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Design Your #Dreamlife  Yoga Teacher + Entrepreneur 🙏🏿 Coaching Entrepreneurs and individuals to live optimally through the power of Self development and Yoga.

|| devote yourself to love ||⠀

💚I had a very long meditation yesterday.⠀

💚So many things happened. ⠀

💚It was this fluid, up and down experience that went from pure joy to crying uncontrollably. ⠀

💚Not only was I pulling in my future but I was releasing things from my past. ⠀

💚It was a reminder to reach out to the spirit of those I love, even if I don't get to connect with them often or ever again. ⠀

💚I cultivated so much gratitude and set the same power intention I have been setting for the last three months. ⠀

💚The devotion I have to myself and purpose is changing my life, because when you begin to create the love, feel the love and spread the love, everything you desire can be yours. ⠀

💚If you could pick something to be devoted to, what would it be? What would that look like? How would it change how you viewed yourself and this world?⠀

💚I am hosting my second workshop, #Dreamlife - Soulmate practice. This practice will be the cultivation of love in every aspect of your life. Come create with me and see what's possible. ⠀

Karma Yoga Sf, Saturday @ 1:30pm, link is in the bio. ❤️⠀

|| find your soul ||⠀

Without the connection we hold to our souls and the connection we hold to other beings, life can feel empty. ⠀

That's why in my workshop this weekend we are focusing on Relationships in their totality. We are going to create our #dreamlife by coming up with a vision for our ideal relationship to ourselves, others, and the universe. ⠀

It's not enough to want to find our soulmates, we have to find our souls first. ⠀

I can't wait to see you @karmayogasf for my two hour workshop series @1:30pm in San Francisco. DM with any questions you may have! Links in the bio. ⠀

|| #Dreamlife workshop ||⠀

Hi Tribe! ⠀

I'm doing my 2nd official #Dreamlife event in San Francisco on August 19th, 1:30pm at @karmayogasf and we are going to be creating a powerful vision for our Soulmates and personal relationships. ⠀

Here is where Saucha, cleanliness, really comes into play. Saucha is not just about our physical environment but also our mental and internal world. ⠀

What are the limiting thoughts that you have on relationships? What do you actually believe you deserve? What stories have you designed in your mind about the way that other people see you?⠀

All of this things impact how we make decisions and how we show up for the people around us. A clean mind is a clean reality. ⠀

If you don't have what you want in terms of relationships, romantically and personally, how do you currently feel about them? What are the "dirty" thought processes and patterns that are not leaving you open to what's possible?⠀

I hope to see you at the workshop where we are gonna dive deep and create our desires. ⠀

Link is in the bio!

|| if it's dirty, clean it up ||⠀

💧I don't know about you, but for me it's hard to thrive in a mess. ⠀

💧When things are not organized, clean, and there is no space to move around, I can't see what's possible. ⠀

💧One of the first principles in yoga, that I was taught, is Saucha; cleanliness. Cleanliness can be the beginning of our journey to enlightenment. ⠀

💧Whenever I feel chaotic, unclear, and lost I start by creating space. I begin to clean not just my physical space but my mental space, my relationships to others, every part of my life that I can clear and mend. I just start to move things around. ⠀

💧So if saucha is the beginning, what do you need to clean up in your life? Let's start physical, do you need to shower (guilty)? How's your room, desk, bathroom?⠀

💧Pull out your gloves and get to it. If it's dirty, clean it up. It's time we start creating space for all the possibilities that could unfold. ⠀

|| say YES to less ||⠀

💪🏽I have talked about this, I believe, 100 times at this point. It's time to start saying NO. ⠀

💪🏽I was a huge fan of over committing myself to all kinds of things up until I started my own business. ⠀

💪🏽Why did I love doing that? Because it made me feel significant and important. ⠀

💪🏽But the reality was that I was having to let a lot of people down and submit work that I wasn't 100% proud of. ⠀

💪🏽Once I started that business I knew I was going to have to be an expert at time management and discerning the importance of any given task. ⠀

💪🏽That's where I learned to say no. No to the things that would not allow me to grow in the direction I wanted. ⠀

💪🏽I started to say no to going out, to drinking, to social mediums, and even new and exciting projects that I knew I couldn't dedicate my time to fully. ⠀

💪🏽I have to admit, saying no is hard! Especially to social media and new projects, but I had to start strengthening that NO muscle. ⠀

💪🏽I constantly reminded myself that the more energy I put behind a few things the higher the return I would yield. The more I would spread myself thin, the less I could truly get done. ⠀

💪🏽So let's concentrate your energy and power, what do you need to say NO to? Where would your energy be best spent to yield the highest return, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?⠀

💪🏽Happy Friday and Say Yes to less. ⠀

|| your energy precedes you ||⠀

⚡️We all know about first impressions right? ⠀

⚡️First impressions are essential! Conveying yourself as you would like to be seen. Whether that's on a date, an interview, or a new group of friends.⠀

⚡️But there is something else! I believe that there is a step before these impressions that is unseen. It's a force that is rarely mentioned as many find it hard to control. In truth, it can be intangible but it is something we can all feel. ⠀

⚡️Energy! Vibrations! #vibes

⚡️We are constantly emitting it and this very force can cause a reaction in another without any words being spoken. It can control how people respond to you, even if you do everything right or everything wrong. ⠀

⚡️Think about it, have you met someone who just makes you smile and they aren't even doing anything? Or the moment you get into someone's presences you immediately feel down or annoyed. ⠀

⚡️It's all real and the best news is that we have full control of its powers. ⠀

⚡️So the real question, how?⠀

⚡️First, uncover how you want to be felt. Yup, felt. People feel your energy before they even talk to you. Decide whether you want gentle, calm, or powerful energy and then decide how you want people to feel in your presences. ⠀

⚡️Next, you remind yourself daily and do all the things that make you feel like you. For me, yoga and meditation is what I use to cultivate my energy, but you can use spin, mantras, or whatever you want to help you get into your energy practice. ⠀

⚡️However you decide to cultivate this power, understand that simply developing awareness is all you need to start to become who you desire to be. ⠀

⚡️So, What do you want to feel on the inside, how do you want others to feel around you, and what makes you feel these things?⠀

⚡️Get started today and see how that changes your world. ⠀

|| "Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." B.K.S Iyengar ||⠀

⭐️If you have never tried yoga, you have opportunity to do it from the comfort of your own home. ⠀

⭐️If you have never taken my class, it's never been easier! ⠀

⭐️I currently offer yoga and meditation on an amazing app called @movewith and of course, I coach you through out my offerings. ⠀

⭐️I'm in the process of constructing a full program that you will be available on Movewith. My program will inspire you to create your #dreamlife and uncover your unique purpose.⠀

⭐️It would be my honor to guide you on this journey called Life. The best part is that we can now do it together anywhere in the world. ❤️links in the bio.

#movewith #movewithjohnblaze

|| we are emotional ||⠀

😁So if I could break this down simply, we have all already made up in our minds what everything around us means and it's all based on our perception of the world. ⠀

😉Our emotions are just a series of repeated patterns that we continue to live through and it's how we cope with life. ⠀

😞I have to share that in my life I had it rough since day one. I got to rock bottom so early on that I had a make a decision, either I'm gonna stay living on my ass or I was gonna rise up over and over again. ⠀

☺️I am blessed enough to say that I chose to stand up. I chose a pattern of emotions that would shape my life for the better. ⠀

😛How did I do that? I constantly looked for the humor in moments, I was searching for what I need to learn and how I could grow in every situation. ⠀

🤗My life has been created based on what I decided to focused on and the language and meanings I put behind each situation. ⠀

😏Your emotions will either build you up or break you down. The key is identifying your patterns. ⠀

😶What state of being are you consistently in? Happiness, joy, anger or frustration? How is this emotion shaping your experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually? What do you actually want to experience in the world? ⠀

|| are you living from fear? ||⠀

☠️Before you think anything, the answer is yes. ⠀

☠️In every aspect of your life? No, but it just so happens it's the parts of your life where you'd want to be most free, like love, success, and health. ⠀

☠️Fear is our survival mechanism and we are all hard wired with it.⠀

☠️So what does that mean? It means you have to learn to use the fear, instead of it using you. ⠀

☠️You have to recognize when you can't move forward and start to understand your current perception or psychology around the specific situation, desire, or dream. ⠀

☠️Are you fearful of rejection? What about fear of failure, success, love, being alone, or fear of the unknown. ⠀

☠️Each of us has emotions that boil up from these fears based on past experiences or how we feel about ourselves. ⠀

☠️When we can identify where these stem from we can start to release them and understand that they are not real, but a defense mechanism that tries to immobilize us from going towards our dreams. ⠀

☠️Why do we do that? We'd rather be certain about our lives than risk it all for our truest desires. ⠀

☠️Does that sound right? I'm gonna say, hello no. ⠀ ☠️So what are you fearful of and what kind of impact is that having in your life?? Is it even real or a construct of your?⠀

☠️Change your perception, change your life. ⠀

|| less force, more flow ||⠀

🙌🏽I'm done. ⠀

🙌🏽Done resisting. ⠀

🙌🏽Done trying to forge my own path. ⠀

🙌🏽Done over complicating situations because of how I "feel" or perceive them. ⠀

🙌🏽I'm focused on the flow. ⠀

🙌🏽What comes to me naturally, my gifts. ⠀

🙌🏽What continues to show up over and over. ⠀

🙌🏽I've spent a majority of my life resisting my purpose, listening to my ego, and ultimately not being fulfilled. ⠀

🙌🏽The motto: less force, more flow. ⠀

🙌🏽What have you been resisting and how can you flow more?

|| movewith me || 😎I'm very excited about this update! 😎I have partnered with an amazing company that's mission is to provide the best workouts in the world with the best instructors. It's fitness on your terms or as I like to describe it, the Spotify of fitness. 😎So why am I telling you this?! Because it's my goal to inspire people to create their #dreamlife!
And now you can have me in your ear as your personal coach, whenever you want! 😎On the platform I teach upbeat and soulful yoga classes as well as meditations that create new possibilities through connecting to your internal world. 😎If you download the Movewith app you get 14 days of free access to my classes on my audio channel. 😎The link is in my bio and I can't wait to #movewith you! #movewithjohnblaze

|| meditate on your soulmate ||⠀

🤙🏽Last night was magical because it reminded me that we are all looking for the same thing. ⠀

🤙🏽It was a beautiful Santa Monica night with Friends, food, and wine. We gathered together to take time to meditate on our biggest desire, finding our soulmate. ⠀

🤙🏽This is a mediation that I love to lead people through because not only is it ecstatic to envision love, but it is very healing on relationships from the past. ⠀

🤙🏽It's not enough to set your intention. You have to start shifting the energy in your body and become aware of what you are holding on to in order to attract the person you are longing for. ⠀

🤙🏽In this meditation I guide you through feeling, experiencing, and living a day in the life with this special being in conjunction with connecting to who you truly are. ⠀

🤙🏽We had some breakthroughs, clarity, and most importantly we all felt the love we are capable of generating for ourselves inside. ⠀

🤙🏽Take some time before you go out tonight to close your eyes, hands on your heart and say I love you to the most important relationship of your life, YOU.

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