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John Theo  My life is mad good

Josh Garrels concert with @nikkiaacosta 🤤

BREAKING NEWS: starting at 9:00a.m. (est) your feed will be blown up with Valentine's Day posts. Stay outside and avoid all social media to avoid the sappiness. This is your favorite couple, John & Nikki, bringing you your evening news; good night and happy Valentine's Day.

Today, at the Morgan Library, I got to see one of the four remaining single-sheet imprints of Martin Luther's 95 theses and one of the first Bibles ever printed on Gutenberg's printing press. It was pretty cool.

The happiest people on the planet

Everyone make sure you learn English really quick cause one day we're gunna be the ones teaching it 😬🍎✏️

"This was an accident I swear" - not God "the earth is full of my unfailing love” - God ... Hey friends no matter what your life is like, God thinks you're dope and wants to love and bless the crap out of you!

Breakfast with the champions #HarryTheo

Thanksgiving with friends last night was an absolute success. Thanks to everybody who came and got fat and happy with me. Love you all. Thanks for bringing the polaroid @mrs_madsb

Notorious D.I.G. taking 2nd place at the @freedom424 volleyball tournament!

Thanks for watching this video 🚿

In honor of the champions of the world starting the season off right, here's a throwback to the Super Bowl! #DenverD