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Tuna marks... From today. Had a good one on at dawn .. Broke us off. #Raymarine @raymarinebyflir

Yesterday was awesome... Another team effort on this 70" fish. You shoulda seen the one that spit the hook after an hour. VSB250 and the Madd Mantis 7'0" #6 held up good, although I wish we had the#8 on this one. Got it in relatively quick. At least compared to the last time. A bit over an hour. My boy Jessy (not in this photo) took a few turns and put the screws to her. Beautiful, beautiful fish. #vanstaal, #maddmantis. David Stingo.

Coming in now. Got another good one on the box. @jesseee_w #vanstaal, #maddmantis @madd_mantis

Nomad Tackle Design got it right with their Holo Ghost color. The clear, with that single lateral reflective strip looks a lot like a delicious sandeel in the water. I just threw all my Orcas in the garbage. LOL. #nomadtackledesign @ndtackle_aus

Two and a half hours to land this fish on a VM275 and Madd Mantis 7' Rod. Thought for sure we had a gaint, but measured out at 68":. Lost three to massive F-ups right off the bat. Whale swam though the line and cut us off. One tore off and broke off pretty quick. One straightened a clip, and one just spit the hook. Into this one tight though. Demon fish. #vanstaal, #maddmantis

Team effort man. All three of us took turns. This fish was stupid strong. Put the new Madd Mantis rod to the test, and it held up well. #vanstaal, #maddmantis

Two hours into it. Yes... We landed this one. Photos tomorrow AM. #maddmantis @madd_mantis

So… I’ve been thinking a lot about that fish we dropped yesterday. Obsessing is probably a better word to use. Yeah, maybe we were under-gunned. While we stuck that fish on a Centaur Chiron 81, which probably shouldn’t be used on fish over 100lbs, man we were putting some serious pressure on that fish in any case. Drag was plenty tight on the VSB200, and the rod was double over hard for the entire 2 hours. Can’t believe it didn’t break. Pretty sure I ground my teeth down quite a bit, seeing some the angles that rod was at. Testament to the folks at Centaur for sure. I don’t think you can break any of their stuff. Least not on fish. I knew the Van Staal would hold up. They always do. Hind-sight is always 20/20 but to beat a fish over 200 (and I’m certain this fish was well north of that) you have to grip the spool when you are pulling up on the fish, like Cory is doing here. Frankly, and no offence to the other guys who were on that fish, especially Mark Soley who did an awesome job, we likely wouldn’t have landed that 71”er we did a couple of weeks ago had Cory not taken over and horsed that fish in, by grabbing the spool at the appropriate time. After all THAT fish was on a Chiron 82, which isn’t much more rod than the 81. This takes some skill, and, more than that, experience. Of course it helps to be stupid strong too, LOL. But ya gotta know when to hold and when to let go. I wouldn’t dare tell a client to grab the spool as it would result in an almost certain breakoff. At any rate, I’m upgrading some sht for sure. Putting 100 instead of 80 on the heavier rods. Definitely bigger fish this year. Lost 3 so far we just weren’t prepared for. That WON’T happen again. Stoked to get back at it on Sunday and Monday. Be ready mother f’ers! #centauranglerschoice, #vanstaal,

Stuck a really big one om a Couldn't slow her down at all. Almost two hours later she spit the hook. #hearbreak. #centauranglerschoice #Vanstaal . @sticks_n_strings

shuck'em and eat'em...

Happy 4th!

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