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Joe Rogan  Stand up comic/mixed martial arts fanatic/psychedelic adventurer Tour date info at:

Sacramento! One week from tonight I'm there for two shows! Some tickets are still available for the late show, ticket link is in my instagram bio and at

Couldn't possibly have been a cooler day than to get to meet and hang out with the legend @thedorianyates
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I'm live now at @joerogan Podcast show. Check it out 🎙😉

Check that one off the bucket list!
It was an honor and a privilege to get to meet the great @thedorianyates today! Podcast #989

We're back, my friends! Fresh from vacation with my brother @realnickswardson for episode #988 #freakparty
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JRE #988 with @joerogan and @realnickswardson is Ready for you!
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The sea off the coast in Italy is insanely beautiful.

Happy Birthday to one of the most important people ever in the history of stand up comedy. Her guidance and leadership have been absolutely huge for me in my stand up career and she created the greatest comedy club in the known universe. I will forever be in her debt! I love you, Mitzi!
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Happy 87th Birthday to our Queen of Comedy Mitzi Shore! Thank you for The Store and for helping cultivate the careers of so many comics who have made us all happier and the world a far better place. "Comedy is the elixir that will save the world." - Mitzi

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The best cure I've ever found for jet lag is a hard workout as soon as I land. It doesn't 100% knock it out of my system, but it seems to have a big impact for me. I just flew from Italy to Paris for two hours and then 12 more hours home. Normally this would leave me feeling like I'm suffering from a mild cold and leave my brain in a dull fog, but as soon as I got home I had a cup of coffee posted some pictures from my trip on instagram and went on a savage trail run in the hills. An hour later I came back drenched in sweat and feeling like I never got in a plane. It's pretty amazing, really.
The key for me seems to be intensity. As long as I force my body to perform - especially with rigorous hill sprints - it just seems to put everything back in order.
I'm still running at least once a week with @vibramfivefingers shoes, and this week I've run twice with them and once with regular running shoes. I really love them, and I'm definitely feeling like my feet are getting stronger with them, but I'm being cautious. Everything I've read about these things recommends a slow transition to them from regular running shoes.
One of the things I was surprised by when I started really getting into yoga was that my feet were the first things to fail when I was holding poses. Yoga is difficult all around, but with my years of martial arts training I really thought my feet would be stronger than they were when holding static poses. I personally think foot strength is one of the most overlooked aspects of athletic performance.

This is where Gore Vidal used to go to write books and bang dudes.
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This is one of the original pope mobiles. They used to carry homeboy around in it back when people only had catapults and bows and arrows.
One of the things I really respect about this new pope, Pope Francis, is that he doesn't rock the bulletproof fish tank car anymore.
His quote was, "It's true that anything can happen, but let's face it, at my age I don't have much to lose." #gangster

Long forgotten picture of Jesus back when he used to party. I'm not really sure why they're taking his clothes off, but I kinda feel like if this was happening today the guy on the right with his hand out would be holding up a cell phone and yelling "world star!"

Holy selfie. Every time I see a crucifix I think of the old Lenny Bruce routine about people wearing crosses around their necks being like people today wearing an electric chair pendant.

Does this stuff work? Asking for a friend.

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