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joeyc  "TO BE A ROCK AND NOT TO ROLL....." Never perpetrate; I simply demonstrate. Silence is the realest, loudest noise you can ever make. 🇮🇹

I’m rooting and praying for my daddy🙏🏼💜”Go daddy!! You got this. Dog spelled backwards is GOD, and God is on your side‼️” 💯💪🏼💪🏼
The return of Peen Wasserman!!😎‼️💥 #italiangreyhound 🇮🇹 #peppinogrigio💙💙🇮🇹 @shoediva625 @roccosm6 @redheadjoey @pleasantaveboys @jakurse @elaine_resilient_lee @dinosaur126 @fatjoe @therealrichplayer @red_of_miami @east_harlem_giglio @italianharlem

And there it is right here too‼️My handsome and extraordinarily intelligent and charismatic little man, figlio mio, Angelo Jet; just like his grandfather, the late great Angelo “The Jet”, rip🙏🏼
How I love this little boy...and how he loves me and inquires to me.💜💕
#myangelojet💙💙😍 #angelothejet #angelothejetlives✈️💪🏼💪🏼 #joeycupcake💜🇮🇹 @pleasantaveboys @redheadjoey @jaytwins215 @2twinscity @jakurse @shoediva625 @roccosm6 @lillo_brancato @elaine_resilient_lee @red_of_miami @fatjoe @therealrichplayer @east_harlem_giglio

Here it is right precious little baby and me...”Little me” for real and in every Valentina. How this little baby doll loves her daddy and how her daddy loves her💕💜💕🙏🏼
@shoediva625 @roccosm6 @lillo_brancato @jaytwins215 @2twinscity @fatjoe @therealrichplayer @redheadjoey @red_of_miami @jakurse #myvalentina💜💜😍 #joeycupcake💜🇮🇹

Guess who came to show love and support for the Harlem kid on two beloved brothers and Bronx bombers: No other than The Bronx ambassador Fat Joe @fatjoe and Rich @therealrichplayer.
I love you both and appreciate you and your show of love, support and respect more than mere words‼️💪🏼💪🏼💜💜✅✅👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💯
Now let’s do this.
With God on our side NOTHING can stop us.
@jaytwins215 @jakurse @redheadjoey @red_of_miami @elaine_resilient_lee @lillo_brancato @pleasantaveboys @shoediva625 @roccosm6 @yayithequeen @avarosecilenti @dinosaur126 @tomraos114
#faith🙏 #godssoldier💯

This is what it’s ALL about for me...My two precious seeds...💜💕💜💕My Valentina and Angelo Jet.
Today or tomorrow is deliberation day on my life.
I hope and pray that God restores it, if not for me, but these innocent little angels who love, adore and need their daddy.
#FAITH #godssoldier #titaniumwarrior
#myvalentina💜💜😍 #myangelojet💙💙 😍
@jaytwins215 @redheadjoey @pleasantaveboys @therealrichplayer @fatjoe @2twinscity @roccosm6 @shoediva625 @jakurse @kvrago @east_harlem_giglio @elaine_resilient_lee @tomraos114 @salty1326 @dinosaur126 @red_of_miami @pana_weho

Harlemites. In the Boogie Down. @jakurse @redheadjoey @darrendioneaquino

My Angelo Jet and apizz 🍕

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