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Steven Johnny Engle  I'm living in America, and in America you're on your own. America's not a country. It's just a business. Now fuckin' pay me. Zumiez 147 SM

Had to take advantage of the @rebel8 "Black Friday 8" Sale, thanks for the goods. #RebelEight #LowerClassRoyalty #Rebel8

🙂 #keepgoing


This is after a already long work out and a long day at work, but only reason I recorded this is cus one of my most embarrassing moments in my life was in middle school Physical Education. I had my Middle School crush with me in the same period and we had to do the Presidents test, and pull ups was one of the required parts of the test. While my middle school crush was watching me, like right smack dab in front of me while me being so over weight, and failing to even get half way up to qualify for one rep I was so emotionally embarrassed and Scarred. Still I can only do so many, but I laugh at the fact used to be my life, so now I have to say I'm very proud of my self.

I hope you don't mind the picture Britt, I know you're as Self Conscious with pictures as much as I am but it's the only good one I could find. I have to say we had the stereotypical brother and sister relationship, we loved each other till you went to middle school, then we parted ways and then hate...pure hatred for each other, until we got out of school and all our friends were gone and we only had each other and we're forced to become friends again or we would be forever lonely. In the end tho you are still an ass hole to me, but in the most loving way possible, and I don't say these kind words just because it's your birthday, I say it cus I mean it. We may never see eye to eye, well cus you're really short and all, but you've looked out for me always even through the worst times in our life's, and that's what Big "short" sisters do, so thank you, Happy Birthday, and don't get fat.

Plan ahead. #EatBreakfast

I have to say with all the drama and stress I've been dealing with as a new Store Manager, I really thought it was just me, and with my inexperience with this role. Then events like this helps me realize every one struggles and even some are dealing with the same issues I have been. It's crazy, I keep trying to put one step in front of the other but I swear it's crazy how mentally calm you have to stay, Im just thankful I have the help from all these other store managers and from my DM, other wise who knows where I'd be right now. #StayStrong

#Truth. I have flaws, and I'll speak on them no problem, but I will not sugar coat them in order for some one to like me. #BeGoneWithYourNonApreciationAss

When you just win award after award after award. #IHaveTheRightToBeCockyIBelive Thanks to my 147 team of Ventura ZUMIEZ, they were the Got Us the store of Period 1 Cycle, and the Highest Stash Return award (ZUMIEZ stuff) and I have to say they have busted their ass constantly for this and I have to say it shows and it paid off, I couldn't off don't it with it my managers Kortnee, Mark, and Tye, they are all new at this store like me and I have to say even tho we've shared a lot stress they are some of the coolest people and the biggest help

"I want to be number one" these are the words I spoke to my DM before going to 147, and I couldn't be happier with these awards.

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