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Johnnie Elyse.  I do a lot of things that you don't see. I drink a lot of tea. I like art and other things too. 💡Johnnie.info@gmail.com

On bravery and grit, you have faced dark times before and you’re still here now.
capture: @keoniology
edit: @galaxy.souls

Just wanted to shout out and say thanks to everyone who follows me and continues to follow me despite my inconsistencies. I live such an awesome life out here in the world. My brain never stops churning. (What are good synonyms for churning? I don’t really like churning.) Anyways. I believe these ideas I have inside will come full circle someday… I don’t have a laptop which sounds super lame but it’s actually quite a creation setback at the moment haha. All that to say, sharing is brilliant. However, I just wanted to send out a small reminder that nobody needs to know all that you do for it to be significant. Sometimes I find myself holding back from sharing a picture just because I don’t have the energy to write a caption. I don’t want to waste time inside of that feeling. So I just skip along my merry little life and hard mind. Some things I’ve been wanting to tell you recently that I just haven’t had the capacity to sit down and write are... 1. I went on a great hike the other day. I took all these photographs to show you but didn’t. I’ve been enjoying taking pictures lately... I’m not in most of them though, which is possibly why.
2. I got to speak at @livetheadventure summit event like at least a week ago. It was my first time public speaking and I got to share on veganism and women traveling. I loved it. I met so many cool people creating stuff and I was like, wow how do they dooooo it. I slept in the van right by hills and rivers. It gave me the mountain itch pretty badly. But I’m in the desert now.
3. would anyone be interested in me going live for a Q&A soon?
4. I’ve been stabbed by a cactus recently.
5. People on the internet aren’t happier and more capable than you.

“I’m beginning to recognise that real happiness isn’t something large and looming on the horizon ahead but something small, numerous and already here. The smile of someone you love. A decent breakfast. The warm sunset. Your little everyday joys all lined up in a row.”
- Beau Taplin // L i t t l e E v e r y d a y J o y s

You see. It’s only really possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis. Also this is may be the best photo I’ve taken out of a plane window yet ♠️

A lil piece created and filmed by myself and Kameron. Please enjoy because I sacrificed my body and drank chocolate milk on a roller coaster 👑 comments are always welcome and appreciated! #liveyourbestlife ----------------------------------------------------
🎥 @johnnie.elyse & @kameronwaters aka eyeland films /📍San Diego / 🔈special thanks to @californias_gold For sound effects / ⚡️powered by @drinkrau

My life is full of adventure and also particularly quieter than most in this loud world. I often feel as though I am living out my own indie movie, but nobody knows. And perhaps I am. The kind of film that are few people's very favorite, but it's a great story.
I've gotten an amazon berry shake from Whole Foods for the past 16 days in a row. People usually say smoothies but I don't really like that word so I say shake. It makes my lips purple but it's my favorite flavor right now. I tend to eat the same thing over and over until I run out of taste for it. The Whole Foods lady asked me if that was all I ever drank.
This is Kameron and our dog Scout in the school bus that I live in at this time due to a fortunate gift. Scout doesn't listen to me at all; it drives me a bit mad, but I have to admit he is full of personality. He cuddles like a human and he pulls us on our skateboards with a surf leash. We go so fast.
Kameron has been my best friend for one year and five months, we get into a lot of trouble followed by a series of luck and even more trouble. he loves me but I am new, so we are practicing a lot of things to be the best we can, even if it looks different comparatively. Everyday we go into the ocean. I call the ocean my beauty treatment, I make myself go out far enough until the water becomes clean and I can splash my face. Kameron goes with me to help me get past the big waves.
Sometimes the cops come bother us while we sleep at night because they don't like us living in a school bus. I wish they did because it's actually very nice in there.
I'm learning that I tend to absorb things like quotes and music and movies and believe they are me. But it turns out I am Johnnie Elyse and could perhaps be art all on my own. I like my middle name, I'm glad it's spelled with a letter Y. Feeling hopeful and being productive are important to me. I get anxiety about time passing. Some of my most valued qualities are being funny and smart. I prefer raspberry jam over all other jams. Something I really miss is running. My joints are older than me, but I would like to be able to run again soon.
Anyhow, I didn't want to spill my words over (continued ⬇️)

On depression and anxiety: It's been 11 years now. I haven't really been inspired to write anything lately. I saw something today about national mental health awareness day or something. I'm glad we have a day for it, although the effects of mental health are ongoing. So I hope every day we can keep picking each other up and ourselves up. I know depression is invisible. But don't feel discouraged because not everyone can see you fully. Sometimes we are the only ones who can ever know the depth of our own pain. Its something I have learned over these past 11 years, that that's ok. It's very important to keep moving, no matter what. Don't always pull the covers over your face too soon. Go outside. Drink a sip of water. Allow yourself to let simple things make you feel better. Sometimes we don't want them to make us feel better because we want people to know that we hurt. Please see me. Because it's real. Sometimes you just snot cry yourself to sleep and you wake up the next day and you wonder why everything seemed so severe. It comes back and it leaves and you just keep going and that's ok. I do a lot of exploring and adventuring. Sometimes I miss out because of my own head or it takes me longer than somebody else. But I still go. The best thing I ever did was keep going. And I hope you can keep going too. I know it seems a little backwards, but in my worst times where life didn't feel worth it anymore, I thought to myself, "if someone were to push me off a cliff right now, I'd be super pissed off. I still have things to do. And how will I listen to my favorite songs anymore. And how will I eat my favorite foods. And I still had something to tell my mom." So I know sometimes you just want all the pain to end. Because you want to rest. But really, you don't want anything about death. You just want to be fully alive. Being alive is a really nifty and interesting thing to do. Take your next breath even if it feels short. I tell myself to smell the flowers and blow out the candles sometimes to get a better breath in. Sometimes I physically put my hand on my chest and mimic pulling a string out of my chest to take the darkness out with it. That's ok too. If no one

HEllO. I decided I'm going to start posting more pictures I take of things I find because I like them and I don't want to have to be in my pictures all the time.

Breakfast in the rain.

"How odd I can have all this inside me and to you it's just words." Mood today overflowing with thoughts and ideas and desire to create some form of art to share, but not wanting to overshare my life. Where creation meets mystery. I will find the middle 💡🍂

Preface: I might be the last person in the world for a beauty post; this is for all who asked and all who helped. Between auto immune and switching to vegan I've been experiencing some trouble with my hair seeming to fall out as fast as autumn leaves; which being a girl, is quite disheartening. I inquired via my Instagram story a few days ago for recommendations on supplements or if vegan collagen was even a real thing...I got more answers than I've been able to respond to (thank you all), followed by many more voices asking me to share what I learn due to many experiencing a similar problem. That being said, I've compiled a list of answers I got multiple times as top contenders, in order
1) garden of life my kind organic plant collagen builder. I did just go ahead and buy this last night to give a try. I will share it on my story
2) silica supplement or horsetail grass
3) sugar bear hair
4) biotin and msm (sulfur) supplement
5) seaweed
Edited to add that fancy stuff is too much work for me, I am basically Mowgli but there are plenty of oils, potions and lotions that are supposed to help as well.

I walked for a while to get here. When I heard the water, I ran. I felt so alive in this moment, between the ocean and the falls. Water is something remarkable, isn't it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm flying even if it's heavy inside.

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