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John John Burke  Founder ELEVATE. Everest summit 16/5/17. Business Owner-Armada Hotel, Hotel Doolin, CrossFit Ennis, Doolin Village lodges

Great to be back on my old stomping ground, #Carrantouhill in Kerry, Irelands highest point at 1038mtrs. I've probably stood on top 100 times now (although 8 of those was in one day!) and the view never tires! This time joined by Peter and Darina from Slovakia, I met Peter on Everest and he plans to take another shot at it in'18, he's taking the very risky option of climbing with no oxygen, which has incredibly high death rate and high risks of frostbite, but he's up for it, powerful, and prepared. We climbed the #howlingridge with and met team @armadaspanishpoint on the summit. Who we descended with via the Heavenly Gates. Halfway out the guides get a call to a rescue and kick into action. So much respect for all the Irish mountain rescue members, mostly volunteers, giving up their time and taking risks to keep us all safe when in trouble, hopefully I will never have to use them, but seeing them work makes me realise what legends they are!

Got some time on the Wicklow hills around Roundwood this week, great to back to the place that I got some wonderful training sessions in over the years with @cianobrolchain and more recently with Brian Bateson, this time no pressure on so could really soak in the views, take some snaps, and remind myself of the wonderful benefits of the great outdoors for the mind and body. Speaking today at #beoatarmadahotel brought it all back again. So time to plan some more time out and about I'm thinking! #wicklowway #wicklowmountains #mountainclimbing #getoutandruntrails

Thanks to @stronger_in_every_way Ben for a great chat, and this follow up portrayal of Everest and Elevate. Follow the page to see all the great work he's got going on there.

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Nice bit of Friday reading for everyone. I was so fortunate to get the chance to speak with Everest climber @johnjohnburke. You might have seen him on the front cover of the @rteguide last week. We spoke everything from how his journey to Everest began (it's kind of crazy when that was), his training coming into it including continuously climbing up and down Carrantuohill for 24 hours, we also got into mindset hacks he had for up in the mountain and where do goals go from here after checking one of the biggest goals a human could have off the list. It's detailed, it's inspiring and John is an absolute legend. Check it out - link in bio. Thanks again @johnjohnburke --------------------------------------------
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A proud moment to receive this wonderful presentation from Gertie McDonnell, mother of Ger McDonnell Irish mountaineer who rests on K2 after his attempts to conduct a rescue on 2nd August 2008, after being the first Irish person to summit this deadly mountain. So proud to support their annual cycle to Doolin in his memory. Wonderful people. So proud to also congratulate @ascenthimalayas @tpemba_sherpa and @john.snorri for summiting K2 over the weekend after sharing the time on the expedition with them when they successfully climbed to the summit of #Lhotse beside #everest with @cianobrolchain the first Irish person to summit it.
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Good luck to Tsering from @ascenthimalayas who is pushing hard for a summit on #k2 now, with John from Iceland. A super combination of Client and Guide. Prayers for safe ascent and descent. 🙏 here @pasangtenzing gives an idea of Tserings capabilities after we arrived at Base Camp. #sherpapower .
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The summit photo, just realised this wasn't posted, raising the Clare flag was a special moment, but raising the Elevate logo is what was most significant for me, raising awareness for this new organisation and the great work to come in supporting the wellness of young people in the banner county. Thanks to everyone who supported and donated and worked on this project so far. This will be the greatest journey of all.... 'It's not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves' Edmund Hillary. Here's to all the young people who are struggling to conquer their own personal mountains.
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Thanks to the for the wonderful coverage today in the weekend section, of the #everest story and #elevate

Just one month since I got home from #everest in one piece, in no small part to all the people who helped me train and prepare my body and mind, firstly @trevorslattery who gave his time selflessly to get my S&C up to speed standing side by side with me on long endurance session, our other partner in crime @braceeli for all help and advice in and out of the gym, and the rushed packing before departure! all the @crossfitennis_ trainers and crew especially @clods123 who did her very best and made progress on my bad mobility! Karen Weeks Kinvara for tuning my brain to keep positive and handle set backs, @excelphysiotherapy for the Pilates and the talented Sean for Physio work, @peterjoconnell for the time on hills and support @soulogav for the advice and equipment, @chefpjackson and all @armadaspanishpoint for all the snacks out there and nutritional prep. All the friends like Duke who got me training and kept me focused and all who kept me company at different stage like the 24hr challenge. Irish climbers like Paul, Mark, @falveypat @mortellrob and especially @cianobrolchain for training and prep advice. Brian Bateson/ climb it for the cold days and great company guiding in Wicklow, @climbingadele @jeffbanksmountainguide For training abroad. And everyone else who kept me working before I left to get me down alive and kicking.

This was the moment I realised it was job done, out of danger on the Icefall after 2 days descent from camp 4 after summiting, probably 8-10kg lighter than I had been 6 days earlier. Meeting Mingma owner of @ascenthimalayas and Tsering who was base camp manager who came in about 45 mins from base camp with a bottle of @cocacola was a moment I won't forget, I was so dehydrated up high and had craved this so much yet it was impossible to get it, in my mind it was the energy and hydration that I so badly needed all in one, at one point I had offered $100 to the Sherpas to see if they knew anyone who could trade one, its crazy how the mind can work up there. When I arrived at this point Mingma greeted me with his usual warmth, I knew he was in contact with home through @aoibhingarrihy when I was up high and it was like my two worlds were back as one again. Tamting, Mingma,Tsering and I sat and chatted for about 30 mins the weight of Everest seemed to be finally lifted off my shoulders and I was heading home, I had worked hard to remain positive all the time up there and not think about the time I would be hitting for the place and people I love most, but deep down it was always a struggle to be away, at this point I knew I was hitting home! #everest #everest17 #mounteverstofficial #mountainclimbing

My celebration face Back at camp 4 where I was sharing a tent once again with the powerful Welsh climber @allanmeek , we were so relieved and happy to have summited and before clocking off for the night we savoured and celebrated our success, even with a few weak high fives! About 5 in the morning we woke to the tent rattling and shaking to the storm that blew outside, it seemed powerful, and I certainly wasn't feeling powerful! At that point I remembered our premature celebrations, and the stark reality that we were still just touching the death zone, sleeping in probably the most dangerous camp site on earth a place out of reach of rescue and supply. We agreed that this climb was far from over. I remembered so many stories I had read of people who's bodies had so much damage done to them up here due to winds and cold, and worse still those who never left here. It was another moment of realisation, just like on the summit, that I needed to be on top form and totally tuned in to my every move and the surroundings , I also felt quiet naive for my celebrations. The winds were far too strong to leave the tent but at the same time It was not a place that would allow our bodies another night there, I still wasn't taking food in and knew that wasn't good either. About 3 hours later the winds died and the zip lifted and Passang said it was time to move! Once again the weather allowed us safe passage and we escaped downwards during a window of calm winds. #everest #everest17 #mountainclimbing #mounteverstofficial #nepal @ascenthimalayas

My final steps into camp 4 on the way back down from summiting, this was the end of an 18 hour day in the death zone, with no sleep between the previous days work, it felt like a long way back down, and with nearly 1000mtrs of height gain it was the biggest day Ascent wise, but equally the mind and body felt strong. The body can't survive in the death zone it slowly disintegrates to generate the energy it needs to keep operating, oxygen supplied by a cylinder in my backpack helps slow this process and extend the time the body can survive up there. Some people really seemed to struggle on the way down and the most stupid things I saw on the mountain was during this part of the descent, descent statistically is when most accidents happen. Camp 4 at 7900 was a welcome rest for the night.
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The view from the top of the World! Just got some images from the @gopro that I used on summit night, I spent 25 mins on the top in all, the first 5/10 mins was the emotional and special part soaking up where I was, then it was time to tune back in. From the top there was quiet a bit of cloud far below, but the great peaks around popped out over the clouds. #everest #everest17 #elevate #mountainclimbing #mounteverstofficial

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