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Joey  Optimizing health @1stphorm 🐶 Jett Chipping away ⚒⚒⚒

Grateful for another sunset

Not sure which one is more embarrassing...the back thong shirt I have on or that my neck has all but disappeared making Mr. Potato Head my doppelgänger.

Jett was voted Best Looking Pup of 2018. Sorry for your pup’s loss and better luck in 2019

Set a goal is getting a 600lbs deadlift be the end of the year. That’s 97 days away. Time to work ⚒⚒⚒

Throwback to my time coaching Special Olympics. Some of my fondest memories come in those 2 years spent with these amazing athletes. -

I’d like to say I did to for some selfless reason but it’s actually the opposite. I was at a emotionally, spiritually and overall low point in my life. Around 7 months prior to this picture be taken I had gotten so low that I convinced myself my time in this life was done. Luckily I’m terrible at planning and my attempt was...just that. -

While I had cleared a lot of the substances and acute blackness that surrounded me, i still was still miserable. I was at the local Y when I saw the Special Olympics team practicing one afternoon. I really don’t know why but I just decided to go in and see if I could help out somehow. I spoke with the director and I was coaching the following week. They were always thanking me for helping out when I should have been the one thanking them. These athletes embodied love, joy, sportsmanship and a sense of freedom that I’d never experienced. -

If you’re going through a difficult time or just want to bring a deeper sense of meaning to life, be of service to others. You’ll not only be able to improve the quality of other people’s life but your own life will bring on new meaning.

How to choose, and differentiate, between protein powders.
First thing to understand is that quality of proteins powders differ dramatically. It's just like getting high fresh meat from the market compared to overly processed, lower quality frozen meat. They're both meat but that's about the only thing they have in common. Same principles apply to protein. When whey protein is made is goes from a gelatin and then is baked into a powder. Most companies cook the protein at an extremely high temperature to yield more product. This denatures the protein which just means that the quality of the protein dramatically drops during the cooking process due to high temperatures. The easiest way to think about this is cooking chicken breast. Think about taking 2 identical chest breast out of he package. Throw one on the grill for 35 minutes at 500 degrees and then throw the other one in a crockpot to cook over several hours. Although they started as the same thing, they hardly resemble the same thing afterwards. Same exact thing when baking the protein powders. Easiest way to know if your protein powders is baked at a low temperature is to check the label. Look for "low temperature processes." If you don't see that, they torched the protein.

Next is understanding the difference between protein. There's a protein specifically made for the post workout window and then protein made to mimic a whole meal....I'm not even getting into using Casein protein. If you're using casein because it digest over "8 hours," do me a favor and ram your head into the nearest wall...kidding. Just don't buy it.
Anyway, the difference between these two proteins is how quickly it's digested. In a post workout setting you want something that will flood your body with amino acids immediately allowing your body to start repairing quickly. Look for 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (low temperature processed). This means it's predigested allowing for the quickest breakdown, allowing for amino acids to quicks start repairing the muscle.

A little while back I hired @thapolcat to help out with some back training. I was having some trouble growing my back even though I had consistently worked hard at it.

We started with the basics, grip. I would always use straps and grip and pull with my entire hand ass hard as possible. Kelly told me to take the straps off and when I pulled the bar, to only pull with my last 3 fingers (middle, ring, pinky). Next tip was to work on my mind/body connection. I would do this by hanging on a pull-up bar and engaging my lats.

Next tip was to lower the weight. I had been going is heavy as possible but would also make it a full body exercise with the amount of seining and momentum I would use.

Next tip was to slow down the reps and really focus on the stretch and squeeze of the exercise. •

Next, I started doing a lot more drop sets for the final set of a lot of exercises.

Finally, I started doing pull-ups. A lot of pull-ups. Every time I'm working out I do pull-ups. I was embarrassingly bad at them at first, but slow got better and better. •

Hope one or some of these tips helped. Let me know if you have any questions!

Transformation Tuesday from Momma Carol!
1 year apart and going stronger than ever! She hasn’t lost a healthy 50lbs and, more importantly, her overall quality of life has greatly increased. -

She could have chosen to crash diet and lose that amount of weight in 2 months but it wouldn’t have been healthy and/or sustainable. She made a choice to make lifestyle changes and understood it would not be a quick fix. She makes sure she gets a certain amount of activity in and makes food choices the fuel her body, mind and spirit. -

So often people think doing more (or eating less) is better but it’s not. If you’re just starting out, slowly increase your energy output (exercise) while slowly decreasing calories—- of course your caloric intake has to be in a healthy place before going into a deficit. If you’re not eating enough, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible time trying to lose fat. Be conscious of how you feel when you eat certain foods. Most of us love fries, donuts, cookies, etc but our bodies just aren’t made to have them routinely and Work optionally. Vegetables could kick rocks if were just talking about taste but they help fuel the body to work optimally. -

Back to my badass Mother
I love you and I’m damn proud of you!

Don’t zoom in and look at my grouping and just pretend like I’m a badass. Let’s also forget when the brass, bounced off the lane divider, barely skimmed my forearms and I reacted as if my arm had just been blown off.

Studies show the best part of yoga is when it’s over. Hard to argue with science

My secret is I drink BCAA’s all day long while being fasted and am keto and vegan and IIFYm and I detox/cleanse all day, everyday and i listen to Tony Robbins on repeat and I’m a gender fluid Republican that’s believed in socialism while being an entrepreneur and I’m a yogi powerlifter that takes steroids and SARMS and I’m 100% natural...: did i miss anything?!

Stress VS Anxiety

First of all, people often mistake daily life stressors as anxiety. Clinically speaking, anxiety is defined as "a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension." Stress caused by life's demands can certainly take their toll on someone but, by definition, is different than anxiety.
I don't want to come across as dismissive of someone's experience but it's important to make the distinction because they way of going about how to work on mitigating the symptoms of both vary.
Stress. Every single person on earth has it. Levels vary because of a whole host of reason, such as work, family, sleep, diet, caffeine consumption and sugar consumption to name a few. The goal is to not take away all stress because it's part of who we are. Stress is there to keep us alive. Stress is there to create a sense of urgency. Stress allows us to keep growing as people and striving to better ourselves. The hard part is to keep levels of stress at a manageable level.

Here are a few tips to help mitigate daily life stressors: •Get restful sleep! •Do some mindfulness practices (deep breathing, meditation, floating, art, writing,etc). •Eat nourishing foods- more and more research is coming out about gut health and how it effects brain chemistry. •Write out what's causing you stress and what, if anything, can you do about the things causing you stress. Write a list of things to do for the day from most important to least important. •Laugh- watch/listen to some comedy or talk to a friend that makes you laugh. •Workout- go for a walk. Do some yoga at home. Just move your body. •Talk to a Qualified professional (your buddy at the bar doesn't qualify). If someone comes to you with these issues, encourage them to get professional help. You can make suggestions of what has helped you manage stress but it's not your job to be someone's therapist.
Also, many people find tremendous benefits from seeing a therapist. Stress management is a skill that isn't always taught and often times becomes something that someone realizes they need when things are really getting out of hand. Mounting daily stress can lead to a host of physical an

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