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John Creighton 

It's about time to address the elephant in the mud bath #happybelatedearthday

No pie in Pai, just perfect sunsets #pissed

Most places cheers to beers, in Bangkok you cheers to scorpions

In Vietnam for two days and Jake wiped out on our first scooter tour so I guess you could say things are going according to plan #rockthecatba

Luke - "Okay John, you can have one sip"
Me -

#tbt to when my only worry was not spilling while double fisting as opposed to not getting hit by 3 cars and 7 snowplows on my walk to work

20 bottles of peach schnapps and fireball, a pack of cigars and a drunk baby later the Christmas trees were finally lit, but not nearly as lit as the people in this photo.

Axl ruined Guns #Anywayhereswonderwall

"A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, be the testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being he was." - Philippe Halsman #tom

To the window, to the wall #skeetskeet

Took some lost tourists to one of the local watering holes and the one with the Aussie accent tossed in an assflop on the cliff jump #hype

Newsflash: Dartmouth is nice and Gavin almost tipped us attempting to take a piss #stroke #stroke #stroke

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