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Johanna Mercurio  heck yeah literally go fricking dawgs '20


Sonia & I learned that the Splash Zone™ at the dolphin show is actually the Bath Zone™ (7.5/10 stars it was fun but wet socks are the worst)

Yeah we're knucking and bucking(ham fountain) and ready to fight

dang RIP Sarah A. Lowry, you had a good run bud 💀💯🙏🏽😩✅😤🤔

Having no rain is nice when you don't have to walk to class in a downpour, but it's bad because this stream used to be a lake yikes #EPA #climatechange #globalwarming #OhNo

I'm not saying I didn't shed a tear, but I'm not saying I didn't not NOT shed a tear 🤔 #gRAD

Hmmmmm™, an album coming to you soon

Keep Augusta weird!! #my_AugustBaes #fireworkfam

This is a bridge. This is Madison. This is a nice photo of me, Madison, and a bridge. Enjoy!!¡¡!¡ #OxfordCommaAlways #NinaReddyTookThisPic

14 Things Jo has learned at UGA (so far): 1. Venmo and Spotify are my favorite social media platforms.
2. Not all questions have answers and that's ok.
3. There's always someone better than you, but there's always someone worse than you, too.
4. Saying things out loud can be scary because it makes them real.
5. Some things are just better communicated through a song.
6. No one actually has it together.
7. Look after your friends.
8. Don’t take your home shower’s water pressure for granted.
9. The more you learn, the more you realize you don't know shit.
10. There's no point in being friends with someone you don't like or makes you feel bad.
11. Admiring someone to the point of idolization or putting them on a pedestal is dangerous. You can forget that everyone is human with flaws and imperfections.
12. Only say I love you if you mean it.
13. Only say I hate you if you mean it.
14. Asking the hard questions prompts the real answers.
I’m so thankful for an absolutely unreal freshman year!! Thanks for loving me so hard UGA!! #ily #a #milli #GoOOoooOOooODawgs!!

TBH u r cool and I wish I got to know u better!! We should totally hang in the summer at the mall! H.A.G.S.!!!! -Jo

Too litty in this bitty!!! (At 8PM) (For an English final performance) (Of poetry) (Luv ya BadA$h!!)

F the drought!! The fountain is back and better than ever!! #FreedTheFountain

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