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john bozinov  polar expedition photographer aotearoa | new zealand

54°3’44” S, 37°19’46” W //
king penguin chicks are covered in a thick brown downy coat for around 12 months before their adult plumage comes through 🐧 i took this shot a few days ago at the salisbury plain king penguin colony in south georgia #🇦🇶 #shotoniPhone //

64°9’29” S, 60°56’10” W //
cierva cove #🇦🇶 #shotoniPhone //

64°50’9” S, 63°32’6” W //
my favourite photo from #antarctica so far this season. photo taken off the coast of wincke island in the palmer archipelago #🇦🇶 #shotoniPhone //

60°51’38” S, 54°37’16” W //
cape petrels dancing outside my cabin porthole #shotoniphone //

64°43’21” S, 62°36’11” W //
crabeater seals in the errera channel, #antarctica 🇦🇶 // #shotoniphone

65°6’31” S, 63°59’41” W //
entrance to the #lemairechannel #antarctica // #shotoniphone

54°3’25” S, 37°20’2” W //
did anybody else have a white christmas? 🐧 // #shotoniphone

64°50’10” S, 62°34’11” W //
first stage of sea ice formation in neko harbour #antarctica // #shotoniphone

64°50’40” S, 62°31’52” W //
still waiting for summer to arrive in the antarctic 📱: gentoo penguin at neko harbour, andvord bay, continental #antarctica #🐧 // #shotoniphone

65°6’32” S, 63°59’50” W //
lemaire channel in the kiev peninsula, #antarctica // #shotoniphone

64°40’56” S, 62°37’25” W //
for the last 4 years i’ve come back to the antarctic every summer to photograph the unique landscape and animals that are found in our deep south. even though i’ve visited many of these islands more times than i can count, my experience at each site changes each and every time i land. this photo was taken at cuverville island on my first ever trip to #antarctica, the snow was an incredibly vibrant yellow with the algae blooming in what was left of the winter’s snowfall // #shotoniphone

64°30’8” S, 61°44’59” W //
iceberg near portal point, #antarctica // #shotoniphone

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