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Johnny Loreti  3x NQ Men's Physique Owner Anthrofit Training Boston, MA Team Kash Loren Pete ❤️

Having some fun with @lorenpete1991 last weekend 😍

Most summer nights look like this! Protein on the grill! This was some grouper we got from our fishing trip, because well, we couldn't keep the shark 😂.

@lorenpete1991 and I had an amazing time today sport fishing with @fishingheadquarters! We were lucky enough to reel in a 7 foot Golden Dusky Shark. She put up a hell of a fight, we had a lot of fun and got another early birthday present!

It may not be #wcw but I love this special girl 😍. Sneak preview of some shots for our new website launching at the end of this week. @lorenpete1991 and I have been super busy after my show getting our new house together and working on our growing businesses. Couldn't ask for a better partner in life or business 😘.

Loving my new @webergrills from @lorenpete1991. Best (early) birthday present! Love you!

It's been a long journey, but I am so beyond proud and ecstatic to announce that @lorenpete1991 and I have bought our first home! We've overcame a lot in the process and we are so incredibly grateful to purchase our own single family home with a yard for our pups! Loren, I am so proud and happy to call you my fiancé to own a 4 bedroom house at 25 years old, it's an amazing accomplishment. I am looking forward to making many years of fond memories and making this our family's home. I love you!

Check ins...#2weeksout from #atlanticstates, let's do it!

So much boring, but gotta do what you gotta do! Just over 2 weeks out!

Happy belated birthday to our big boy Bennie and of course #wcw to my beautiful fiancé @lorenpete1991 😘

3 1/2 weeks between these photos. Still eating over 300g of carbs each day with weekly cheats. #4weeksout of #atlanticstates, time to work!

One of the many delicious meals from @vifitlife_meals helping me stay on track during this prep. Charlie likes them too!

Bent over rows are always a great staple in any back routine. I'm glad to say my back pain is pretty much gone thanks to some great chiropractic work. Now just need to manage and take it easy-ish!

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