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Johanna Martins  21 • Helsinki 🎥 Youtuber 👻 johannamartins 💌

Valentine's Day make up tutorial just went up on my youtube channel💋🌹💝 link in bio

If they don't have time for you, you sure as hell don't have to waste your time on them! ✨👌🏻 positive vibes only!

Small obsession with nudes 💄👀 thinking of filming a lip swatch video of my collection✨😽

My little collection is slowly growing ❤️ #lipstickaddict

Eyebrow game is on a whole new level!💯Iso kiitos @finbrows ! Muutitte elämäni laittamalla kulmani kuntoon!! Kiitos erityisesti ihanalle Sigridille täydellisestä työstä! En voisi olla tyytyväisempi ja jos ikinä haluat laittaa omat kulmasi kuntoon älä epäröi vaan varaa aika Finbrowsille sillä ajat varataan käsistä! 😍✨

So I like need this t shirt 😂🙈

My all time fave winter boots👌🏻 obsessed with shiny leather 👀

This honestly cannot be any more true. I know It can be hard sometimes but a positive mind = a positive life! I PROMISE. My life has been changed so much because of this simple tip. ☺️👍🏻 #positivity


New video just went up on my channel! ✨✨ link in bio

New video will be up later today on this look 😍✨ yay!!

2016 was great, but 2017 is going to be even greater with you by my side ✨☺️