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John “TIG” Tiegen  SGT USMC Brand Ambassador @KahrFirearms @brownellsinc @ninelineapparel @outlawordnance @thetacticalgames @mansports

My wife is missing.
She went to rescue people from the flood yesterday and has not come home... Sergeant at Police Station:
What is her height?

Gee, I'm not sure. A little over five-feet tall.


Don't know. Not slim, not really fat.

Color of eyes?

Sort of brown I think. Never really noticed.

Color of hair?

Changes a couple times a year.
Maybe dark brown now.
I can’t remember.

What was she wearing?

Could have been pants, or maybe a skirt or shorts. I don't know exactly.

What kind of car did she go in?

She went in my Jeep.

What kind of Jeep was it?

Husband: (sobbing)
It's a 2010 Rubicon with Sprintex Supercharger with Intercooler, DiabloSport T-1000 Trinity Programmer, Teraflex Falcon 3.3 Shocks ,1350 RE Reel Drive Shafts, Method 105 Bead Locks, Toyo 37" X 13.5" Tires, Custom Olympic Off Road Front Bumper, Olympic Off Road Smuggler Rear Bumper with tire carrier, Seward Radius 4s LED Light, Seward 12" LED Light bar, 50" LED Light bar with, sPod LED switch pod with Boost gage,, Rigid LED Lights, 15# Power Tank, Rock Hard Cage, Rock Hard Under Armor, Posion Spyder Sliders, Posion Spyder Crusher Fenders, Posion Spyder Evap Armor, Posion Spyder Extreme Duty Trans-Mount Cross Member, Bushwacker rear armor, 5.13 Gears, Magnum 44 Front Axle, Off Road Evolution "C" Gussets, Cobra 75 CB Radio, Warn 10K on Front and 8K Winch on Rear, Bartact Seat Covers, Delta Quad Bar Xenon Headlamps,Tantrum LED Offroad Rock Lights, Teraflex HD Tie Rod, Teraflex Falcon Steering Stabilizer, Teraflex Alpine Long Control Arms Front & Rear, Teraflex 4" springs, Teraflex JK Performance Slotted Big Rotor Kit, TeraFlex Monster HD Forged Front Adjustable Trackbar, Teraflex Front & Rear Brake Line Kit, Teraflex Bump Stops Front & Rear, Surprise Straps, Hothead Headliner, Teraflex D-44 Diff Covers, Wild Boar Grille, Rigid Ridge Hood, Drake Hood Latch's & a Tuffy Security Drawer......
(At this point, the sobbing has turned into a full cry.) Sergeant:
Don't worry buddy. We'll find your Jeep.

#alwaysmoveforward Got nothing more to add... #Repost @drill_sergeant_conwell
@Davidgoggins waxing poetic and keeping us motivated! ————————————————-—————- Never allow the fear of being judged make you not try to be exceptional!
Whenever you break free of trying to be “normal”, other “normal” people will do their damnedest to make you feel like shit! One of the worst things we can do in life is to listen to people who aren’t even trying to do what we are attempting to do.
Think about it- how many people are sitting back on their couches armchair-quarterbacking the lives of others? We have people who can’t even run a mile critiquing a young man who wants to become an Army Ranger. We have people who can’t throw a football 10 yards talking shit about the play of an NFL QB. We have people who barely graduated high school discouraging a young student from applying to an Ivy League. The examples are endless.
There is a pattern here. Most of the people giving the advice, doing the judging and criticizing, etc., are people who have failed to even attempt greatness.
It is so easy nowadays for people to publicly judge others thanks to technology and the many platforms at their fingertips. A lot of these underachievers can easily hide and talk their shit. This outlet makes them feel better about themselves.

You can’t allow these cowards to prevent you from excelling in life or at least attempting to do so! If the people around you aren’t pushing you to exhaust your physical and mental limits, do not allow these people in your life! They will do everything in their power to bring you down as you make them feel insecure because they aren’t willing to give the effort that you are everyday of your life. @thetacticalgames #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi #semperfi #tig #johntiegen #motivated #motivation

They broke me down finally, the twins are about to watch @13hoursmovie for the very first time🥴 just waiting on @broncos_fan_4ever to show up to watch it with them and I’ll be on stand by for ? afterwards. @kahrfirearms @brownellsinc @thetacticalgames @battlefieldfoundation @outlawordnance @ninelineapparel @mansports #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi #alwaysmoveforward #semperfi #tig #johntiegen #movienight #twins #movie #movies #movietime🎬

#Repost @jeffgkyle
May 4th, put it on your calendar and get your tickets now!! @americanvalorfoundation @chriskylememorialbenefit

#Repost @mkemper13
When everything went wrong six men had the courage to do what was right. John"TIG"Tiegen was one of these men, #Hero from #Benghazi. #13Hours:TheSecretSoldiersofBenghazi . Through his dedication he continues to challenge himself regardless of being hurt. Pushing himself to the limit, training harder than the last time. He founded Beyond The Battlefield @battlefieldfoundation with his wife @margarettiegen . Support their great foundation 🇺🇸🙏❤️ Be sure to download #Arrival by @ryanweavercountry @battlefieldfoundation @john_tiegen @margarettiegen @pixbyrobyn #alwaysmoveforward (@mkemper13) @kahrfirearms @brownellsinc @mansports @ninelineapparel @outlawordnance @battlefieldfoundation @thetacticalgames #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi #alwaysmoveforward #semperfi #tig #johntiegen

I 💯 back the Border Patrol Agents and thank them for their actions and willingness to stand guard for all of our safety. My response to @unclesamsmisguidedchildren video showing uneducated college babies harassing US Border patrol agents calling them murderers. For those you who don’t remember history, College babies were the ones calling soldiers returning from Vietnam “baby killers”- doesn’t it seem like we’re repeating ourselves already! But now the uneducated college babies are calling Law-enforcement murders! Oh, wait it’s the law enforcement officers that are uneducated, right?!? You parents need to get your little F-er’s in-line!! This is what happens when parents get on their knees so their kids can get into college.
#Repost @borderpatrolhq
@newsomfrank and @shortygorham were looking good in the #BorderPatrol colors last weekend at the #PBR #GlobalCup. Benghazi hero John "Tig" Tiegen even stopped by the #USBP recruiting booth to see us!
Hey case you're interested in joining us, there's no upper age limit for military veterans applying to become a Border Patrol Agent!

#HonorFirst #BeCowboy #JoinAmericasFrontline #Rodeo #LawEnforcement #Military #Veterans #Operator #Police #Texas #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi #alwaysmoveforward #semperfi #tig #johntiegen

Our athletes are more than “brand ambassadors” they’re family!
We’re saying thank you to them by offering our biggest discount in MAN Sports history. Show your support for your favorite athlete and use their code for 35% off at📲 @mansports #johntiegen #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi #alwaysmoveforward #semperfi #tig #gymmotivation #gymrat #gymrats #homegym #homegymworkout #homegymlife

I try to train harder then what I’m about to face. Either with more weights at a longer distance or at a faster pace. I knew about the obstacle course but I was unable to train for a few of them. I should of trained for the burpee’s, which wiped me out before the 2.6 mile run, that ended up being a walk🤷‍♂️! Overall I still did good, not sure what happened to Battle 1 score so I ended up 37th overall. For having a torn Peck minor, not having good vision (having Surgery Monday to remove and put in a new lens again) and straining my hamstring on Battle 5 I’m extremely satisfied. Always challenge yourself to move forward, it’s easier to come up with excuses not to move. I’ll be down for 6 months after my peck surgery, I’m also figuring out what I can do in the meantime so I don’t get that far out of shape. I Will Be Back To Battle Again @thetacticalgames
@mansports @brownellsinc @ninelineapparel @outlawordnance @kahrfirearms @battlefieldfoundation @ritonoptics #johntiegen #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi #alwaysmoveforward #semperfi #tig #tacticalgames #pewpew #2gun #2guns #3gun #3gunnation

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