Here's to a mountain adventure well worth the poison ivy.
📷: @colleen.miracle

Misty magic 6,000 feet up in the clouds.

Weekend adventure in the mountains.
📷: @colleen.miracle

Only one word needed in my adventure journal today.

Forever climbing trees and searching for new rivers.

My book is now sold at the charming coffee shop, Yeah, Me Too in Clintonville, Ohio!

Here's to the rain that pours
without a cloud to warn us
and the wind that changes
direction when it pleases.
Here's to the wild
but subtle surprises.

Wrapped up my hiking trip with a windy sunset and a night sky full of stars. Mahalo to the new friends who felt like old friends and the land that felt like another world.

Maybe when you trust
that things will work out,
your trust is the final ingredient
life was waiting for
to whip up something
extra special for you.

I saw two hikers with big smiles coming out of an unmarked trail and just had to see what made them light up. I sure am glad I did!

Na Pali Coast, you were good to me.

This was the scariest but most rewarding hikes I've ever done to get to this secret spot. Thankful for the local woman who trusted me enough to invite me. The air on this island is overflowing with trust.

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