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joe ponce  Sa,tx

We keepin it real fam #BadQualityPhotosForDays

...Eighteen year old eyes is what it took to realize I was raised in a lie so I am here now to lower you the truth... #DNAchained

She's under surgery

I'm gonna start 🎦live streaming🔊 a lot more now, so I can get some feedback in realtime from my fellow Texans🇨🇱[humans] on my flow, rhymes, melodies, beats, etc. {just having fun with it, so suck a fat one and no I have no clue what I'm doing with my hand🤓}🖤( #snevil @crazyadam24 )

{I create my waves~you surf in others} I've wrote up some air tight shit lately, think I'm ready to show y'all the truth

Fly away joe, fly

Life keeps on trying to bring me down but I stay sippin on this mango juice without one worry 🍷

I was in front of a whole lot of my familia so cut me some slack😂 but I had to spit some bars for the wedding 👰 #AcidWedding

Tomorrow is not promised

This guy makes some real music, cause it comes from a real soul, his music is different and new and there ain't much like that these days, when I decided I needed to make music, I started flowing on his instrumentals, and I plan on making a song with one of them, biv gonna be the next thing to listen to, you'll see

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