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John Bevere  Husband of @LisaBevere | Father of 4 Men | Cofounder of @messengerintl | Intl Speaker | Author of #KillingKryptonite #GoodOrGod #DrivenByEternity


I'm pushing sixty years old, and there are questions I'm simply not afraid to ask anymore—questions that demand answers... (Grab a copy of my new book #KillingKryptonite on Amazon or at KillingKryptonite.com)

What a great weekend. @shawnbolz and @elizabethdaddysgirl and myself were privileged to speak at the Breath Conference in Orange County. Fabulous people!!! Thank you Pastors Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller for hosting such a great event!

What a great weekend. Got to spend it with my close friend and board member @philliberatore and his son-in-law (in less than three weeks) David. Love these men of God!!!

Jesus saved us from both the penalty AND the power of sin. May we walk in the fullness of what He paid for on the cross. (Grab a copy of my newest book an Amazon or at KillingKryptonite.com)

I never set out to write a book about kryptonite, but the more I wrote, the more I started seeing the striking parallels between what holds Superman back from his potential strength, and what holds us back from ours as believers. Kryptonite's huge advantage over Superman is that it isn't easily recognizable, so he could come under its effects unknowingly. As I wrote, I began to uncover a subtle spiritual kryptonite that has crept into the church. Operating in the shadows, it is thwarting our potential as the people of God and keeping us from walking in the divine power the early church witnessed. What is this kryptonite and how do we get rid of it? I'm glad you asked... (Grab a copy of my newest book at KillingKryptonite.com or on Amazon)

Hey guys! Just stopped into @barnesandnoble in Newport Beach, CA and signed all the copies of my new book #KillingKryptonite (and all my other books they had on the shelf)! Swing by B&N sometime this weekend, grab a copy, and begin a radical journey of transformation! Praying this empowers your faith in amazing ways. It’s time to stop living below our potential as God’s people, and that means we need to destroy that which is robbing us of our God-given strength!

We are not called to be slightly different than the world. We are called to be in it but not of it. #KillingKryptonite

As followers of Jesus, it's far more important to actually BE loving than it is to simply give off the APPEARANCE of being loving. (Grab a copy of #KillingKryptonite on Amazon or at KillingKryptonite.com)

God didn’t give you His divine nature so you would live a normal life. He gave you His divine nature so you can live a life that looks like Him. It’s time we as the body of Christ to throw off what hinders and step into a life without limits. (Grab a copy of my new book #KillingKryptonite on Amazon or KillingKryptonite.com and begin a journey of radical transformation)

After trying every dark chocolate bar on the market that I can find. Hands-down this is the best chocolate out there!!!

Don't let experience shape your view of God's Word. Let God's Word shape your experience until your experience lines up with what He says. (Grab your copy of #KillingKryptonite on Amazon or at KillingKryptonite.com)

The only way you can step into the life God has for you is if you stop clinging to your old way of living. You cannot keep the world and still have Jesus. You have to leave it all behind.

Watch the full version of this #KillingKryptonite short film on my Facebook page & grab a copy of the book on Amazon!

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