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Steven Johnny Engle  I'm living in America, and in America you're on your own. America's not a country. It's just a business. Now fuckin' pay me. Zumiez 147 SM


These fucking LOU 3.0 boards are Rad as fuck, we sell them here at the Ventura Location. We Sold this one yesterday, and the dude came back today so I could try it out ha. #ZumiezLife #zumiezVentura #LouBoard

I wish I could get every ones signature on this from my staff, but I couldn't because of the timing. Story behind this is that a kid that comes to shop at my store location all the time has what I believe is scoliosis, and had surgery to fix parts of his spine. His mother came in and said with the surgery he will be out for quite some time, but came by to have us just sign a card because he loved the store and the staff so much, which was awesome to hear! So instead I found this special sign I had in the back and had my staff sign it for the little guy. I hope the little guy gets better soon, and hopefully you see this pop up on your IG bro, I'll be seeing you soon I'm sure! #ZumiezFamily #ZumiezLife #ExperienceIsEverything #Zumiez147 #ZumiezVentura

I think I would be pretty good husband material, and when I'm a father I will be great at the whole embarrassing my little giants in front of their friends "Game". #NoShameInMyPickUpGame #TheseMovesAreHowISealTheDeal #ImmaBeMe #HomeIsWhereTheDanceMovesAre

Bruh, I do this now with all my associates. When I have kids imma eat all their snacks. #malnourished

Grown Folk is my Halloween costume. #GoingToBed #WithMyPizza #RVCA

I'm feeling the Holiday Spirit. #Halloween is just around the corner.

So I never Fully announced I was the Store Manager of the Ventura Zumiez when I officially took it over. I have been at this store sine the end of January this year, grinding away with battle after battle. One I was scared shit might go south knowing how unorganized I am, two I was a rookie at this and I like to keep to myself, but I have to say through the battles that are never ending, I have finally hand picked a staff to call my own, that I love dearly. We are still underdogs in some aspects, but this team had given me the Store Manager of Cycle 1 Title and continues to keep me up in the ranks. So underdogs or not, and even tho this isn't my entire staff, these are the ones that show up when called upon to push for my goals to be a reality. Number One. So Thanks to my team for every thing. #Zumiez #Zumiez147 #ZumiezVentura #ZumiezStoreManager #RookieYear #GoingStrong #ThatZumiezDickiesJacketTho

Have to admit, reading this now, I've realized how true this is. #IWillAlwaysBeOnTop #SuccessIsABattle #SuccessisAChoice #FuckNegativeVibes #StayPositive #StayGrinding

Today, my Hair got more of a work out than I did. #MorningSession #Gym #MavericksVentura #YouKnowYouWannaTouchIt

Didn't think we were getting these bad boys in my store, but we did, a must buy for my collection. @santacruzskateboards #garbagepailkids #santacruz #collectors #Zumiez147 #ZumiezVentura

Last night at toppers with my 147 crew, after we did some open interviews. Perks of being the Store Manager, I get to force my staff to be my friends and eat with me.

I got to run into this little lady at My recent even through zumiez. I miss you and @michaelxdallura always. Be seeing you at 100k Miss. love you guys. #ZumiezFamily #FriendsWereMade #Seattle #Rocktember

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