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#eatandread Some Thai and the latest #detgrymmasvärdet (issue 26 , cover by birthdayboy @gardenfors). 7 sidor med mig + massa andra grymma talanger! #undergroundcomix #comicbook

Dave. #netflix

"Marvel Netflix got the best hallwayscenes ever"... oh yeah?? Check this out!
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Home made Comics, here I come! @pogono
#art #comics follow my #sketchbook account @aggrosblock

Just watched episode 6 of Legion. This is the next level comicbook show. Mindbending and crazy good! Dan stevens and Rachel Keller are great and Aubrey Plaza is Fantastic! #legionfx #legion #foxmarvel #xmen

Just finished #ironfist . It's not a slamdunk, but more of a freethrow jumpshot. Just like Luke Cage, it's a slow build. But it set up the dominos with a good execution. I enjoyed the villains more here than the ones in Luke Cage (with the exception of Cottonmouth, he was great). I could go without the whole soapy familydrama and yes, the fightscenes felt either badly coreographed or incredibly good but too short. There's a big discussion about Ironfist and whitewashing and it doesnt belong here. Yes, the character originated as a white ripoff of Bruce Lee, but for the past 40 years he has been a source for paying homage to eastern philisophy and Martial arts-culture. I also feel that Finn Jones portrayal as Danny Rand himself differs from his fellow Defenders DD, JJ and Luke. Danny Rand is still a kid-at-heart, not just bigeyed and full of wonder, but also overconfident, stubborn and filled with unresolved anger. When all said and done, it's another hit from Marvel Netflix. Screw the superhero fatigued critics, this deserves a chance. #marvelnetflix #ironfist #dannyrand

And now... some Twitter-fanboying.... OMG OMG OMG OMG #vincentdonofrio #wilsonfisk #gomerpyle #fullmetaljacket

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