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Joey Chong  Singapore From products to places to little pieces of indulgence and lots of my daughter ♡

Never give up, keep trying.. Pick yourself up when you fall.. You fell because you tried ❤️ Keep going.. Mama got your back xx

Greetings from Hokkaido!! We had a fantastic week so far, just a few more days before bidding goodbye.. I have added lots of photos on IG stories and (highlights).. Be sure you check them out :)

The husband still cracks me up!!
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary ex-boyfriend, BFF, partner in crime, father to our lovely daughter and love of my life xx
To many more wonderful years ahead!!
#Throwback #October25 #WeddingAnniversary

The perfect backdrop for a wedding!!! Wish this couple happily ever after ❤️ So much love here 💕🤩💞

Maldives has been on our family's bucket list for a while..
Having been twice before Ada was born, to us.. Maldives is more suited for couples/adults..
We were worried we are gonna be too noisy during meal times or too noisy in general and disturb a romantic getaway for some people..
We were also worried about the sea plane, the hot sun, this and that..
BUT this trip has proven all our worries wrong.. @niyamamaldives made us feel like home!! They were so welcoming, friendly and helpful..
We all had so much fun 🤩

Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad 👨‍👧💙

Lunch at an underwater restaurant? Why not? Took a ferry transfer to Subsix and down we went..

Sunrise in Maldives is so beautiful, especially with this little one.. On the first morning, we got up really early due to jet lag, Ada stepped out and first thing she said was "it's so pretty".. I am so happy she appreciates the beauty of nature 🌅

Seafood paella 🤩

A child's world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement ~ Rachel Carson

Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life ~ Omar Khayyam

Back to paradise Island.. Isn't it beautiful?

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