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I’ve never displayed my shoes anywhere and I generally keep my collection to myself. One week ago, I got a 2:30 AM text from Pastor @jkelsey, who was in Seoul at the time. I don't know why I was up so late. Anyway, he asked to borrow some of my shoes to help him convey an analogy for a message he had planned for the following Sunday (today). I replied immediately telling him I was on board. Although on the surface it seems like a pretty straightforward favor, there was some serious behind-the-scenes work going on that I won’t get into, but it gives me the chills just thinking about how God really pieces things together. I’ve never been prouder of my sneakers. Thanks Josh for the opportunity - my Jordans are now forever anointed lol.

Over a decade ago I was asked to be a bible study teacher to a group of 8th graders. I was very much a novice of the Word but through that experience I was able to play to role of Big Brother to a ragtag bunch of roughly a dozen. Today I get to spend time with two of 'em who have developed into incredible women who are currently crushing it in life. I feel old. But seeing their faces makes me feel young again. Don't f*** with them or be ready catch these hands. Both are single so DM me to pass my screening test.

#TBT to XXX-rated conversations. If you haven't, watch Abstract: The Art Of Design with Tinker Hatfield on Netflix.

New York Force Week #VLONE


Sending off the last few of my deadstock SBs. At one point I had around 70 pairs of these; now I can count the number on one hand. It's just shoes, but Nike SB, for many, represented the golden era of our culture and was immeasurably influential to the "sneaker game".
Moral of the story: don't be sad you're losing them, be glad they're going to a better place. RIP.


I'm fluent in this Korean

Sometimes you have to eat purple soup

I learned a lot. On to 2017.
Happy new year to my family.

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