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Educating My Mind With Others  🎆Vegas🎆 •MEN'S HAIR EDUCATOR •Let's build your confidence in men's hair... •Message for 1:1, DEMO or SALON-HANDS ON bookings. Book a haircut⬇️

Let's talk about designs. Designs are probably my weakest area and the thought of them can give me a ton of fear and doubt. BUT after doing hair for 8 years I have to be ok with fear and doubt. As an artist I feel like you almost have to become friends with "FEAR". Get to know your fear and let it motivate you. We will never be able to fully get rid of the feeling of fear every now and then so we might as well use it to our advantage. Hopefully after a while your "fear" will turn to more of a challenge that you know you need to overcome. Super easy right? •


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This weekend was a huge weekend for my career. Not necessarily a huge change publicly but more of an internal realization of the industry in in and a whole different Perspective of how I view what I do. I was privileged to attend a "Ted Talk" of successful barbers and owners hosted by @elliottandco. I had my eyes opened up to what true successful barbering and men's haircutting really consists of. I want to thank @elliottandco for continuing to have passion for building the Las Vegas haircutting community (barbers and stylists). Without these staple business owners and mentors there would not be by community here in Las Vegas. People have tried but few people persist and Elliot is one of them. Thanks to Anthony for giving me lots of advice and supporting me with his product brand @victorycrownbarberco. If you're interested in knowing more about the product send me a message and I'll share away. I'm going to end with this... to be successful in this hair industry it's not just having a following or being backed by big brands, it's understanding the craft and even more understanding business. Not just being creative but using that creativity by to showcase your personal brand and build a business at the same time. There's a lot that goes into this career and this weekend just slapped me in the face with the reality of it all. Also thanks to @davesalvant from @getsquire for showing me the importance of knowing every bit of data about your business. Having total control of your analytics and having confidence in your data to foreshadow the future of your business. And lastly @kidcurvel for being an absolute genius when it comes to media/content and where it's headed. This guy has a whole different mindset when thinking of ways to brand and create some amazing content. Please check everyone out and support these business and media BEASTS 🤘✂️💯🖤🙏

Taking time in between client to reflect on what just happened has helped me continuously improve my customers experience. Let's say I felt like I was rushing, even if I am behind on time, you never want your clients to "feel" rushed. Don't mention you're behind. Give them the same attention to detail as the last but maybe try to ask questions to get your client to talk more then you talk. I notice when I am talking a lot during a haircut that I take longer to finish the service. Take all this into consideration. Don't let your clients feel rushed. That's the absolute worst feeling to feel like someone wants to get you out as soon as possible.

Today stay true to who you are and be honest with yourself and others. Give the best experiences behind the chair you can, and change someone's hair life.

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I want to give a huge shout out to @anthonythebarber916 and his products @victorycrownbarberco for supplying me products for my future education classes. I have followed Anthony for years now and he's one consistent son of a b@*#! . I'm super stoked and blessed to be supported by this product and the Victory Crown team. Glad to be a part of a product I believe and stand behind. Products are products when it comes down to it and anyone can make them, but what counts are the people who created it and the image they represent. That's why I love this product, not just because of the great hold, smell, and quality but because I believe in the foundation of this product and the people who it represents. •

If you have any questions about how to get ahold of this product please send me a direct message and I'll tell you how to try it out! 🤘✂️🙏💯🖤💎

Using my scissors for as much detailing as possible nowdays. Trying to really understand the difference between craftsmanship and just doing another "haircut"🤘✂️💯

Hope everyone has a safe holiday! Don't smoke and drive it's just not worth it today. Also today is my last day working this week and I'm going to celebrate turning 30 this weekend!!! Come out and celebrate tomorrow night downtown. 🤘🙏🖤💨 #420

📸: @thealexjerome

I turn 30 in two days and I'm excitedly nervous. I can't wait to see what happens this year to kick it off. So far it's looking good! Any advice you might have please leave some encouragement in the comments below 😜🖤 #dirty30 #birthday #growth #vegasbarber #vegasstylist #istilllovehair

Today, behind the chair, make it your goal to teach your client a new styling tip. Make some lightbulbs turn on 💡. You teach someone how to style their hair a way that they never knew was possible and you've got a client for life. Also I hope everyone's weekend is more exciting then we look in this photo. 🤘😂✂️😜🙏🙌

I feel like a lot of us artists tend to be very optimistic. We are creative and love to express that, which ends up a lot of times being a very positive and optimistic idea. Then we get really excited and almost engulfed in that certain idea but a few weeks later (or even days later) we get another amazing idea or desire we are also extremely optimistic about and tend to lose focus on the first idea. It's almost a snow ball effect. If we can hone in and focus on one idea at a time and learn to set aside other ideas and trust that we can work on them after the initial idea/goal is complete, that is a great combination to really grow and obtain the success you're after!

Point cutting adds movement and texture. The deeper the cut the more movement you will have. Notice my thumb is barely touching the shear? That allows for most dexterity when cutting. You want to hold the shears in the most comfortable and natural way for your hands. I feel like my wrist is a little too bent and I could have lifted my elbows up a little but oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️. 📷: @thealexjerome

First impressions are everything! What type of experience are you going to give your client? Are you going to ask the same questions every other stylist has asked them? Like, "what number do you want? "Or "What haircut do you want today? ". Do you want to stand out and you want to provide quality ask them questions that will give them the most detail and personalized experience that you can. These questions are a good place to start. Comment with your favorite question!

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