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IFBB Pro John Jewett  Coaching: MS, RD, CSCS 👨🏼‍🎓 Animal Athlete @animalpak Gym: @themusclefactorytx

You've just dieted for 20 weeks straight with no cheat meals. You're fucking starving--your mind tells you to eat 15 cheeseburgers and 12 doughnuts, but your heart tells you a different story. You know that if you don't handle yourself the right way in the post-show rebound, you could lose all of your hard work and you can also run into health issues. For some helpful advice on how to take advantage of post-show conditions and to control weight gain, take a look at my article "Post Contest Rebound Success vs Distress," LINK IN BIO #AnimalPak #Bodybuilding #IFBBPro #Bodybuilder #PostContestRebound #PostShowTraining #PostShowDiet #AnimalGear #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

Control the eccentric phase and move through the concentric phase as fast as possible without losing stability and focused tension. Don’t just throw the weight up. Move it with fast precision. #teamjewett #justgetstronger #appliedstrength

Welcome the new @animalpak team athlete @steficohen 20 world records broken and counting. #animalpak

We have a new @animalpak Athlete signed on. Leave a comment below, who do you think it is?! Reveal is tomorrow 12/5/18 between 12-3pm on the @animalpak IG page. I will post in my IG story too. #animal #whothehellisit

A huge congrats to @bikiniyoda placing 2nd in novice and open bikini class F @battleoftx Alex overcame many challenges in this prep and is one of my hardest working clients I have. I am so proud of you Alex and we both know what was overcome to get to where you are and it made this show very special. #teamjewett #npcbikini

Got the honor to be a guest on @advicesradionetwork The topic...HUGE AF! Just all things about getting big and how I do it. You want to grow, check this episode out. @scottmcnally1 #advicesradionetwork #hugeaf #teamjewett

Why have a cheat meal? What’s the purpose? What kind of cheat meals will get me eating like a pro? Want these questions answered check out my latest article on the Animal Pak site. Link in bio! @animalpak #teamjewett #animalmentality

I never posted up my wife’s #transformationtuesday This one is a throwback to earlier this year, when she suffered along with me during my prep for the NY Pro. 20 weeks of progress unfolded. No competition in mind, just beating herself. What stands out in my mind is her dedication to be by my side and take her goals just as serious as I took mine. Love you @roxyqueflexx and so proud of you. DM for coaching. #teamjewett

I put together my posing routine for next year and it really has my amped to get on stage and present it. I see so much lack of effort in posing when it’s so important to show case your work. I don’t want to leave anything on the table, so I am stepping out of comfort zone with my routine next year. I really like watching the Classic Physique division for this very reason, we need to bring more of this back into bodybuilding. #lotsofweeksout #teamjewett #251pounds

Offseason Week 21 Blog posted. I talk about hitting a new weight high, diet flexibility, eating soup, bowling and using bands to progress lifts. LINK IN BIO #teamjewett #offseason

Purpose of the RDL in Bodybuilding is to train the hip extensor muscles and load them in the fully lengthened state. This is a hip hinge movement, but I see so many not hinge the hips, but tuck the hips and round the lumbar. This movement, starting from the top, should be initiated with a soft knee, not locked, just slight bend. That slight bend will not increase either it is locked in place, if the knee continues bending as the weight lowers you are now performing a deadlift, NOT RDL. The lower back is locked in a neutral position, this is key. The movement starts by pushing the hips backward, away from the bar. The bar will travel along the thigh NOT away from the body. Watch my knee, it moves backwards as well. Watch my ankle, there is plantar flexion. The movement ends just prior to being unable to maintain that neutral spine position you started with. Contract the hams, by pushing the hips forward (not tucking them under). The tuck means you have a weak ass posterior chain and want to try and squat the weight. I banded these to accommodate the strength curve and I wanted to overload the traps for this movement. #teamjewett #basics

Recognition for my general transformation client. No plans to compete just get in the best shape of his life. We ended up dropping 40lbs, 211 to 171, over 20 weeks. Got some nice quad sweep to come to life to. DM for coaching. #transformationtuesday #teamjewett

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