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When you watch tooooo many IG videos about Self-Defense and you want to test out your “new” moves. Remember nothing beats hard work, determination and experience. Same goes for shooting. Just because someone has cool gear and videos doesn’t mean they actual have any experience or knowledge. I like to cook but just because I do it all the time doesn’t mean I have the experience, knowledge and skill compared to a world class chef. Vet your instructor(s) and chefs☝🏻———————————————————-
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Backstage at @thecomedystore listening for ghosts. #highasfuck

Damn it, 4chan! I’m down another rabbit hole today, on how 4chan trolled some women into not stopping their menstruation blood from soaking their crotch out in public.
There’s something undeniably funny about trolling on this level. Whether it’s the OK sign being racist or getting women to bleed through their pants to show empowerment, these trolls are having a real effect on some parts of our culture.
We truly live in the strangest of times. #freebleeding

This is getting out of hand. Get it?
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@joerogan how dare you?

Oh, no!
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I’m with @joerogan on this one... 😂😂👌👌

Oh, Jesus...
I gotta climb out of this fucking OK sign rabbit hole before I ruin my day.

Hahaha, holy shit, it gets even fucking dumber and more bizarre. Apparently this whole “white power” OK hand gesture thing started out as a joke on 4chan and now actual white power assholes are using it for real, so people are banning it for real. What in the actual fuck.
This is equal parts hilarious and fucking stupid.

The world just keeps getting weirder. The OK sign, which used to just be a kind of cute and campy hand gesture that you could make with a wink and a smile now means “white power”. At least black people can still use it.
Both the idea of white power and the banning of this gesture seem equally dumb and disappointing.
I just really hoped human beings would be past shit like this in 2018.

Kansas City! I return to your fine town August 10th for the first time in years. I’m pumped!

Columbus! On September 14 I’m at @theschott!
Come get some!

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