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John John Burke  'Raising the Banner for Youth Wellness- Everest 2017' Business Owner-Armada Hotel, Hotel Doolin, CrossFit Ennis, Doolin Village lodges

I'm currently waiting to move on to higher camps, as the team of Sherpas and porters establish the position up high, there have been set backs the past two nights and they have turned back both times on route to camp 1. Hopefully we will have more luck tomorrow. In the meantime I have got to experience the Icefall the past two days. Yesterday the team made it past half way to camp 1. An extremely tough day for me, the body just wasn't working right, of course shortness of breath is part of process here but it hit me extra hard that day and energy levels depleted it was a kick in the arse in many ways but onwards and upwards! Today was much better and the snap shows some of the ice climbing prep I got in. This just re-dialled in an area I generally feel comfortable at, and gave a welcomed boost to confidence after the previous day. As it's best not to spend more time than necessary on the Icefall, tomorrow's acclimatisation work will be on Pumori an adjacent mountain.

Our Puja was conducted here yesterday and we are now ready to enter the Ice fall pictured in the background, this morning we organised our tents and gear, and had an introduction to all the Ascent Himalayas team, the plans are being drawn up and agreed between the team for the start of the rotations. To climb Everest you in fact probably climb it 3 times with my acclimatisation on Labouche, and then possibly 2 rotations up to various heights before the final summit push. Before the rotations can happen, firstly the Ice Doctors, the highly skilled Sherpas who fix the ladders and ropes through to Ice Fall to enable passage though it, then the Rope fixers work their way up to the various camps, then our expedition team work to set up camps and move up some food, oxygen and emergency equipment. At this point in them the ropes are fixed to camp 3 (of 4 camps) and our team have set up camp 1 and 2 and are moving to camp 3 tomorrow. The logistics of this are massive for every expedition and every climber here is thankful for the strength and endurance of the Sherpas to open this mountain for us. This evening we will know the schedule for our first rotations. But ideally we will get to sleep at camp 1 and 2 for a number of nights, 'touch' camp 3, and will only see camp 4 on the summit push. My health is great thankfully so far, as this has caused a lot of unfortunate problems for some of the team. We have had 3 heli rescues so far for medical conditions. And many more visits to the volunteer doctors who are at base camp. Base camp is heaving at present as climbers like me from all over the world pursue their dreams of standing on top. Due to the logistics of all the work I set out above and most importantly the weather, which can see winds of up to 200kmph sitting on the top for much the year, most predictably mid may to end of may sees these winds settle to allow it possible for a human to survive up high. This year all the set up is ahead of schedule but the weather window of course is unknown, all our hopes are that we will have a long period of calm weather hopefully the upper of the usual range of between 8 and 12 days. #everest17 #everest #climbing

The Irish flag flying proud at the edge of the base camp for our 2017 @ascent_himalayas expedition, nearly all the team have now arrived today so it's well and truly a bustling place. The team is a mix of Mexicans, Norwegians, Icelanders, Aussie/Brit, Brazilian, Welsh. There will be 7 of us for Everest and 2 for neighbouring Lhotse including Cian from Dublin. The weather today was mild and I got to have a wash which always feels great here when possible. Ive spent a few hours trying to get my gear and technology in order also. I'm fully rejuvenated after an easy Day and looking forward to the first steps into the ice fall pictured here. A Lama will conduct Puja here tomorrow which will give me a good chance to reflect and get my head in the game even more, respecting the traditions of the Sherpa people and their respect for the mountain is so important to me, and I know how significant the blessing ceremony will be, just yesterday 3 years ago the ice fall claimed 16 of the Nepalese climbers and porters, I'm sure that is never far from their minds at this time of the year and in particular during the Puja. #everest #everest17

A room with a view, on 'The Wild Himalayan Way' good to be back to base camp but the night sleeping on Lobuche at 5400mtrs won't be forgotten! Bit under the weather today again but first rest day tomorrow since landing on the 5th will give chance to recover. Rest of expedition team will arrive tomorrow joining the 3 of here now, and the planning for rotations will begin, first off we will have our puja at our camp, and seek a safe passage from a lama. Our climbing Sherpas and porters have now established camp 1 and 2 and hope to move to camp 3 tomorrow. They are opening up the route and facilities to enable us to move up the Moutain. Nothing happens here for any climber without them, Some of them have been on site for 3 weeks and it's clear the work they have been doing from our superb position on our frozen water home for the next 4-6 weeks. Broke with my rule to avoid meats today as weight has been dropping and I need to take the chance and eat all I can, so tonight I feasted on all I could. As I acclimatise my appetite should improve, at least at base camp. #everest17 #everest

Making the way up the final stretch before hitting the summit of Lobuche earlier today, tough days work, but hit circa 6,100mtrs, body was under pressure but got the job done and another milestone hit for acclimatisation, back to base camp again tomorrow, just had one wild night there so far, wild in the sense of windy, snow storm, and the sounds of avalanches hitting off during the night. All the same be good to be back to the comforts of the tent and good base camp grub. #everest #everest17#mounteverestofficial

It's been a hectic few days with lots unfolding, the full raising the banner group made it to base camp, minus Yvonne who diverted to Island Peak and will arrive for a night to bc in a few days, but one of the group got hit with altitude sickness so had to get a Heli evacuation, its been stressful time with that and other sickness. But thankfully everyone is feeling good again. It's been a non stop schedule of trekking and climbing so looking forward to a rest day after tomorrow, it will be the first since landing here. Back to BC tomorrow after climbing Lobuche today for acclimatisation.

The Irish Crew, including the Raising the Banner squad hitting base camp, plus Island Peak climbers 6160mtrs, Lhotse 8530mtrs, and of course Everest for myself! #everest17 #khumbuvalley #raisingthebanner #visitnepal

Yesterday we went to the highly respected Lama Geshi, for a blessing and prayers for our safety, after the ceremony he blessed us with a prayer scarf and cord so now we proceed onwards and upwards, last night we slept at over 4300mtrs and will walk to acclimatise to 5000mtrs today. Just a few days from base camp now. #everest17.

Weaving our way up the Khumbu valley and making our way to base camp on step at a time, tonight we stay at 3820mtrs, after a nice day of ascent and descent, acclimatisation is going perfect. #everest17 #everest #mountainclimbing #elevate #khumbuvalley

Home sweet home for tonight #namchebazaar #everest17

Young man herding the yaks and horses along the route making the way to base camp with loads of equipment and food to keep us all fed for nearly 2 months on the mountain..#everest17 #everest #nepal

Traffic Jams on Everest Base camp trail today as we made our way to #namchebazaar. The #khumbuvalley never fails to deliver amazing scenery, sights and wonderful people. #everest17 #nepal #raisingthebanner #elevate

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