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People often misunderstand this beautiful ministry. To be honest it bugs me when people say that #Sisterhood is too much about outer beauty. It is not!!! Body, Soul and Spirit are all related to one another. The girls on our pamper teams pray for those they get to bless with a massage or manicure. They are ready to speak words of life. They are ready to laugh along with stories from the week, or look deep into someone's eyes to ask if they are ok.

It is such s privilege to be allowed to "touch" people lives in this way. For some women it's the only touch they might receive all week. For others who have worked hard so hard they are exhausted it's a reminder that they are special. For some it's pure fun and friendship time. All of this belongs in the family of God amongst the sisters.
Thank you to every single one of you who serve in this way xox what you do matters.

Tickle wrestles are the best 😍 #ciennagracejewel

#Sisterhood I'm looking forward to meeting @lemonville14 who is one of the dearest women I have ever met. Her heart is huge, her passion is huge, her love for Jesus and humanity is huge. She is s missionary in the Philippines and full of wisdom... and @evabatarooo has come all the way for #Düsseldorf to preach!!! Going to be s fab morning!!!! See you soon xox

Sunshine, outdoor pool just around the corner from where we live, hot chips... I love summer 😍#ciennagracejewel

Night time chats with #ciennagracejewel ... "God gave me balloons" #sowingandreaping 🎈

I can't cope with his cuteness 😍 #SirBlake yummiest puppy ever 😍😍😍

Anyone ever feel like it would be nice to be cheered on a bit more?
That's one of the reasons I love #Sisterhood so much. In Hebrews 12 we are told there are a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on in our race. I feel like as we study the #BraveWomen in the Bible, it's like the one we study steps out of the cloud and gets into our world, cheers us on big time and wow she's got so much to say!!! Just 3 more weeks of #Sisterhood before summer break. Let's make every single one count.
See ya Thursday ❤️❤️❤️

@sue_woe happiest of Birthdays 🤗
You never treat me as ordinary which helps me not to be ordinary. You laugh easily. You see the details and lovingly put your hands to them. You bring a calm confidence, warmth and joy to every room and situation you enter. I'm so thank for you and wish you a wonderful new year of life ahead!!! #happybirthday #bestP.A.ever #worldchanger #thankful

#Repost @hillsonggermany (@get_repost)
Leadership training night ist diesen Dienstag mit @Krismikkelson. Das willst du auf keinen Fall verpassen.

Leadership training night is on this Tuesday with @krismikkelson. You definitely don't want to miss this!

Konstanz: 18:30 (Halle 1)
Düsseldorf: 19:00 Uhr (Hub)
München: 19:00 Uhr (CVJM)
Zürich: 19:00 Uhr (Konplex 457)

Someone recently asked me "are you always pumped when Sunday comes around?" The truthful answer is "no not always" 😱 what? Look - sometimes even I don't "feel" like rocking up but I do. And I always will. Not because I'm the Pastor but because I want to be found at my post.
I have a vivid imagination... movies play in my mind. It's hilarious sometimes... but when I think of Sunday the movie that plays in my imagination goes like this - it's the pinnacle of the movie... the battle of all battles in about to take place, the rescue mission is about to happen and I am involved. 👩🏼‍🎤 I told you I had an imagination... but maybe in the unseen realm this isn't far from the truth. We see welcome signs, worship rehearsal, toilets being cleaned, chairs being set, flyers on seats... but in the unseen realm maybe it's weapons being loaded, army in position, keys to unlocking hearts at the ready.

And so I will always turn up. Wether I feel like it or not. I want to be found at my post!
Our Pastor @brianchouston - he started our church with such passion that there has always been a radical pattern of serving in one service and receiving in another and being part of a small group.
Imagine if we all did this. We would never lack team. We would never lack community. We would never lack resource. We might possibly see God at work through us in radical ways.
It takes extraordinary people to build an extraordinary church. So if you needed this today... I encourage you - be found at your post!!!! It's worth it every single time. 💛💛💛

My friend @lili_conrad is one of the best cooks and hostesses in the world!!! If you are free tomorrow night you should totally come and enjoy the most incredible night whilst doing something to help the war effected people in Syria.
P.s i also love the fact that @dc_conrad is such an encouraging husband and such a champion when it comes to being the change!!! #bethechange #500project @coloursisterhood

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