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Joey Bragg  Actor, Comedian, cat whisperer, cat talker, cat cuddler.

She sat and talked with Milhouse for 20 minutes before she realized it wasn’t me giving her the silent treatment.

When she catches you takin’ candids.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I’m lucky I had the opportunity to surprise my mom this Mother’s Day to remind her of the original time I surprised her almost 22 years ago. I love you, Mom. You have made me into the person that annoys you today and I am forever grateful. Thank you for letting them cut me out of your stomach and then raising me. Also, hey Dad.

NEW PODCAST! Different than usual my buddies @simplyshak, @jordantwilson, and @amcpinball sit in for a round table discussion of AVENGERS INFINITY WAR! Link in Bio!

Did I hear #oldheadshotday?

LET’S GO!!! #DUCKhunt @sanjosesharks

I can’t tell if I’m looking at Jack like that because I love him or because I needed glasses and thought he was the real Batman. #nationalsiblingday

Happy birthday to the best cat momma these kitties could meow for and the best sugar momma I could meow for. I love you with all my heart and then some, Cuddles.

I’m incredibly proud of my generation. Next step is to vote out the obsolete. Let’s form the nation we grew up being told we were lucky to live in.

New prescription, who dis?

Because of all the brave students that walked out today and the growing conversation about gun control and #marchforourlives coming up on March 24. I wanted to take some time and open up a discussion in my comments section for everyone to ask questions or voice their opinions. Let’s agree now to not make it hostile and note that any cruel or hateful comments will be deleted. I want to talk to all of you because I know most of my followers are students and this is a time when people are listening to you and it’s important to be informed. My stance is probably not a mystery to you, I believe that it is far too easy for anyone to purchase a firearm regardless of age, prior history, and mental stability. In a perfect world I would like to not have to see anyone cower at the end of barrel or at the sound of gunshots. I think we are far too advanced of a species to still allow this to happen in Orlando, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Vegas, and now Parkland and the countless others without any meaningful changes happening. Now please, if you disagree let’s exercise that first amendment about that second amendment. If you got this far in this block of text, just vote. VOTE in the midterms VOTE in the primaries VOTE in American Idol for god’s sake. We all see what happens when we don’t vote. #MarchForOurLives

Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me away from this cutie. I love you and happy Valentine’s, Shnookums. #PoppaLovesHisMomma

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