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You Have A Purpose  Yoga Teacher + Entrepreneur 🙏🏿 Coaching Entrepreneurs and individuals to live optimally through the power of Self development and Yoga.

|| "Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." B.K.S Iyengar ||⠀

⭐️If you have never tried yoga, you have opportunity to do it from the comfort of your own home. ⠀

⭐️If you have never taken my class, it's never been easier! ⠀

⭐️I currently offer yoga and meditation on an amazing app called @movewith and of course, I coach you through out my offerings. ⠀

⭐️I'm in the process of constructing a full program that you will be available on Movewith. My program will inspire you to create your #dreamlife and uncover your unique purpose.⠀

⭐️It would be my honor to guide you on this journey called Life. The best part is that we can now do it together anywhere in the world. ❤️links in the bio.

#movewith #movewithjohnblaze

|| we are emotional ||⠀

😁So if I could break this down simply, we have all already made up in our minds what everything around us means and it's all based on our perception of the world. ⠀

😉Our emotions are just a series of repeated patterns that we continue to live through and it's how we cope with life. ⠀

😞I have to share that in my life I had it rough since day one. I got to rock bottom so early on that I had a make a decision, either I'm gonna stay living on my ass or I was gonna rise up over and over again. ⠀

☺️I am blessed enough to say that I chose to stand up. I chose a pattern of emotions that would shape my life for the better. ⠀

😛How did I do that? I constantly looked for the humor in moments, I was searching for what I need to learn and how I could grow in every situation. ⠀

🤗My life has been created based on what I decided to focused on and the language and meanings I put behind each situation. ⠀

😏Your emotions will either build you up or break you down. The key is identifying your patterns. ⠀

😶What state of being are you consistently in? Happiness, joy, anger or frustration? How is this emotion shaping your experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually? What do you actually want to experience in the world? ⠀

|| are you living from fear? ||⠀

☠️Before you think anything, the answer is yes. ⠀

☠️In every aspect of your life? No, but it just so happens it's the parts of your life where you'd want to be most free, like love, success, and health. ⠀

☠️Fear is our survival mechanism and we are all hard wired with it.⠀

☠️So what does that mean? It means you have to learn to use the fear, instead of it using you. ⠀

☠️You have to recognize when you can't move forward and start to understand your current perception or psychology around the specific situation, desire, or dream. ⠀

☠️Are you fearful of rejection? What about fear of failure, success, love, being alone, or fear of the unknown. ⠀

☠️Each of us has emotions that boil up from these fears based on past experiences or how we feel about ourselves. ⠀

☠️When we can identify where these stem from we can start to release them and understand that they are not real, but a defense mechanism that tries to immobilize us from going towards our dreams. ⠀

☠️Why do we do that? We'd rather be certain about our lives than risk it all for our truest desires. ⠀

☠️Does that sound right? I'm gonna say, hello no. ⠀ ☠️So what are you fearful of and what kind of impact is that having in your life?? Is it even real or a construct of your?⠀

☠️Change your perception, change your life. ⠀

|| less force, more flow ||⠀

🙌🏽I'm done. ⠀

🙌🏽Done resisting. ⠀

🙌🏽Done trying to forge my own path. ⠀

🙌🏽Done over complicating situations because of how I "feel" or perceive them. ⠀

🙌🏽I'm focused on the flow. ⠀

🙌🏽What comes to me naturally, my gifts. ⠀

🙌🏽What continues to show up over and over. ⠀

🙌🏽I've spent a majority of my life resisting my purpose, listening to my ego, and ultimately not being fulfilled. ⠀

🙌🏽The motto: less force, more flow. ⠀

🙌🏽What have you been resisting and how can you flow more?

|| movewith me || 😎I'm very excited about this update! 😎I have partnered with an amazing company that's mission is to provide the best workouts in the world with the best instructors. It's fitness on your terms or as I like to describe it, the Spotify of fitness. 😎So why am I telling you this?! Because it's my goal to inspire people to create their #dreamlife!
And now you can have me in your ear as your personal coach, whenever you want! 😎On the platform I teach upbeat and soulful yoga classes as well as meditations that create new possibilities through connecting to your internal world. 😎If you download the Movewith app you get 14 days of free access to my classes on my audio channel. 😎The link is in my bio and I can't wait to #movewith you! #movewithjohnblaze

|| meditate on your soulmate ||⠀

🤙🏽Last night was magical because it reminded me that we are all looking for the same thing. ⠀

🤙🏽It was a beautiful Santa Monica night with Friends, food, and wine. We gathered together to take time to meditate on our biggest desire, finding our soulmate. ⠀

🤙🏽This is a mediation that I love to lead people through because not only is it ecstatic to envision love, but it is very healing on relationships from the past. ⠀

🤙🏽It's not enough to set your intention. You have to start shifting the energy in your body and become aware of what you are holding on to in order to attract the person you are longing for. ⠀

🤙🏽In this meditation I guide you through feeling, experiencing, and living a day in the life with this special being in conjunction with connecting to who you truly are. ⠀

🤙🏽We had some breakthroughs, clarity, and most importantly we all felt the love we are capable of generating for ourselves inside. ⠀

🤙🏽Take some time before you go out tonight to close your eyes, hands on your heart and say I love you to the most important relationship of your life, YOU.

|| how to live a magical life || ❤️When's the last time you gave to give? ❤️When was the last time you tried to add value to someone's life? ❤️You want to know the secret to life and creation? Give to anyone you can. Support everyone you come in contact with and help without any expectation. ❤️Whatever you can contribute, give it all away. That's how you create a magical life.

|| imagine your #dreamlife ||⠀
☺️Visual meditations are a game changer. ⠀

☺️So what is a visual meditation? It's where you pick a focus, a situation or something that you want to manifest into your life, and you close your eyes to try an imagine that desire or outcome. ⠀

☺️Why practice VM? Because it creates! Not only will it make it feel more real to you, but your reality is just a combination of all the things that you believe are possible in your life. VM helps you expand your possibilities and puts you into action to creating your #dreamlife. ⠀

☺️What you focus on is what you create. Look around at your life, what have you created thus far? Is it what you actually desire or do you need to create something new? ⠀

☺️We will be practicing VM in combination with yoga and goal setting at my workshop this weekend in San Francisco. Link is in the bio and I hope to see you all there! ⠀

|| get connected ||⠀

✌🏽What makes you feel most connected in your life? ⠀

✌🏽There are only a few things that allow me to re-center myself, Yoga and Developing others. ⠀

✌🏽There is something about connecting to my breathe and moving my body that makes me feel totally present to what's happening in my internal work. ⠀

✌🏽Giving back and contributing to others also allows me to become present to all the love that exists in life. ⠀

✌🏽So why am I telling you this? It's important to be aware of what gets you back to who you really are rather than letting the stress and weight of life take you down. It's a simple way of putting up the rails so you stay on track. ⠀

✌🏽Think about what gets you back to your preferred state, write it down, and remember it for when you need to get out of your own way.

|| Celebrate Discomfort ||⠀

👊🏼Not at every turn are we going to comfortable and that's by design. I can say that moving my whole life and business down to LA has been more of a task than I even realized. ⠀

👊🏼Have you ever had those moments of empowerment and moments of weakness all in the same day? Well that's been me about 50% of the time. Pro tip, that's totally normal in large transition. ⠀

👊🏼I've uncovered my where my own psychology goes when things get tough and looking towards my goals has allowed me to stay above all of the pressure.⠀

👊🏼It's through this discomfort that I discovered how much bending I can really take. It was a battle of going to edge of my flexibility and staying rooted in what I believe, even when the odds are stacked up. ⠀

👊🏼If you are going through a lot, I understand you. Stay focused on where you want to go and take the time to rewire your brain by celebrating the growth and accomplish that comes from staying in the discomfort.

|| Design your #dreamlife ||⠀
🙏🏾This is my second official roll out of my proprietary program and I couldn't be more excited! I have added new elements and we will be diving even deeper than before. ⠀
🙏🏾If you are in San Francisco and looking to gain clarity or want to learn how to manifest your dreams, then it would be my honor to guide you.⠀

🙏🏾In this program we will use the power of yoga, visual meditations, and goal setting to create a life on your terms. It's all about setting intentions, creating a road map, and getting into action to build the life you desire. ⠀

🙏🏾Together we will fuse your body, mind, and soul in my 2 hour workshop. They can be taken ala cart or you can join me for all 3 parts of the series. ⠀

🙏🏾DM with any questions and I can't wait to guide you! Link is in the bio.

|| I am my tribe ||⠀
My tribe elevates me⠀
My tribe grounds me⠀
My tribe pushes me⠀
My tribe helps me reflect ⠀
My tribe knows me and I know my tribe⠀

I am nothing without the support of the people who love me the most. ⠀

How does your tribe hold it down? When's the last time you gave back to the people who have given to you so freely?

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