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Joseph Pellegrino 

When Chris takes my phone and posts Instagram pictures without my consent #sohacked #HeNeedsToBeStopped #HeAlsoSaysHi

Figured I'd throw this out there. #Faugeddaboudit

About halfway done with my beautiful tat... much thanks for the wonderful job done by @artbyoscarcapote

Never thought I'd be at the train station quite this early #5oclockCityTrains

Nice holiday pic with my lovely cousins, @djdinonyc and @deannnamarieee
Love you guys!
#HowsYaHoliday #PellegrinoHouse

I've come a long way from my days at the farm. Not only have I become much more blurry, but with the help from @dubiously I have been able to get myself ever closer to my ideal body. Didn't think I had this much self-control...

Bet ya' missed me, right? Well I'm back!

A little coffee never hurt anybody

Love hanging with these beautiful people

Making gingerbread w/ Anthony and Domenic #SquadGoals @anthony_is_me452

Waiting for my lover to walk leisurely into my shagpad for a night of unrelenting passion. #passionburnslikefire #fireplacechats #cannolicandid #barrywhitelevel

I'm baccckkk! And a guest!

Tonight, I dine as a kind would...

I think the stuffed cannoli is gonna have to whack a few mooks.

Often times I take for granted the place where I live, however it is on a day like today, where I can float upon the water with a crew of loving family members, that I truly appreciate my current situation. @duckreaper452 @djdinonyc @ashleedancegirl @deannnamarieee

Chillin with the fam

R.I.P. goatee...hello LA Noire stache

Dakilla sunrise #ShwastemasterGeneral

"You have come to my organization, and you ask me for a favor..." #MobbingItUp

Cousins who drink together, party together #CocoLocoTime #ShwastedWithTheFam #thingsThatMakeChrisWet

At the beach with @djdinonyc livin' it up

That moment when you find out about a new animal and you've never wanted a pet more in your life #SilkieChickens #IWantOne

I'm back, Instagram

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