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I'll Be Cutting Hair...  ▪️ Las Vegas . Click the link below to book 👇

Still one of my favorite cuts I've done. If you're interested in a cut like this and you have some length on top, let's talk! 🤘✂️🔻🔸🔝

A fresh order of stickers will arrive soon from my good buds over at @civilian @kidsintheattic design and print. If you're a local business owner in Vegas and you're looking for some help with any design or brand image help these guys are great and consistent. Give them a follow and check out their work. I used to model for their clothes back when I didn't have a whiskey belly 😂✂️🤘💯

Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse on Monday? Our plan was a normal fun fade and she pulled out an old moon photo from @mikeyyyyyyy_ page and asked if we could do that for her trip to Oregon and the Eclipse. I couldn't say no 🌖☀️👽🖤

Even the young bucks are comin down to the studio, being taught how to style their hair at a young age will make for a lifetime of great hair. And that sounds frickin rad. 🤘✂️💯🙌

Volume isn't for everyone BUT it is important for everyone to learn how to control their hair. That's why you spend good money on a haircut right? To have good hair... not just to have good hair the day you get a cut but to have good hair every other day you aren't in the salon or barbershop. Listen to your stylist or barber at the end of a service when they explain what they are doing to make your hair look so good. If they don't explain, then ask them to explain and teach you how. If they don't know how to teach you how to have good hair then it's time for you to find someone who will educate you. If you spend more then $20 on a haircut, you should be able to replicate your hair just like your stylist or barber after a few cuts. Click the link on my profile if you wanna learn everything your hair can and can't do. 🤘🙌✂️🙏🖤

One of the best times during a haircut service would be the part where I get to break down hair styling like a mad scientist. Talking about heat and chemical bonds that structure your hair and why you have to cool down the hair at the end to add shine and stability. All that good information doesn't come with your every day haircut. That information actually adds value to your haircut. At that point the client isn't just getting a sweet ass "cut" he's also getting education and knowledge out to use is power!! Haha Matts been coming to me for a while now and his hair is styled perfect everytime he walks in 🤘👌💨🙌💯

Messy looks are a good alternative to the traditional parted styles! Texture plays a big role in the look of this style 🤘✂️🙌

〰TEXTURE〰 On top I used my @hanzonation HH4 6.5 to get some deep point cutting for as much movement I could get, then came in behind those with my HH 40T 6.0 and still used deep point cutting to enhance the amount of texture and movement throughout the top! Double texture for this super dense, course head of hair ( some of the best types of hair to style! ). 🌪BLOW-DRY🌪 I flat wrapped the top (high heat, medium speed) with my @denmanbrush 5 row vent brush and @babylissprousa Portofino. Last but not least I cooled the hair in the shape I wanted after it had completely dried and had gotten that natural sheen hair gets when the cuticle is smooth.

We started with hair about chin length to this crop! Lots of texture on top was the focus for this cut. Low taper fade on the sides blended into the length on top. Don't be scared to try something new. Your stylist should have a few options that will fit your face shape if you don't know what will. A haircut is meant to enhance the face and body features you already have. It's all about creating complimenting shapes that fit your natural "you". 🙌✂️🖤😜

••Attention to the details•• and even more attention to the volume 🔝🌪 People commonly look to the internet for all of their hair answers. Why pay a hairstylists then? Do you go for a good shape or do you ask questions about your hair? Please ask questions!!! 💯I guarantee your stylist knows more then the internet.

Today Wayne and I had a good lesson on blow drying his hair. He was having trouble with the back left side cowlick. The longer hairs on the back of the crown. We went over the process of breaking down hair molecules from alpha keratin (natural state of hair) to beta keratin (unnatural state of hair) and how to lock those molecules in their unnatural state with cool air. Another light bulb clicked and another dude out there that can blow dry better then most girls 🤘💨✂️👌

Front view of my last post. @mikehammlv thinkin about our next posdacst episode together. Please comment your favorite idiom below.

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