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Joe Salinas  🇲🇽🇺🇸Artist/Adventurer•Vans•Blackmagic Design•Goal Zero•Polerstuff•Embassy Skateboards•KujuCoffee.Director of TheBigBoys & GRANDADDY movies 🎥🍕🤙🏽

It’s been one hell of a year and one hell of a good year at that. I turned 43 today. I woke up this morning with the sun blasting heat through the window of my rv onto my face like an ant getting fried from a magnifying glass and I reflected. Not the sun beam but my life this past year. I climbed some mountains with some close friends, I filmed and photographed some rad people and stuff, I skateboarded in some amazing places, I surfed, watched a ton of movies, I hung with bears (mountains and Provincetown) slept on beaches, caves, ruins, hotels, couches, campers, deserts, national parks, state parks, studios, just a bunch of crazy awesome places in general. I made new friends and unfortunately lost a few. I’m stoked on life right now because I get to live and be creative. Mostly because I get to live another day and do something I consider important and in hopes that maybe it plants a seed and inspires someone. I’m grateful for the people I surround myself with whether it be in person or on this internet stuff. Right now I’m at a good coffeeshop with my girlfriend and I’m super happy. We might go to TJ Maxx and I might get some yoga pants but probably not. I’ll probably get a candle or some salt and pepper shakers. To everyone that helped me get through the day this past year I wanna say thanks. JS #ImOld 📸 @lafortune_artisania

Today’s view. #AtlanticOcean

Today’s adventure involves a boat and some puppies playing with some fishies. Happy Friday errbody! #Fridays #Sharks #Puppies



7 years sober. I remember what my life was like before the morning I woke up and decided I'd had enough. It used to be fun, seriously, a lot of fun but after awhile that shit turned on me and it became a fucking nightmare. So many lost cell phones, money spent and literally pissed away, next day apologies, blackouts, burnt pizzas, porky piggin it, pissed jeans, caca beds, making out with inanimate objects, worrying your family and friends. Just doing weird shit in general. I spent so much effort and energy trying to figure out how to function like a normal asshole and drink like a cool, calm and collective Dos Equis world's most interesting man at the bars and just smile and laugh with my friends and close my tab, finish my Sparks, hit up Whataburger on my way home, put the fan on medium and troll Friendster and and just call it a night but no, it was never like that. I was more like Animal from The Muppets but times a thousand or a really bad low budget version of when Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk and I usually always left my tab open and would have to figure out which bar I left my card or pants at. 7 years ago I woke up and said fuck it, I'm done living like this. I changed it all up. I made my decision to get sober because I was sick, really sick and I was too embarrassed and afraid to talk to anyone about it and I knew if I didn't get help I'd eventually end up dead or in prison. I'm still doing it. I still make the choice to be sober everyday all the time. All the effort and energy I was putting towards trying to "drink responsibly" I flipped that shit to try to be responsible and not drink. I'm here, I'm alive, I'm surrounded by good people, I work hard, I get to travel and do stuff and I'm sober. 7 years ago I was nursing deadly hangovers but today I film with a creative hero of mine since I was a kid, go figure, life is weird and still fucked up but definitely better. What I'm getting at is for those of you struggling with any of this stuff, alcohol, drugs, etc., it's not too late. Reach out and talk to someone and get help. It isn't the end, it could be the beginning. It was for me. JS 📷 @doctordabney #soberlife


You know you’re in good company when you’re working with someone who is from the Tim and Eric camp. #ALostMachine #GrandaddyDocumentary #JedTheHumanoid @timanderic #AStillFromTheMovie

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