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Johann Luna  Click that link to see my HEAVY METAL sci-fi horror romantic action comedy cartoon.I'm a Director/Artist/Musician/Actor/Comedian

Here's a stupid smart joke about #devils and #vegetables @mrsanz @sordociego @masmejor

Finished up that #DEADCROSS drawing ....Kept it kinda minimal

HEAVY METAL song I wrote for you #KarenGillan ...Since you put on some heavy rock tunes during the #Nebula  transformation times with your makeup team I thought this would be a sweet gift to get you in that amped up brutal space pirate alien zone .
@Karengillanofficial @guardiansofthegalaxy

I used to be cool

promo #LinkinPark sticker for their remix album "Reanimation" #2002 ...going into the animated video for "Pts.Of.Athrty" which is clearly a twist on the title of the original song "Points of Authority"... ..I thought it was kind of a cash in on the success of their debut but it was a smart move to keep the momentum and interest of the fans as they awaited their second " sophomore" album .....I thought this video was on point awesomeness,It was on heavy rotation on MTV at the time ... @linkinpark DJ @mrjoehahn directed it

Throw back to #2009 right after I did a stand up set at @sweatrecords attached to Winston @Churchills_pub .

Ran into a friend of over 20 years dressed up as Ghost(s)with other buddies last Saturday at Florida Supercon.....Jokingly I called em out on Papa Emeritus firing em and taking all the credit ,Some unfair metal politics

I love you @Karengillanofficial ....... Ha! so you're 1 inch taller than me ....... I choose to wear an @theoathbreakerreigns shirt as an inside joke(s) to your recent black n white photos and your indie short film "Conventional" (Since it's about a convention with photo OPs) and ends with a progressive metalcore band fronted by a female vocalist/screamer in group "Dreaming Dead" )So it's many similarities all bunched up/layered,though of course this is different dimension/reality ..... As you can see by the awkward expression on my face I got nervous and started talking it up,So my mouth was caught in the speaking act....Couldn't help myself,I just really wanted to chat it up..... We got that chance later....when it came time to the Q&A session I was uncertain as to what would be the best question I could present to you and i made up my mind just minutes before ...... Now I HAD to call out the man interviewing you for he could have choose better candies to throw at these kids,Tootsie rolls are notorious for being the left over candy no one wants on Halloween,The odd synthetic waxy chocolate thing that never expires that have been around since 1962 ...which I thought it was funny that he wanted to fight jokingly when I called him out on that..... So you get enough questions in regards to #DrWho and #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy so i choose something more personal/more about you,the attraction,the focus of this moment,and in all honesty I needed to know how you felt about suicide,since you had just completed a film you wrote/directed/starred in about suicide in Scotland  being that right now  we are dealing with the loss of two Heavy Metal icons deaths,the suicides of 'Linkin Park'"s Chester Bennington and 'Sound Garden"'s Chris Cornell...Your response was perfect and I apologize for putting you in a tough spot,but I knew you could handle it for you are that mature and intellectual plus thought it would be a responsible thing for you to do as one who choose such a dark issue........You are a role model/hero to me .. I relate to you on many levels...I hope to see you again this soon future...and wow yeah you look ultra gorgeous in this photo <3

Took a complete cafecito espresso pitcher straight to the belly for breakfast this morning to get the senses to sharpen ..... Also this is officially my new favorite T shirt ....the art of @Jordanetid of his musical team @everytimeidie ..this picture does not do the details justice,Gotta camera upgrade soon

#EveryTimeIDIe #Coffeee #CubanCoffee

A dear friend of mine Juan Contreras passed away recently ...... ....... One of the coolest sirs i've ever spent time with,He would always unexpectedly show up to my first apartment I got fresh out of highschool ready to party and was always welcomed for his positive spirit was infectious .....then years down the line I ended up crashing at his place until I gathered up enough $ to get myself a new place in between jobs since i was bartending at the Marlin Stadium and season was ending so I started a comedy club in my neighborhood which i'd host and book shows........One of my funniest most memorable moments with this man was when his friend put on these handcuffs I had at my place kidding around without letting me know,I had no keys to unlock them......So we had to run around looking for a police officer hoping he had a key to open them up,but it looked extremely suspicious almost as if he got away from an arrest...eventually we finally convinced the police officer to unlock em .....Juan was a loving father and a very kind spirited party animal who would always cheer up the gloomiest of folk ......will forever miss him

THE pioneers of extreme organic metalcore return!!!!! had to purchase @Converge freshly released EP tunes "I can tell you about the pain" ...been 5 years since their last ...... here's snippet off of track "Eve" ..... Loving the classic art by vocalist @Jbannon

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