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Nate’s wave from the other day in Mexico. He has been chasing some insane swells this summer and has got me fired up to get on a surf trip with both my brothers soon as i heal Up! @nathan_florence 🎥 @parallelsea

Tomorrow @hurley is putting out a live showing of our new short. 12pm hawaii time.
Thanks to everyone who helped us with this project.  It was fun to get back to the short films we created when we were younger!  Stay tuned for more of these and more ways to watch in the future @parallelsea

Coming soon.

Hurricane Lane was another reminder to take care of each other and the places we live. Hopefully everyone is safe on the island of Hawai’i and the flooding has calmed down. This storm was their second major natural event of the year. It’s always humbling to see the power of Mother Nature. 🙏

Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend.

I cannot wait to surf again.

Moloka’i to O’ahu. Congratulations to everyone who made the crossing. That was an epic race! We don’t compete to a finish line in surfing so this was such a fun challenge and a learning experience all the way to the end. Thanks to everyone who supported @kona_j and I. #m2o

I really wanted to thank everyone who has helped me with my injury or who has sent over positive messages the last few weeks. I’m feeling grateful to have so many good people in my life. I've been focused on recovering as quickly as possible and on exploring some new interests so I haven't had time to share too much.
The diagnosis of my knee is a high grade partial tear to my right ACL. It's a bummer not to be able to surf but I'm excited for the opportunity to get into some new types of adventures with friends and family while I’m recovering. In terms of competing again I am not sure if it will be 60 days or 120 days, or less or more. When I return I want to know that I can go as fast and as big as I want to without any thought of my knee. That will be my test before I put a jersey back on.

I’ve really been enjoying downwind paddle boarding this summer, lots of friends pushing each other and drawing different lines. When you watch the guys who really excel they have such good rhythm, it reminds me of surfing in that way. The Molokai to Oahu race is in a couple weeks...Hmm 🤔

Learning to fly is easier said than done. This was last winter with @konaj_ . I’m super excited to continue learning this form of sailing, it’s an entirely different feeling sailing above the water at 26 knots.

This year has been so much fun regardless of my results. Through some of the tough losses Ive learned more than I have in the past couple years. That’s why I love competing — the chance to learn is always there, win or lose. I love the drive to win you get from a loss. I feel like I’m more driven to win than ever from this year. Unfortunately I hurt my knee during a freesurf here in Bali, and I have to pull out of the next event to get back and heal up as quickly as possible. I was trying bottom turns in the yard last night to see if there is any way for me to possibly surf this event, but nothing about it felt right. Haha! I think it’s best I heal 100% before I get back in the water. When I was a little kid I watched my favorite surfers winning events and trying big airs and big maneuvers and dreamed of doing those things. I will never lose that. I’m excited for everything to come. I hope to come out of this injury smarter and more excited than I have ever been.

So happy to see my brother @nathan_florence joining the WSL Big Wave World tour next year! It’s going to be exciting.

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