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John Embry  Artist at Tattoo Charlie's *By appointment only* (502)-517-7815

Got to do a gnarly Rat Fink next to a '75 Stoney St. Clair, after my appt yesterday. Dude was 18 when he got into a little fender bender with Stoney's caretaker on High St. in Columbus. After some talkin' they worked out a deal for $25 so they could get the station wagon patched up and he ended up with a little piece of tattooing history. // @bicknee @tattoocharlies // #tattoo #stoneyknowshow #stoneystclair

Finished this up today. Thanks for trusting me with your skin, Kayla! // @fkirons @bicknee @tattoocharlies // #tattoos #blackworkerssubmission #kentuckytattooers

Fully healed jam from a while ago. Stoked on how well everything settled down. Always nice to see clients taking supreme care of the things you put so much time and effort into. // @fkirons @bicknee @tattoocharlies // #tattoo #healedtattoo #kentuckytattooers

Crowd control. // @theevaultofheaven // #FULLOFHELL

Finished up this Haymarket Martyr's monument a couple days ago. Took a while to get through all that drapery, but it was well worth it. Would love to do more sculptural pieces, so send your ideas to 502.517.7815 // @fkirons @bicknee @tattoocharlies // #tattoo #haymarket #kentuckytattooers

Started this lacey floral jam, today. Stoked to get back into it in a couple weeks! // @fkirons @bicknee // #tattoo #wip #blackworktattoo

Oil sketch from last night. Trying to do more quick ones like this to build speed in finding likeness and facial proportion. I still have a lot of work to do, but it was fun whippin paint around outside. // #art #sketch #painting

First session into a Native American warrior sleeve. The portrait was referenced from a photo the @____speedartmuseum___ has in their collection. Stoked to get back into it soon! // @fkirons @bicknee @tattoocharlies // #tattoo #nativeamerican #portrait #kentuckytattooers

Sweet Jesus this was a fun piece! A little over 5 hours in one go. Thanks for sitting like a rock, Ladonis. // @fkirons @bicknee @tattoocharlies // #tattoo #jesus #louisville #kentuckytattooers

"In the Pines" // 9"x11" Oil on Arches oil paper // @vasari_oil_paint // #art #painting #portrait

Im a lil teapot. Fun coverup from the other day. Let's do more cools things like this! Shoot your ideas over to 502.517.7815 // @fkirons @bicknee // #tattoo #traditionaltattoo #kentuckytattooers

Did a quick sketch from life of the counter help to test out the @procreateapp on the shop's new IPad. Still prefer making a giant mess, but this thing is pretty fkn neat. // @tattoocharlies // #sketch #digitalart

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