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John Scalise  Hey! I coach youth wrestling , hunt, fish, like cars and photography 👍👍sc: googlymoogly133. Twitter: john_scalise133

Happy birthday to the little wild man. It's unbelievable that it has been 3 years. I have to say you're one of the best things to happen to this family . Happy birthday ya big jooch!

Don't you just love when you buy your pet something & you think they'll just love it & then they go & just f it up after one day.... that's supposed to be his new crate bed. At first glance when I came home today I thought brooks blew up in the crate. #turdpup #blackmouthcursofinstagram #blackmouthcur

Happy birthday to @angelamarie_423 . Here's my Snapchat story for a day with Ang on her bday.... let's just say that I had an absolute blast shopping.... #jk

Waterfall weather... missed going to sleep at night listening to this sound. time to load up on more fish & maybe shoot the blue heron 🐦 that ate a dozen of our koi over the past two years. Damn dinosaur bird. @angelamarie_423

This little turd 💩 found a wet patch & decided he wanted to roll around in it like a pig . So he had to get his first outdoor hose shower . He didn't hate it . @angelamarie_423 #blackmouthcursofinstagram #blackmouthcur

Snitches get stitches !!! @jennatheresa84 @angelamarie_423

Barn door diy from a couple weeks ago to add more space to the walk in closet. @angelamarie_423

Gotta keep the posts equal.
One cat post today & one puppy post. Brooks with his new toy #spoiled #blackmouthcur @angelamarie_423

Cat owners know what it's like to bring something new into the house & have it instantly investigated & taken over. The tv stand wasn't in place for more than a minute. The second picture is Levi attacking a bone I brought home for Brooks....#catsofinstagram #catsareassholes @angelamarie_423

Happy national pain in the ass, oh I mean dog day to Brooks, the great turd face w an appearance of the house jester Levi . @angelamarie_423 #nationaldogday #nationalpuppyday #blackmouthcursofinstagram #blackmouthcur #catsrocktoo

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