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#heartforthehouse offering is today!
I pretty much love this image of this simple door - it's about the ONE serving, loving, sacrificing for another ONE.
My heart is so full of thankfulness for this opportunity. For our church in Australia and our pastors @brianchouston and @bobbiehouston who went "there" first. You left us a legacy to walk in and I feel like today we will create legacy for others to walk in. Thank you Jesus 💕 #letsdothis

DONE! Message prep for Sunday all ready. I'm so looking forward to what I believe will be a moving, enlightening and inspiring Sunday. #ourheartforthehouse #yepiatepringels #itspartofsermonprep #andyesiwriteouteverywordofmymesaage 😊

Heck I used to say this myself ☺️☺️☺️ 💛💛💛 But I got an important revelation! Maybe you need one too? Follow @sisterhoodgermany for a truly lovely snap shot of 30 very different women. Sisterhood is not about a certain personality type. It's about gathering, equipping and mobilising Gods daughters on the earth to BE the Church out loud. In @bobbiehouston words, "it belongs to any feminine soul, who somehow believes that she was born for more than what is temporal and fleeting. It's for women of all ages and background, personality and style, colour and vibrancy. It's for the bold and bodacious, the demure and unassuming..." Tomorrow Sisterhood mornings start up after the summer break. You are all invited 💛 #iamsisterhood #forsuchatimeasthis #iamtheone

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND!!! It started on Thursday afternoon at our place with our key team, continued on Friday all day with all our campus teams, and continued again on Saturday with the heart and soul of our church... AND TODAY ITS SUNDAY and I'm so expectant for what God is going to do today. @philldooley and @lucindadooley thank you for pouring out so much faith, joy and wisdom. We are so thankful!!!! #phillovesgermanculture #alcoholfreebeer #germanspeakingnationsforjesus

I seriously cannot wait to gather the heart and soul of our church in every location for this leadership development day!!! I'm so thankful for every single one of you ❤️

This time next week, #sisterhood will be gathering again!!! I'm so looking forward to starting this new season.
We are going to do something a little different so watch out for an email from me today!!! I'm excited ❤️ If you want to watch the full length little film about some of the amazing women impacted by Sisterhood who are in turn impacting their world, check out my Facebook page xox

I love this ❤️ "I am the one" "I am sisterhood" everyone is so different but all in this together xox
#Repost @sisterhoodgermany ・・・
ICH BIN DIE EINE durch die Gott wirkt, ohne dass ich viel machen muss.
Susi // 26 //
Beruf: Projektmanagerin in einer Unternehmensberatung
Lieblingsfilm: Irgendwas mit viel Gesang und ein Happy End
Lieblingsfarbe: Lachs und Apricot
Mein perfektes Date: Gutes Essen, gute Gespräche und viel lachen
ICH BIN SISTERHOOD weil ich eine Frau bin und weiß, dass Gott mich ausgewählt hat in meinem Wirkungskreis, sei es Familie, Arbeit oder Freundeskreis einen Unterschied machen kann.
I AM THE ONE through whom God is working without me having to do a lot to make it happen.
Susi // 26 //
Profession: Projectmanager in Business Consulting
Favourite movie: Any movie with lots of singing and happy end
Favourite colour: salmon pink and apricot
My perfect date: delicious meal, great conversations and a lot of laughter
I AM SISTERHOOD because I am a woman and I know that God has called me to make a difference in my sphere as in my family, at work or with my friends.

Amazed at how this #walkforfreedom has grown and developed into something so impacting!!! #walkandpray with us!!!!
@a21 (@get_repost)
We're less than ONE MONTH away from #WalkForFreedom 2017. On 10/14 in 500+ cities around the world, you’ll see us–21st century abolitionists–walking in single-file with black shirts and yellow bandanas across our mouths. Together, we will abolish slavery with each step. ⠀

Join us by registering now to walk in your city: A21.org/Walk (link in bio)

YOU ARE THE ONE... I AM THE ONE... TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! When Christians begin to take responsibility we become dangerous to the enemy. We had such powerful services this morning - I felt like I was going to lift out of my shoes 💥determined more than ever and decided anew - my life is not my own. I lay it down for the sinner to find their way to Jesus, for the warmth and love of God to physically felt by as many as possible wherever they are and what ever they need. #heartforthehouse #dubistdereine #ichbindereiner

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME - HOW DO YOU DO ALL YOU DO... The answer is - not without help!! @annacowgill leads my Sisterhood team in Konstanz which really paves the way for so much of what is happening in Sisterhood all over Germany. She always seems to do more than I expected her to, she amazes me often! @sue_woe she helps me plan the logistics of all the hats I wear and most days she is the fairy that flies through my home and helps me feel like I have everything under control. She is such a blessing. I thank God for her every day! No kidding.
Just saw this pic and thought I'd use the opportunity to say "thank you" you girls are a huge part of the answer to the above question.
Thank you, thank you, thank you 🌷🌷🌷 If you are reading this and thinking - bummer - I need help and don't have any - I've been there too. Can I just encourage you to give you best, try and be smart with your time, don't be too hard on yourself and learn that your limit is not Gods limit, when you stop working, He doesn't. Peace is yours no matter what season you are in, just take one day at a time xox

THIS!!!! WHAT AN HONOUR!!! #Repost @hillsonggermany ・・・
Diesen kommenden Freitag haben wir die Ehre, Pastor Charles Nieman mit uns bei unserem letzten Foundation Dinner dieses Jahr zu haben.
Charles ist ein Pastor, Autor und internationaler Sprecher auf Konferenzen, der voller Leidenschaft Menschen zeigen möchte, dass Gott ein Leben in Überfluss für sie bereithält. Wir können es kaum abwarten von ihm zu hören.

This coming Friday we are blessed to have Ps Charles Nieman with us at our last Foundation Dinner of this year. Charles is a pastor, author and international conference speaker who is passionate about teaching people to live in the abundant life God has for them and we can’t wait to hear from him.

I have to say looking at these three faces makes me want to start into the new season of sisterhood mornings 😍 there are few things that I love more than seeing women empowered, encouraged, healthy and flourishing!!! #canyoubelievewegettodothis #sisterhood
#Repost @sisterhoodgermany (@get_repost)
Bald ist es wieder soweit. #Sisterhood am Donnerstagmorgen. Wir freuen uns schon richtig!
Not long now until Sisterhood on Thursday morning. We are so pumped already! #YouAreTheOne #DuBistDieEine

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