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John Garner  Bowling 🎳- Memes - Crotch Chops - #stormnation

Idk how many of you know what happened to me this past week, but it was absolute hell and was the worst time ive ever had to go through in my life. Thank god I have the best friends that anyone could ask for to help me out afterwards and didn't let it get to me. (Don't mind the stupid face I'm making in the picture)

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world @miitchkitty

New high series by 1 pin but imma fucking hang myself bc of my shit shot on the 10th ball of my could've been 300. Oh yeah and we somehow lost 3 of 4 even tho I shot 743.

Good thing leaf and Morgan were there to make their entertaining af comments during the lamest firework show of all time

@secretlyadinosaur you let this happen smh. @johnarmz it was funny af tho I'll give it to you

We didn't bowl so great, but at least we got to meet PBA hall of famer, Parker Bohn.

Loml ❤️ #stormnation

Made the the Greek church today. Dale's dad ain't got shit on me now.

God damn 10-pin ruined my chance at a 300 game. Still shot 289 which is pretty damn good so I'm happy. Shoutout to my man Bob Zarrilli (@rimzcoat_powder_coating) for really helping out my bowling game and @johnarmz for taking the video.

Score monitoring for the goat himself, @johntitor007

Shot 666. This is the most proud I've been as a bowler.

In the post about Wren that got me banned, I said "the only thing worse then me continuing to live is Wren winning the pjbt" but today I'm realizing there's nothing worse than me continuing to live so I guess I'm sorry

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