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John Frugoli  Florida Tech 2016. Pike. Florida NPC Bodybuilder

First time prepping for a show that I actually feel like I have a real shot at doing well and not doubting myself. Things are starting to get silly at 13 weeks out from my qualifier. Biggest thing I attribute the last year of progress to is progressive training and not eating like buddy the elf in the offseason. @derock240 lets do this. @loudperformancetraining

I don't like posting educational or "guru" style posts on social media because they're a dime a dozen and honestly their are way smarter people to listen too then me. However, I've had a few people ask me how I've changed my training and nutrition since last year. One thing I have found to be very beneficial is progressive overload style training. Which basically translates to get stronger every week, get bigger every week. You try and beat yourself every workout and hold yourself to it. As far as nutrition I just stopped treating food as a hobby (eating when bored or over eating because you want to try as many junky things as you can in a meal because you keep telling yourself diet starts tomorrow) I mainly kept my carbs around my workout and learned more about nutrient timing and not over eating. I learn a lot of these techniques from reading online forums but have been in contact with really knowledgeable people. @derock240 is taking the reins this prep and I'm about 15 weeks out from the Pittsburgh championships which is my qualifier for junior usa's. With knowledgeable people in my corner this year I can take the guesswork out of my prep. #teamloud

Finally graduated with my bachelors in construction management. Thanks to my family friends and beautiful girlfriend @xnataliaaa for all the support through these last few years I wouldn't have made it without you. Now on to the real world where I've taken a job with W&J construction as a superintendent.

First pike Christmas party as an alumni. Had a blast with @xnataliaaa

Can't forget about this one BROTHERRRRRR @alex_evans98

Well I guess since everyone else is doing it I wanna be cool too.......#tbt #halloween @xnataliaaa makeup was cool as fuck mine was just a tattoo lol

#405 deadlift challenge 11 ugly reps lol....the #315 challenge wasn't tough enough I guess. Stay tuned for the #500 challenge

Called out to do the #315 deadlift challenge by @derock240. Ended up getting 25 before I couldn't see myself in the mirror anymore from the stars lol. And yea I know this isn't total lock out at the top this is just for fun.

Haven't posted anything bodybuilding related in many moons so guess this is overdue 500x6

#wcw to this pretty girl the only person that can handle my dorky ass and give it right back @xnataliaaa

Happy 2 year anniversary to the best thing that has ever happened to me. Wouldn't be the man I am today without her. Love you @xnataliaaa

She's always been my dream girl but now she's zeta sigmas 2016 dream girl 🎉🎉