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good morning ☕️💫

Growing up life wasn’t like it was now. I suffered from anxiety, depression and I was also a victim of bullying. I look back at Fetus Joey (sorry to speak in the 3rd person here, but I have a point) and I wanna tell him “it gets better and it’s going to be OK.” I want to say thank you to @TELUS for making a commitment to #EndBullying. It’s going to take all of us working together to really put an end to it and it starts with each of us! If you’re the victim of bullying tell a trusted adult, a teacher or a friend who can help you handle the situation. You can visit the link in my bio to find more tips and resources. #fbf #flashbackfriday #TELUS_Partner

It takes confidence to wear what makes you comfortable. I’ve #RockWhiteCrocs for the last year and I’ve never felt better. Join me in celebrating who you truly are with a pair of white @crocs #ad

Lately I have been away from home and travelling a lot. As much as it is wonderful, it gets kind of lonely. So, bring your own best friend comes in handy, even as sad as it sounds. I really want you to try to be that for yourself. Make yourself laugh, go out, explore! The world is far too beautiful to be waiting for an excuse to explore it! (Yes it just sounds like I’m lonely but I’m pretty happy with myself). #residenceinn #marriottmoments #marriott

I am an advocate for mental health, self-care and anti-bullying.  I had the experience of a lifetime today at #WeDay hearing the stories of so many others and speaking on stage!  I support @TELUS and their #EndBullying efforts because we all have a story and sharing it is the only way we can come together to end it for good.  Please visit the link in my bio to find resources if you’re being bullied and need help. #Telus_Partner

just eating almonds, hbu?

You might be wondering “what is Joey doing?”. Well, my friends @McDonaldsCanada asked me to recreate cringe-worthy moments from the past and while I was too young to have taken a photo like this, I found some inspiration. Here I am channeling my love for cheeseburgers on National #CheeseburgerDay with this cringey throwback inspired pic. The love is so real that I’m sharing it with you – get a free cheeseburger today with the My Mcd’s app. Check out the link in my bio to download and get the offer. #BestDayEver #McDPartner #ad

Just picking you up

curls curls curls & no girls girls girls

perfection is the disguise for insecurity

I never knew how emotionally draining writing could be. Putting your heart and soul back into a moment that tore it all apart and putting that into words; it’s a powerful thing. I want you to know that the book that I am working on, and have been for 2 years, is finally coming along. Every hardship, every heartbreak, every love story, every moment of success; all these feelings and more are captured throughout the past two years of my life. For those asking, I don’t have a release date. I don’t have a title (we all know I’m bad at titles) but just know this book is coming, and it’s going to change how you see the world. Woah, Joey is confident for once, weird eh 😅

Mom, look! I went hiking and ate an apple 🍎

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