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Joey  PTSD recovery (childhood sexual abuse) Optimizing health @1stphorm CDO at @earnyourbooze D🍩nut Expert

First time getting some work done on the range. Golf can be one of the most frustrating sports but also one of the most meditative-all depends on your intention going into it. I was a bit rusty but knew i was going to be going into it so it was relaxing and fun. Definitely will be doing it more often

Felt good to finally be able to pull over 500 from the ground. A couple years ago I was having severe lower back pain. I had an MRI done and was told i have a bulging disk and stenosis between two vertebrae. I was told surgery was an option but if i decides not to do it that I should not squat or deadlift and it was something I was just going to have to “live with.” -
Surgery wasn’t an option in my head because, after researching a bit, I found out most people who have one back surgery usually wind up having multiple surgeries. As much as i hate deadlifting and squatting, they are the two most beneficial exercises so I wanted to find a way to work my way back up into doing them. -
While I had a back injury, it was mostly a result of how little stretching/mobility work i did- specifically in the hip girdle. I started to slowly learning more and more about hip mobility and improving ROM. I started slowly getting back into squatting and deadlifting focusing on proper warmup (10 min of dynamic warmup) and muscle recruitment. -
If you have lower back pain I have found it extremely beneficial to;
•Work on posture throughout the day. Most people have rounded shoulders due to our western lifestyles of being at desk and in front of computers.
•strengthen core. •Work on hip mobility. When the hip girdle has limited ROM, the lower back will compensate or adapt causing stress. -
I have linked a great, Free, article done by the guys at @mindpumpmedia . I hope you find it as beneficial as i have

Grateful for this dude everyday but a little more today.

Slowly chipping away.
Aggressive patience.

One of the few things i enjoyed about doing a show was when they gave the command “turn towards the back” it finally wasn’t coming from a cop 🤷🏼‍♂️ -

I decided to do a show a few years after cleaning my life up. The years leading up to the were full of self destruction. Jails, psych wards, hospital and rehabs were my existence. -

A few years before this picture i weighed somewhere around 130lbs. I loved as a victim to my childhood sexual abuse and was going to let that run me into the grave. -

Working out became a staple in a new life. It’s morphed in how Ive used it. At first it was because i hated the way i looked and had so much anger to get out. Then it was just to see how far i can push my physique. Now it mostly about discipline and routine. Discipline is something i had to cultivate because i had absolutely none at the beginning. -

I see a lot of shit about working out because you love yourself or being healthy or some other unicorn concept. I agree in theory but whatever gets you started works...Hopefully you’ll stick with it long enough to reap the benefits and that motive to workout and take care of yourself will transition into something healthier

Who wore it better?!? Pretty sure I itches this out for no other reason that I have Jett in my photo..... although @jpdinnell is a retired Navy Seal, War Hero, part of a badass team at @echelonfront and could kill me before I had any idea what was coming. Shit...looks like America (AKA JP) wins again. Sorry Jett. -

For real, if you’re not following @jpdinnell , you need to be. Everything I said previously is true and I’m honored to call him a friend and someone i hold in the highest regard. Thank you for your service and for how you continue to show up for your country, family and brothers. Much love and respect.

One of the things that bug me most about the fitness industry, more specifically supplements, is the deceiving marketing strategies. One of most popular ones is companies and influencers pushing BCAA’S as a staple supplement to help get you results. As far as helping get you results, BCAA’s would be one of the last supplements I would recommend. I’m going to do my best to explain why... -
Branch Chain Amino Acids are only 3 of the 20 amino acids and 3 out of the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA). You need all of the 9 EAA’s to get your body into a Anabolic state (building/repairing) and for protein synthesis to occur. This is where you’ll see companies/influencers say “BCAA’s help promote protein synthesis.” That’s not a complete lie because you do need those amino acids for protein synthesis but you still need the other 6 to actually fuel your body properly for protein synthesis. BCAA’s will NOT put you into an anabolic state alone. -

Here’s where BCAA’s could be helpful;
* If you have trouble getting enough protein in throughout the day (if you’re trying to build lean muscle).
* If you’re extremely lean, doing fasted cardio and trying to help preserve lean muscle.
* If you’re training hard and for an extended period of time (2+) hours. Even here, I believe it would be more beneficial to take intra carbs with a 100% Hydrolyzed isolate over taking BCAA’s. -

It’s undebatable that it would be way more beneficial to take a 100% Hydrolyzed whey isolate protein powder with a dexanhydrous glucose powder post workout over taking BCAA’s in a post workout setting. Reason being is you’ll get the full spectrum of amino acids (including the 3 amino acids in BCAA’s) to actually get your body into an anabolic state. These two paired together are optimal because the dexanhydrous glucose goes to restore your muscle glycogen (energy) you just depleted during training and the 100% Hydrolyzed whey isolate will flood your body with a full spectrum of essential amino acids to go and start repairing the muscle immediately. -

There’s a link in my profile that will lead you to more details of post workout nutrition. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Sometimes you gotta remind people that white people, indeed, cannot jump.

Little throwback to three dudes pushing each other to get a little better. ⚒⚒⚒

Good morning from the Jett man

It’s nice to slow down (even if just for a couple minutes) and enjoy the small things in life.

Fair warning, this is how i defend my D🍩nes. Tread lightly

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