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Joey W  📚 FCPS, BPGHS, NYP-DVE 💙 DT-DFC #茶叶蛋的故事 #豆浆离不开油条

The cracks would not be seen until you peel it open, just like how someone's flaws would not be discovered until you get to know the person.
We have our own imperfections and we will try our best to understand the story of each other's cracks because we are all on the same journey. Supporting each other along the way can go a long way. Thank you for filling up my cracks and adding flavour to them 💙
#VJJC #VJJCforlife #茶叶蛋的故事 #因为你所以我们更爱茶叶蛋

Tigers make up part of our childhood memories. They are one of the reasons why we get excited over zoo trips!
With only 3890 tigers left in the world, we have pledged our support against illegal tiger trade, have you? Join @thedesmondtan and us in supporting this cause at
#3890tigers #UncageArt #wwf #VJJC #VJJClove #vjjcforlife #spreadlovewithdt

Selamat Hari Raya with the simple yet complicated girls! Things may not go our way all the time but there's always something worth smiling for and we are here for one another to count on anytime, anywhere 💙

Thank you @sabrinasyaza16 for the invitation! Sab go play with your "duck" more! 😂

#withmydtfamily #vjjcforlife #vjjcsg #wearenotyourtypicaltypeoffriends

Hello cuties👅👅 P.S. glad to have spent these few days with the people who mean a lot to me 😘🙆💙 keep fighting!
#petsnthecity #rafflescitysg #desmondtan #hoshitan #udontan #nottoforgetmyvjjc

On this day 4 years ago, I saw him for the very first time from afar. Until now, I'm still learning and growing with everyone. Grateful to have crossed paths with them and be part of this journey 💙

#早就把你当成是哥哥了 #testinghowlongicanstandlookingintohiseye #onceisenough😂

We are 6! 🎉
泂江 + Us = 💙
Simplest equation because 爱情就是那么简单, 简单却很美好 😘

#destanationturns6 #祝我们快高长大 #茶叶蛋的故事 #你需要我的傻笑我需要你的拥抱 #豆浆离不开油条让我爱你爱到老

@cherylnhs says 陈泂江 appears on my feed more than her so... there you go cher 😏 idk what we will be doing in the future but jiayous with whatever decision you make hehehe catch up again soon thanks 🤗 @youthfulyue @kellyislively

520 💕 You attract me just like how you attract the ants 😜

P.S. Good job for your drumming! 你又有新的尝试了! Looking forward to more first times from you! 💪😘

When she asked what was I going to give her, I casually said him and so... here he is! Hahaha happy omma day! 😘
P.S. 谢谢男神的配合 hehe every moment with your presence is just so ultra-special! 这位真的太好了啦 💕 and thank you @natchoslove for the 📸! 最甜是你们 🙆


We cross path with different people every day but what are the chances of meeting one who will end up being part of your journey for life?
Happy Graduation to my other half of Jojov and to my perfect "uncomplicated" PIC! Regardless of your plans in the future, I still want to be part of your journey as much as you will be part of mine hehehe 💕 It's always a blessing to have you all around, for being so warm and encouraging! Let us continue to grow and create many more countless memories together! 😘🙆💙 #withmydtfamily #VJJCforlife #thankyouforlovingxiaoJ #nuttywithouteatingnuts #cheesywithouteatingcheese #becausewhatsnutsandcheesewhenihavemydtfam

2 Saturdates in a row (+ more to come 🤗) Love spending time with the people I love 💙 With your favourite company, waiting can be fun too!
P.S. sergeant loke, well done for your race and completing all the obstacles! 👍

#desmondtan #destanationfc #withmydtfamily #thankyouVJC #thankyouforlovingxiaoJ #repostbecausetherearemorefeelsnowhahaha #idontmindspendingeverydaywiththem #heconqueredspartanweconqueredthesun #陈泂江 (📸: @natchoslove)

2015 vs 2017。

两年前的 #失败让我们更看清楚爱 造就了两年后的 #人生就像茶叶蛋有裂痕才会入味, 这两年的挫折和伤痛代表了充满爱的成长旅程, 一条漫长的路, 期待以后将带给我们的一切。不是超级红星但我超级爱你们 😘💕 #感触一年比一年深 #我的人生因为你们而入味 #害我现在很想吃茶叶蛋 #fromcaldecotthilltostarsave #journeyonwithdt #itlookslikewehaveneverchanged😅

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