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Our little girl has made her first lap around the sun. Our little one IS one (year old). Happy birthday, Wren Zazie Forté. This 🎈's for you. #wrenzazieforté

Touched down last night in DC - for the Vote For Justice gathering of Artists and Activists at the Newseum - and I was greeted by my brothers @baba_lp_7 and @dcscroger. .
I spent much of the night in awe of the compassion, energy, talent and brain power in the theater. I became a super fan of folks I aready greatly admired: @nkechitaifa @michaelskolnik @goapele @kamalaharris @bkbmg @michaelericdyson @tichinaarnold @kemba_smith … and SO MANY MORE. #justicelookslike #voteforjustice #vfj #newseum .
So blessed to have been invited to play. Humbled and inspired to be in the presence of this movement. Grateful to love and be loved.

I am greatly looking forward to participating in the forthcoming Vote For Justice Roundtable this Wednesday, May 9th 2018 in Washington, DC. A gathering of some great hearts and minds. .
Link to tix/rsvp below and in bio. .

"In 2016, the United States is celebrating its 240th birthday. But even before Thomas Jefferson and the other founders declared independence, Americans were engaging in a polarized debate over racial disparities, over why they persist, and over why White Americans as a group were prospering more than Black Americans as a group. Historically, there have been three sides to this heated argument. A group we call 'segregationists' has blamed Black Americans as a group. A group we call 'antiracists' has pointed to racial discrimination. A group we call 'assimilationists' has tried to argue for both, saying that Black people AND racial discrimination were to blame for racial disparities…" - Prologue from Stamped From the Beginning, by Ibram X. Kendi @ibramxk
I trust my gut. And one thing I know is that I don't know enough. I look to my peers, family and friends (and, perhaps, especially so-called enemies) to help guide me through this experience in my quest for deeper meaning, understanding and truth.
Know-it-alls make me laugh.

Our deliciousness. #wzf 🐰

It's all music.

Dancing in the kitchen with this little one just feels better. #wzf 📸❤️@laratf

#Repost @brownsvilleccc (@get_repost)
Brownsville's own John Forté @john_forte will be performing at our benefit next Thursday 3.8.18!!!
Ticket and info link in bio. # blessed


The little things. #wzf 📸+❤️ @laratf

S/O to new friend and old soul
The opportunity to collaborate with others has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my profession. There have been many in the last few years - @sunsay_official @thisisfirehorse @thevaleriejune @naiakete @sophiehiller @bentaylormusic @dave2saws @carlysimonhq @talibkweli @bsatz @quietazmoney @sass.jordan @winners_o @natashabedingfied @saulwilliams @conversingwithoceans @raybomusic @itshollymusic @jeremy.campbell_ @luciesilvas @brothersosborne (and many others). These are people I admire, respect, learn from and love.
What a blessing it is to share this space and weave noise, rhythm and melody.

I am filled with gratitude.
A portrait of my ❤️ taken by my ❤️. #wzf #ltf #murakami #Happy❤️sDay

Our little girl of 8 months appears to have a taste for art (as if she EVER had a choice😂) #wzf 📸+❤️ @laratf

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