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02.27.17 -The Office | John Wick 2 with the boys!

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@jkeoni 7th Grade CYO Highlight Mixtape. Video is 6.5 minutes long, swipe to the left after every minute. #hssknights #basketballmixtapes #SCtop10 #sonyax33 #premiereprocc @officialfstoppers @filmmkrs

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13u Cornerstone Basketball Academy - Sac Area Sports Tournament

Feb 25 2017 || Roseville, CA: 13u Cornerstone Basketball Academy - Sac Area Sports Tournament held at Courtside || © 2017 John Encinas, all rights reserved ||

Blank canvas... #premiereprocc

#CornerstoneBasketball back at it again. Game 1 in the books... 1-0

These boys playing a pickup game against teenagers and adults on a rainy Friday evening at the KROC center. Lost by 2 but, they showed the older players they came to play. These 3 combined for the majority of the points. Good run boys! #basketballneverstops #ballislife #hssknights

@cornerstonebasketball working with More than Basketball to help them prepare for the Adidas Tournament of Champions in Portland, Oregon this weekend. Play hard and have fun representing the 707! #family #cornerstonebasketball #morethanbasketball #ironsharpensiron #makingeachotherbetter #adidastoc

Can't stop. Won't stop. @jkeoni #CornerstoneBasketball #ballislife

An old building at a retired Navy shipyard makes for a pretty cool background

Feb 15 2017 || Vallejo, CA: 13u Cornerstone Basketball Academy vs PEBA held at Mare Island Sports Center || © 2017 John Encinas, all rights reserved ||

Thank you Andrew Wheeler for allowing Jalen and I to experience history at Oracle Arena this evening. The Santa Cruz Warriors, the D-League affiliate of the @warriors set a new attendance record of 17497 vs the Oklahoma City Blue. Former Golden State Warrior Reggie Williams lead all scorers with 22 to lead @okcblue over the @dleaguewarriors 105-96.

It was a surreal evening for me personally. You see, I've known of Andrew Wheeler since around 2006. His images were printed in many motorcycle racing magazines and publications that I enjoyed. I enjoyed his images so much that it motivated me to try shooting motorcycle racing myself. To this day, I still have every issue of Road Racer X… many cover images were taken by Andrew.

In 2008, I met Andrew for the first time... OK, we didn't really meet... I had a pit pass at Infineon Raceway and we were in Miguel Duhamel's pit area at the same time. He was obviously working and I was just some dude with a camera.

I've admired Andrew's photography career from AMA Racing to the pinnacle of professional motorcycle racing, MotoGP through magazines, publications, his website (, his blogs, Facebook, and Instagram for over a decade.

I recall posting a photo of Jalen with a huge smile on his face during a Solano Nationals tournament a couple years ago. I remember being very excited that @automotophoto (Andrew's Instagram) liked the photo and commented that the image reminded him of himself as a young lad across the pond. I remember Jalen's blank look on his face not understanding why I was so excited... (ok, so Jalen gives me that look all the time... that's not the point. stay focused!!) The point is… I was very excited to finally meet Andrew in person. Late last year Andrew became the official team photographer for the Santa Cruz Warriors and last week Andrew reached out to me and asked if Jalen and I would be interested in watching. Andrew said we were the first people he thought of.

To me… meeting Andrew Wheeler is like Jalen meeting Stephen Curry… yet, I know Andrew’s a huge fan of Jalen and his sports activities… it blows my mind.
Andrew, thank you again!

We're on #WarriorsGround!!! Endless gratitude to Andrew Wheeler (@automotophoto) for the hospitality! #DubsAllDay #SantaCruzWarriors #NBADLeague