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Joe Smith  Pastor @MOSAIC, madly in love with the Kiwi @becmsmith, proud pops of the homies @aziahsmith & @indigokeanesmith

You are my song of ice & fire.

Hate only has a voice when love chooses to be silent.

Yesterday was such a special day. I'm so honored and proud to call this place home and I believe so much in what we are doing. We will always use our voice to protect, to unite and to speak life. I feel like God brought us all closer together with a renewed focus that we can and WE WILL create a better world. Left exhausted and energized all in the same breath. Thank. You. Jesus.

Summer Internship 2017 is a wrap! Can't wait to see where God takes all you crazy kids in the coming years. Thanks for serving your tail off all these last 10 weeks. Hope it was a Summer you'll never forget!


Our kids are all grown up.

MTV Cribs


Find a reason to smile today. It'll be good for your soul.

Might have to name our next child River.

Yesterday was truly special. Cannot thank Pastor @chrisdurso enough for pouring so much of himself out as a blessing to our church. There were so many tears shed that were quickly replaced with a true sense of joy and freedom. I left so shaken by his words and so inspired by his life. He just released his new book called THE HEIST and I know it will bless you beyond all measure. Go support him and buy it right now! #mosaicla #theheist

Miss these two little guys more than I could have ever imagined. So glad they're having such a blast with Pop Pop and Grandma but I can't wait to hold you and hug you soon! Love you with every ounce of my soul!

I don't know if I've ever been around two people who are more madly in love with each other than this gorgeous couple. We had such a blast spending last weekend celebrating their love and commitment to each other. To say their wedding was magical would be such a drastic understatement. I remember meeting them for the first time at mosaic and being convinced we were going to be lifelong friends. It was such an honor to be there and we will always be their biggest champions and advocates. I'm so excited for the new journey their stepping into and can't wait to see the endless lives that are touched because of their story. Love you both so much!

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