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John Frugoli  Florida Tech Alumni. Pike Alumni. NPC Bodybuilder. Team Loud. W&J Construction Superintendent

Got the idea from @mattjansen8 to use my insta as a form of video log book. Going to film my main lifts and show my progression and intensity with those lifts to keep myself accountable and show you guys me moving some heavy shit! Struggled to get 5 in week 1 of the blast, failed at 8 last week, now this is what I got this week. All about beating the log book. It was explained to me to think that your family is being hung over a volcano and if you don't beat that log book that rope is gonna break! Don't worry momma your safe haha! #gohard #gcode #teamloud @loudperformancetraining

My #wcw as always goes out to @xnataliaaa my best friend and number one supporter no matter what. Love you here's to another Disney trip this weekend 👹

Home made preworkout pancakes:
124g mashed sweet potato, 112g fat free cottage cheese, 1 scoop TN banana egg white protein, 1 scoop TN mod carb, 92g liquid egg scramblers, splash almond milk, pinch sea salt, pinch cinnamon. Spoon full of home made jam on top.
Total macros: 50p, 56c, 3f

Ok so last contest pictures I will be posting for a while don't want to spam everyone and become the guy who only posts about my last bodybuilding show. However wanted to show the Progression from 2014-2017, top of middleweights (176.4) to top of light heavies (196.5) . Total of 20lbs stage weight added from 1st picture to last. People keep asking me what I've changed since I started competing. Besides learning way more about diet and nutrient timing, the number one thing I have incorporated is progressive overload training. More specifically @truenutrition aka Dante Trudel's DOGGCRAPP (DC) training. It's all about keeping a log book and going into the gym each week and progressing certain lifts per body part with 1 balls deep work set (not counting warmup sets). Each week you try and beat your previous weeks weight or reps. If your interested in more on where to find info on this methodology shoot me a message and I'll point you to all the old forum threads I read and reread to really get a grasp on it. Trust me people switching from the classic Arnold style high volume approach to do or die high intensity progression will make you GROW! #worktheplan #consistency #keepgrindin #gohard #teamloud @loudperformancetraining

Just some stage shots from this past weekend. Definitely improvements to be made here! Can't do anything but be motivated. Looking forward to seeing when the comparison pictures come out on @npcnewsonlineofficialpage ! Shoutout to @loudperformancetraining @derock240 for getting me in the best shape of my life, can't thank you enough for taking me under your wing and teaching me throughout this whole process not just telling me to follow a plan no questions asked. #gohard #gcode #viceinmyveins

Shoutout to @universalusa for the new #eggpro. Throwing together a quick meal for at work. 227g non-fat Greek yogurt, 15g granola, 65g banana, 1 scoop vanilla egg pro.
Totals: 50gP,37gC,0gF

You best believe I'm doing a double scoop of vice before a huge leg day I have planned. 1st workout post show so you know I'm gonna get nasty and destroy legs. If you haven't seen by now from my story, I ended up placing 6th in light heavies out of 9. I will post pictures when they come out but have seen nothing posted yet. Wasn't what I was expecting but I have no regrets or doubts that I didn't give this prep everything I had. I proved to myself and everyone around me that I have what it takes physically and mentally to push myself past my limits. I got on stage in the best shape I ever have in my life and I owe it all to @loudperformancetraining and @derock240. We worked really well together this prep and am proud to say he's my coach as well as a good friend and mentor. I'd also like to take a second and give a huge shoutout to the love of my life @xnataliaaa. Anyone that competes knows how hard it is but imagine how hard it is for your significant other. They are the ones that make the real sacrifices during a prep. They are the ones who deal with your robot mode schedule of eating sleeping and training. They are the ones with the hardest job. To support and encourage and motivate even when honestly it may not be the easiest thing to do. Natalia has been my rock through every single prep I have ever done and has made countless sacrifices time and time again. Now it's my turn to repay her and take her on every adventure and experience that wasn't possible during dieting. Time to be more balanced and focus on the most important things in life because bodybuilding will always be here. My switch is flipped and am ready to push to see how freakish I can possibly get both strength and size wise while not becoming the pillsbury dough boy in the process. I'm confident with the help of Derek reversing out of this show and guiding me through offseason I'm going to shock a lot of people next time I decide to get back on stage (which at this point is not for a long time). @bowdensinked let's get as strong as we possibly can brother #headtohead showdowns and call outs will be coming your way over insta. #teamloud #timetogrow #letsgetnasty #gohard #gcode

Just some decent lighting hotel pics....finals are about to start ready to see this thing to the end! @loudperformancetraining #worktheplan #gohard

Help! my back has a bad case of worms 🤓.....been really digging to get where I want to be. Super tired but when I look at videos like this I get motivated all over again and say fuck it 8 days out let's grind!!! #teamloud #worktheplan #gohard @loudperformancetraining

Shits about to go down tomorrow for quads! Been waiting to try vice for a few weeks now and I finally got my hands on some. Always down to support a fellow brother in iron from the brig @therealgdiesel @gcodenutrition #gcode #gohard #teamloud #worktheplan

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