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John John Burke  'Raising the Banner for Youth Wellness- Everest 2017' Business Owner-Armada Hotel, Hotel Doolin, CrossFit Ennis, Doolin Village lodges

A room with a view! The camp 3 view from its position on the top of the Lhotse face, and looking down the Western Cwm. What a view to close the day on from 7,150mtrs above sea level.
P.s. I haven't used filters to edit pics along the way generally, and this in it's pure and simple form cannot be improved either.
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It's 2am and the first steps of the 6 day summit push are about to begin. Whatever your religion or faith you cannot but be affected by the spirituality of the Sherpas and Nepali high altitude workers. Here Mingma owner of @ascenthimalayas co ordinates the final prayers before we step into the Ice Fall and up the mountain. The Rice is thrown to Puja altar as an offering. A few days before a few of us happened to attend a ceremony in a monastery and Passang, Expedition leader and brother to Mingma said that he believes our attending ceremony brought luck good karma to the expedition, their faith is deep and sincere, and their respect for the mountain genuine in every way. As the Sherpas said their prayers, I too said mine, albeit differently. The pressure and intensity added to the breathless feeling of what was starting. .
#everest #everest17 #mountainclimbing #mounteverstofficial

Pic from c2 on final summit push...On the 12th May after just returning from a hard training session on Kalapathar, a last minute meeting was called by Passang, Mingma and Tsering, they presented the potential alignment of a weather window opening on the 16th, along with a rumour of rope fixing being taken charge of by the Ghurkas (Nepali soldier division in British army) who were there waiting to make a summit bid also. There were a lot of ifs and maybes, but there was a chance and that was enough to make us go for it, 8 hours later. So up at 2 am and our summit push had begun, it would give us a straight push to camp 2, no time for a days rest there which would be normal, on to camp 3 next day, and following day to camp 4 where we would rest for 4 hours before commencing the final push for the top. I cannot describe how tough each day was, in particular because of the scorching day time heat, my entire system shut down to food and drink, even though I was burning on average 15,000 calories a day and in temps above 30c, from camp 2 wearing a down suit as temps could start as low as -15c. By the time I got to camp 4 stomach cramps and vomiting was causing me major concern but this was the summit push and something had to go wrong naturally! At 9pm the final push started, temps not so bad at the start and winds low, but maybe -25/30at later stages. I blanked -time, thirst, hunger and discomfort and got into the perfect zone for focus and plodding along, and the hours slipped by, within an hour i had seen the first body and after a short prayer and reflection I took the time to reflect on what I needed to do not to become part of the mountain. When the sun began to rise and the place I had dreamed of being for so long presented itself on every side of me, the majestic mountains of the Himalayas I took a few minutes to appreciate how close I was to realising my dream. Eventually at 9.45am I stood on top of the world. I was hit with emotions after a tough climb to be there and thoughts of all I had put people though for me to be there along with the support I had received from so many of you. Tamting Sherpa and I began the descent after 25mim on top. Tbc.

Good have landed back on Everest after some rest in Namche Bazzar, feel fully recovered from the work to date and ready if or when the the ropes are fixed. Different teams on different schedules now as plans are thrown up in the air with delays due to high winds up high. All that matters on this however is each individual and right now I'm ready to give this the best shot, if and when the mountain is ready. This is simply a challenge of me against myself, with so many variables outside my control, all of them cannot weigh on my confidence or morale. Early on I thought I'd be setting off for home around this time, and right now it's quiet the opposite, I don't even know when I'm setting off for the final push. But spirits are high and body is fully charged! So if and when the time comes, right now I'm ready, and if it doesn't come, and if I can't perform at the time for whatever reason, I will know that I will have left nothing behind and that's all I promised myself from the start, there is no certainty out here, nor room for a gung ho attitude, you have to respect the mountain and your body. it's not about the summit it's about giving this my very best shot, the summit is optional! 'It's not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves' Edmund Hillary.
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Still no suitable weather to allow the Sherpa rope fixing team to work their way up the final stages of Everest, what looked like a season that was on track to have the route fixed and ready for business earlier than most others is now shaping up to be quiet the opposite! Let's hope the winds calm and the brave Sherpa team can get to finish their work. Until then it's time to sit still, with occasional exercises and skills practice. Here are some more pics of the Ice Fall to show how both spectacular and daunting this place is. Still down in lower valley here at 3400mtrs but returning to base camp tomorrow. #everest #everest17

As winds continue to hamper efforts by the rope fixing team to fix up to the summit, it's a good chance to make an appeal towards 'Elevate' , I'm extremely excited about this project and after months of research through surveys, focus groups, interviews for this project by a suitably qualified professional in the field, Joanne Kerins, the need for additional support for young people has become more and more apparent. This project hopes to be a funding body to fully finance the roll out of support programmes in Co Clare schools and youth organisations, these programmes will be led by world class organisations such as @soar_foundation among others. Young People are now under increasing pressures in society and increasingly confused about their identity and suffering from lower self esteem. I can't wait to get so much done on this project when I get back, and have already secured Hotel Doolin and Armada Hotel to nominate 'Elevate' as it's chosen cause for all fundraising. Anyone that would like to support 'Elevate' by either making a small donation, a corporate donation, or contributing money from any event it would make a massive difference to what it can achieve. The link for a donation is in my bio for this page. Every cent counts and I hope that this Everest challenge can be the catalyst to create awareness for this project and increase funding. So far I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the 24hr challenge, the Everest trek group fundraising, and Actors and Reactors showcase. Here's to great things to come.

Still on rest time in Namche, and getting the body recharged until I get to tackle the Lhotse face again, this video is between camp 2 and 3, but lots more of work to be done before I get there and all the way to the top if the body can hold up and acclimatise and Mother Nature can stay on my side, so far she has been exceptionally kind to me, while the rope fixing team haven't been so lucky. God bless them as the make progress hopefully over the next 24/48 hours and they help to open the mountain to all the climbers who are eager and waiting to start to make our way back up. #everest #everest17 #mounteverstofficial #mountainclimbing

Made a quick extraction from EBC yesterday to take a few days in lower valley at an altitude of 3,400 Namche Bazzar, this can be vital in getting a full recuperation of any small ailments and niggles, already after just one night I can feel the body getting stronger and the sheer luxury of sleeping in a bed and a place that's not -10/-15c is a great boost psychologically. Maybe another day or two here before the return to BC. At the minute all eyes are on the rope fixers and weather forecasters, along with the team i have full confidence in the expedition leaders in particular Mingma and Passang @ascenthimalayas to make the right judgment call, as it stands im ready and waiting to give this my best shot, what will be will be after that, but i known if my body can stay healthy and the weather within limits that I've got it in me. More important than any mountain is making the right decisions if the time comes, and getting home to what matters most in life @aoibhingarrihy and all my friends and family and of course Reg and Rubes!! Thanks to everyone for all the support it's been an great encouragement to me and wonderful distraction to the endless over thinking that inevitably happens in these places. #everest #everest17 #mounteverstofficial #climbing

Here's a short clip from one of the ladder crossings I did a few days ago on the Khumbu Ice Fall, there are about 20/30 ladder sections in place with up to 3 ladders tied together, some horizontal like this and some vertical. Ever since Everest was first climbed from the south side the obstacles in the glacier had to be overcome in some way, nowadays the Ice Fall doctors use ladders primarily. Despite how this looks they are not the most daunting parts of the Ice Fall. This video was taken on descent from the 5 day rotation up high and the ice fall is the final hurdle before hitting Base Camp. #everest17 #everest #mounteverstofficial #mountainclimbing

On rest days like today we try to get some exercise or skills training in, or to kill time random things like photobombing at the point where trekkers arrive into base camp, here Cian, (with flowers) from Dublin, who's here to climb Lhotse, nails the perfect bomb! Don't worry we make sure they get a proper one also! Also on rest days it gives a chance to have a wash, that consists of a warm bag of water with a nozel that you can kneel under. It works wonders about once a week and rejuvenates the body and spirit. Sorting and resorting gear is an endless game and making sure to do a bit of washing when possible also. Fueling up is the most important part, on days up higher it's estimated we burn about 10,000 calories, up to 20,000 on final summit push days, up high when the appetite goes I would estimate I'm consuming about 1,000/1,5000 so a big deficit to make up when down low.

At this point it was nearly all downhill, abseiling from camp 3 7200 mtrs, the legendary Lhotse face. The main acclimatisation push had started 4 days earlier, after prayers at the puja alter at 3am, I could see the route under the moon light as the sherpa team led by Passang offered prayers and rice to god asking for a safe passage, it was a time for everyone to reflect in their own way. From there the Ice Fall up to camp one was the main hurdle, weaving left to right through a labyrinth of ice towers formed by the continuous snails pace movement of this glacier. Where a crack was too big to cross, ladders were placed on the flat, often tied together with as many as 3 at a time, and vertical ones where a head wall needed to be overcome. Getting through the Ice Fall and on to camp 1 was a test of focus and mental endurance. One persons slip off a ladder saw a rescue by the lightening quick combination of Passang and Nauren, and off we moved again. When I arrived in camp 1 I fell into the tent, the sweltering heat a contrast to the -10/15c temps we started off at. Noodle soup and rice Tried to refuel the body for the following day. Next morning the move to Camp 2 provided a nice challenge navigating around the crevasses on route, with not much altitude gain the day was deceivingly tough, all be it a relief from the pressures of the ice fall. On arrival there a good camp set up by ascent himalyas was great to see, and the following day was for rest and prep for the big push up to camp 3. That morning started at 5am, I was feeling the effects of altitude now with little or no sleep, the body was refusing to take on fuel also, and breathlessness was hitting hard, after a difficult start i started to motor better and after about 3 hours of going I was feeling myself a bit more. This day was the toughest so far with every few steps requiring the body to struggle to take in the oxygen required. A long slow slog, but sometimes that suits me personally so it was a case of head down and slog on. The Lhotse face (pic) the final hurdle before camp 3 is a much nicer place to descend than ascend. The following day I arrived back to bc and I'm enjoying some rest now.

Having completed a full rotation from base camp up to camp 3 of 4 camps, I got this snap as the sun was setting on camp 2. To the left of this image is Nuptse, the previous day I had watched in amazement as Ueli Steck, made his way with a climbing companion up a breathtaking route in what was a reconnaissance climb for an eventual summit he was preparing for. The following day as we made our way higher to camp 3 I could see the helicopter activity below and as always wished for someone's safety, this time it was not to be, and the victim of the powerful Nuptse was Ueli Steck, the Swiss machine. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Lama blessing and a number of times on the mountain, as he would exchange greeting while flying past with what looked like customised trail running gear while I had high altitude gear from head to toe. He was a world class sportsman and some of his records might never be broken. But for now a dark cloud hangs over the mountaineering community on Everest and all across the globe. #everest #everest17

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