? Humpday. ;)

Moving in two weeks. Gotta pack the essentials first. #boxesofbooks

Been busy doing grown up things lately. Lots of new chapters starting. Looking forward to reading them all!

(16/16) Stumbled upon this hilarious PSA by art school College for Creative Studies. The campaign was created by Michigan-based advertising firm Team Detroit. I laughed for a bit and knew I had to give my take on it. #drawsomething #woody #ipodtouch #thatswhatshesaid

(15/16) Took a brief hiatus from updating the series. Let's pick up where we left off, shall we?
This entry is inspired by fashion ads that use a sketch design in their campaigns.

(14/16) So I found this old photo of good ol' me stupidly posing with boxes of mochi snacks (What? I like mochi. Don't judge.). The original plan for today's post was to emulate mochi snack ads. What I found instead was an advertising campaign for India-based fashion brand MOCHI. Funny how things work out, right? #sweetsoftballs

(13/16) Today's post is inspired by marketing campaigns that creatively transform ads into art. #heeeeeeyyeah #shakeit

(12/12) You have to give credit to the marketing team behind perfume print ads. Selling a scent through visuals is quite a creative challenge. It requires a mix of effective composition, a catchy tagline, and perhaps a sultry stare to generate an emotional response from the reader, making them associate the scent with how they feel. Using one sense to awaken another. Clever.

(11/16) This time it's minimalist ads. Simple. Striking. Effective.

(10/16) Focusing on Nyquil's ad campaign today. Reminds me that the only good thing about being sick is knowing I'm about to have the most glorious sleep for the next few days.

(9/16) Shadows and silhouette homage to a vintage poster for SERO OF NEW HAVEN. #oldschoolcool #classic #sero

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