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Joey W  📚 FCPS, BPGHS, NYP-DVE 💙 DT-DFC #茶叶蛋的故事 #豆浆离不开油条


"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a 🐶." But we have the ability to change their lives.
相信自己是有感染力因为你对它们的爱感动了我~ 说爱很容易但要真正去爱并不如此。All ready for a Friyay read! 📚👈 Psst... A few days left to bring Hoshi's cover home if you have yet to! 🤗

P.S. 谢谢犹如亲人般的你们! 不知道为什么每次见面就是一直笑, 笑不停哈哈哈哈也许是一种魔力吧 😂😂😂 你们最棒! 👍💙 #withmydtfamily #DToncover #hoshiandudonloveASD #他说买多是对的 #因此他现在终于有一本在手上了 #大家真的越来越冷了咯

爱上那 👨+ 🐶 的封面

你们买了吗? 还没的, 快去购买啦! It's time to grab your copies! 🤗💕 #desmondtan #hoshitan #vjjcs #vjjclove #vjjcsexclusive #陈泂江 #陈河狮 #DToncover

只可以前進 不可以退縮各種殘酷
從來沒一點歸屬 未知去向還有追逐
絕路能捱過 不需要慶祝
#最近一直在播天網 #得閒你地都去聽下喔

The biggest takeaway is seeing the smiles on your faces~ 最大的满足感就是看到大家的笑容 💙 谢谢你们带给我的快乐和欢笑! 😘

#withmydtfamily #你们开心就好 #beforeandafter😂 #左下图我在看什么 #然后还👍 #明明是hug怎么后来被掐

陆俊光, 谢谢你做我的天, 还有那20集的🧀🧀🧀 陈泂江, 你一直都是我们的那片天, 继续用你的戏来打动观众, 还有。。。迷倒更多人的心吧 😚😘😍 #whendutycalls8 Season 2 maybe? 🤔 #sergeantloke

P.S. highly recommended song #关怀新方式 hahaha link in profile! 快去听噢!

0819, the start of a new journey, making it another reason to keep this day close to our hearts ❤ Congratulations @d.mel_ody.n! May you be filled with eternal bliss, overflowing love and lifelong happiness! ✨ #withmydtfamily #0819💙

Happy Birthday Desmond! 🎂 Are you a DicTionary? Because you add meaning to my life 😆 Each year, the feels get stronger as we embark on more first times together. Thank you for giving me the chance to learn from such a unique personality and to love you as a family, a big brother. Life is like a roller coaster but I trust that you will get through it all because you are the one and only DT.
P.S. You don't need to live in the East to make my heart go bedok, bedok, bedok, because volunteering there gives it much more meaning. I would never see myself getting up early to do a part for the society and I did it, not once but twice with Destanation 💕 May you continue to shower others with love and be loved. Wishing you endless opportunities and we will always be here when duty calls!

He said he wanted us to find family in DFC and I found one in you! I still remember the time I 'brought' you in 2 years ago (come to think of it, our memories go a long way back hehe) and now our #vjjclove is getting stronger each day 💙 Thank you for always being there. Likewise, you will have xiao J behind you in whatever you do!
Lastly, Beary Happy Blessed Birthday Vivi our lovely lavender!
P.S. I love how bright your smile was that day so keep smiling!
#vjjcforlife #vjjcsg #vjjcloveinsg #withmydtfamily

Back in full force with Sergeant Loke!
#VJJCSGsquad #VJJCSG #VJJCloveinSG #sergeantloke #withmydtfamily

As happening as it is, they are all that matters hehe just love how we have never-ending plans 💙

@sabrinasyaza16 @lyjovin + your star guide! Sabby and Jov MP! See this when you wake up and arrive in the land of me.. I mean kangaroos hahaha have a safe trip with lots of fun! P.S. Jov your surprise doesn't end here! stay tuned!^^ 谢谢大家! And Nat for 串通-ing with us at the last minute 😂 blessed birthday in advance!
@vivienljt Vivi LL! Do rest well amidst your busy work schedule! Jiayous! 💪
@gillianljy Gillian! Hehe it's a joy to have you join us for the random things we do and outings! More lunch dates with me also pls~ thanks haha 🤗
@canthm Candice OT! We miss you! Always in our heart 😘
August shall be a good month for us! See you cuties real soon! ✌
#withmydtfamily #vjjc #vjjcforlife #vjjclove #vjjcsg #vjjcloveinsg #MPisworkingOTatCWLL #ourhashtagsareincreasing #justlikeourloveforeachother #我不需要很多有你们就够了

The cracks would not be seen until you peel it open, just like how someone's flaws would not be discovered until you get to know the person.
We have our own imperfections and we will try our best to understand the story of each other's cracks because we are all on the same journey. Supporting each other along the way can go a long way. Thank you for filling up my cracks and adding flavour to them 💙
#VJJC #VJJCforlife #茶叶蛋的故事 #因为你所以我们更爱茶叶蛋

Tigers make up part of our childhood memories. They are one of the reasons why we get excited over zoo trips!
With only 3890 tigers left in the world, we have pledged our support against illegal tiger trade, have you? Join @thedesmondtan and us in supporting this cause at 3890tigers.com.
#3890tigers #UncageArt #wwf #VJJC #VJJClove #vjjcforlife #spreadlovewithdt

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