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Today in the USA we mark the “birthday” of what our founders intended to be a secular republic. Americans popularly use this day, or the nearby weekend, as a means to enjoy a summer holiday with convivial gatherings, barbecues, and evening fireworks displays while commercial enterprises lure folks towards capitalist excess with varied sales for their wares and services. While we partake or refrain from all of this as we please, Satanists also make time to reflect on the significance of the manifestation of this country whose expressed values favor self-determination for its citizens.
Satanism champions freedom, individualism and personal satisfaction so naturally we endorse the nation that in its 1776 Declaration of Independence promised its citizens “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as fundamental rights. We also find inspiration in the bold proclamation in the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797 that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” This inherent secularism rejected the age old practice of governments being wedded with established religions to force widespread obeisance to whatever theist doctrines have held hegemony.
When properly functioning, the American social system serves as an ongoing experiment towards attaining a societal framework permitting individuals to control their own destiny. This is achieved via a social contract offering equity under the law which, to a certain degree, promotes meritocracy while eschewing the mob rule of democracy. Viewing the past endeavors of our species, most freethinkers understand how rare is this approach to organizing our interactions—it could be but an ephemeral aberration in human history.
Yet today we observe ongoing “faith-based” efforts to legalize discrimination against fellow American citizens under the Orwellian guise of “religious freedom.” This demonstrates that state-church tyranny is a tool many of the faithful would gladly wield if given the chance, so long as their church is the one being able to call the shots. Yet not everyone is fooled as even the heads of major corporations have called-out the blatant bigotry

Got to hang with my dude @frankiewallnuts for the day yesterday. Good to see this guy up, mobile and back in good health again. So many, too many, RIP posts due to cancer lately, I'm glad my man caught that shit early on and got it the fuck out! I'm hoping this guy sticks around to smash bikes and argue over dumb shit and buy stupid toys for a long time to come🤣. Time for a little PSA though. Frank was diagnosed with lung cancer and doesn't smoke, doctors are seeing a lot more case's of guys in their mid 30s to mid 40s developing this type of cancer due to second hand smoke. If you smoke while you're pregnant, or smoke around your fucking kid and put them and their health in jeopardy - you are a fucking piece of shit and should have your kid taken from you for child abuse. Also if you smoke around your kids, those little people LOOK UP TO YOU, most kids will emulate your actions, remember that. #FUCKCANCER #lungcancer #fuckcigarettes #smokingkills #stayhealthy #livehealthy #wehaveonlyonelife #dontkillyourkids #dontbeapieceofshit #purposebuilttobeatcancer

When's it stop?
This dude was so fucking persistent, was such a hustler. Countless hours bullshitting with him about bikes and the art of the "flip" 🤣. Clint and I argued about rifle fairings for so many days one day I woke up with UPS knocking.... package from Clinton with a note "Run this fairing you idiot, I'm not fucking around here I know what the hell im talking about....." my DX will never run a diff fairing bro.
I never delete texts anymore, Chris Kikker, Casey Ivey, Scott Hughes..... now Clinton..... I've learned a lot from all 4 of these dudes in some way shape or media brings so many of us together from all over the country/world. Such a weird parallel society. Take nothing for granted, live your life at 100mph it all ends too soon.

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