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Tonight in Pittsburgh

Tattooing immediately after getting tattooed definitely sucks, but this was a lot of fun. On one of my best friends of almost 20 years @saltwatertattoovb

Another painting I’d be really into tattooing @saltwatertattoovb

From the flash. I’ll be taking walk-ins all day @saltwatertattoovb

Filled up and wrapped around some space on Brennan’s leg with a houju @saltwatertattoovb

Started today @saltwatertattoovb

Filled in some space between a bunch of @bdonwebb tattoos on Oksana. I’m taking walk-ins all day @saltwatertattoovb

6 months healed vs fresh. I have time for walk-ins all week @saltwatertattoovb

Healed from a while back @saltwatertattoovb

Today’s 5 years of tattooing. Here are some favorites. I have time for walk-ins all day @saltwatertattoovb

From a while back. I have time for walk-ins @saltwatertattoovb

Made to fit @saltwatertattoovb

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